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The Oakland police killing

posted 3/23/2009 9:30:57 PM |
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tagged: sad, straddle, police

How many of you have heard this since yesterday about the killing of 4 Oakland police officers, and the lone officer on life support who is declared brain dead? The little scum bag who did the killing of these officers violated his profile and had already had a weapon charge against him. He didn't want to go back to prison, so he mowed down the police officers. He took off after killing two and went to his sister's place. What really gets me it that the police eventually tracked the little shit down two hours later after getting a tip, and yet his sister's neighbors didn't want to get involved because they think being a snitch is alomsot worse than being a murderer. What they fuck kind of thinking is this? His sister stated afterwards that her brother wasn't crazy. With the kind of mentality a lot of people have today makes me wonder about our society in the future. How many of you would have gotten involved with the athorities and where the little shit was if you had been listening to the media and saw the scum bag enter a residence around you?

I feel so bad for the families of these officers...

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Mar 23 @ 9:58PM  
I guess you guys are purposely avoiding the sad blogs today. I guess I really can't blame you all.

Mar 23 @ 10:03PM  
We all have our own turmoil in our lives... maybe that's why no one has commented........I, for one feel sorry for those victims and their families.........this animal should have been kept locked up!

It is very sad.... people doing good and trying to protect us and they have been taken away......................the accused should pay!! With his own life......sorry....that's how it should be!

Mar 23 @ 10:05PM  

Yes it's sad. Seems to be a sign of the times to come. If so ? Glad I won't be around to see it. My thoughts and prayers go out to those families.

Mar 23 @ 10:06PM  
Oh, they shot that little shit dead in his sister's apartment

Mar 23 @ 10:14PM  
Your post is a bit misleading, though the gist is correct. It makes it sound like four police officers died and one is on life support, not true. Please people, cite your sources to ensure that we get the facts. I don't disagree with this post, but get the facts and please cite sources, too many people knowingly or unknowingly bend the truth. If you saw it on a newsacast and have time to post here, you have time to go to the Tv stations Web site and get the link to the report.

Mar 23 @ 10:23PM  
Bruce, I read it in the Columbus Dispatch today. All of the info I list here is what was stated in that newspaper. What facts do you think I got wrong?

Mar 23 @ 10:39PM  
i have no idea every place i check it says 3 dead and one on life support.hell yeah i would have turned his ass in no problem.i feel so sorry for all the famlies involed

Mar 23 @ 10:44PM  
What facts do you think I got wrong?

How clear can I make this, three officers are dead and one on life support. If you got it from the Columbus Dispatch, great, give us the link/source. How hard is that?

Mar 23 @ 10:48PM  
hers a link to abc news that says the same thing

Mar 23 @ 10:49PM  
Neighbors delayed calling police
Though 2 officers had been shot, they feared 'snitch' label
Monday, March 23, 2009 3:06 AM
By Denis C. Theriault, Jessie Mangaliman and Mary Anne Ostrom


Phillip Long, of Antioch, Calif., leaves flowers at the entrance of the police station in Oakland, Calif. Three officers died Saturday and one was declared brain dead yesterday, all victims of a single shooter.
OAKLAND, Calif. -- The parolee who shot five Oakland police officers Saturday, killing three and gravely wounding another, was hiding inside his sister's apartment just around the corner, where he ultimately was shot dead himself.

And neighbors knew it. But no one told the officers for nearly an hour. If neighbors had spoken up sooner, said one woman who lives two doors down, some of those lives might have been saved. But in East Oakland, lamented the woman, that just doesn't happen.

"I've been crying all day. It makes you feel bad," said Elaine, who refused to give her last name. She wiped her eyes just steps from the blood spatters that clung stubbornly to a broken sidewalk on 74th Avenue. "Because all the time, you knew he was in that apartment. But you just don't want to be a snitch. The word, snitch, it's almost worse than murderer."

Yesterday, a city all too familiar with tragic spasms of violence was left grasping for answers in the wake of one more -- this time the deadliest police shooting in its history. As a tight-knit law-enforcement community mourned the fallen officers, killed in a routine traffic stop and then in a chaotic shootout, neighbors in hard-scrabble eastern Oakland shook their heads at the senseless violence and pondered their own tense relationship with police.

After issuing a statement at noon that a fourth Oakland police officer had died following the shootouts, the Oakland Police Department late yesterday afternoon backed off. Police spokesman Jeff Thomason said 41-year-old Officer John Hege of Concord was pronounced brain-dead but was still on life support.

Three other Oakland police officers were pronounced dead Saturday after a traffic stop about 1:15 p.m. and as a SWAT team tried to apprehend the shooting suspect about 3:30 p.m.

The gunman, Lovelle Mixon, 27, of Oakland, was fatally shot after police tracked him to a nearby apartment.

Acting Police Chief Howard Jordan identified the slain officers as Sgt. Mark Dunakin, 40, who was killed during the traffic stop; and Sgt. Ervin Romans, 43, and Sgt. Daniel Sakai, 35, both killed at the apartment. Dunakin had been with the department since 1991, Romans since 1996 and Sakai since 2000.

A fifth officer, whom police did not identify, was grazed by a bullet. He was treated at a hospital and released.

After the first shooting of two police officers on motorcycles, the gunman raced from the scene. Mixon was wanted on a no-bail arrest warrant for violating parole on a previous assault with a deadly weapon conviction, police said.

A tip led police about two hours later to an apartment one-tenth mile away on 74th Avenue, blocks from a police substation.

In the police department lobby, four bunches of white roses were placed beneath a memorial that lists the names of 47 Oakland police officers who have been killed in the line of duty since 1867. The last on the list was added in January 1999.

Here's the article from the Columbus Dispatch today. I did mess up when I stated 4 police officers dead, while one was on life support. I was watching some news networks today and I could have sworn I heard somewhere stated that 4 officers were dead and one still on life support. Also I screwed up totally on stating two officers were killed at the traffic stop, when only one was. The two other officers were killed at that sister's apartment. My apologies for the minor slip ups.

Mar 23 @ 10:51PM  
My money that he's black. Nothing new. Everyone keep thinking were responsible for most of the violent crime in America and let's call it a day,okay?

Mar 23 @ 10:54PM  
How clear can I make this, three officers are dead and one on life support. If you got it from the Columbus Dispatch, great, give us the link/source. How hard is that?
I didn't click on to your link when I wrote my comment to you. Why don't you put the full story in your comment instead of the fucking link? I very rarely click on links because I have no idea where they're going to take me, and since I made mistakes on clicking on one too many links a few years back and screwing my computer up, I don't take much of a chance these days. Next time, post the entire story in your comment on my blog, and not the link itself!

Mar 23 @ 11:10PM  
Okay, all points made.

Mar 23 @ 11:15PM  
Okay, all points made.
Thank you!

Btw, I just heard on tv that a fourth police officer has died. Not sure if this was the one that was already on life support who was declared brain dead.

Mar 24 @ 10:47AM  
The other day, the news warned us of a gang initiation that was supposed to take place at either a local Target or Walmart. 3 women were supposed to be killed as part of a gang initiation. Someone tipped the cops off.

Sad we can't even go out grocery shopping anymore in the daylight and not be safe. Sickos.

Mar 24 @ 2:10PM  
Most of the "gang initiation" hype is urban legends. The cops probably heard that one from the same people that tell you not to flash your headlights at a car driving at night with its lights off.

Mar 24 @ 2:47PM  
My money that he's black. Nothing new. Everyone keep thinking were responsible for most of the violent crime in America and let's call it a day,okay?

Sometimes Luna you're a hard cookie to understand......why would you say that? Yes there are black people out there that commit crimes and there sure as heck are just as many 'whites' 'hispanics' and every other race. SO WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO DRAW NEGATIVE ATTENTION TO 'BLACK' PEOPLE!! You demand respect when you think others are saying not so good things because you are black,,,,,,,well you should also give respect to your own 'race'. You should be ashamed!! My take and NO I am not picking on YOU just making a statement!! So don't take offense, it's not meant that way...but perhaps you should think before you make accusations!!

Mar 24 @ 2:50PM  
I suppose I should have said before you make assumptions and accutations!!

Mar 24 @ 3:06PM  
I know that I am new here and I am probably going to catch crap for saying this.

It doesn't really matter what race he was. He killed 4 policemen who were only doing there job and that was to protect the citizens of their town. How sad that someone has to come in to a blog that is about 4 fallen heroes to make it a racial thing. Perhaps Luna you should take a look deep inside yourself and maybe you will figure out who the racial person is here.

4 men died, who did nothing at all, but to get up that morning, get ready for work, probably kiss their families good bye and went to work to protect and serve the people there. 4 men died because one person thought he was above the law. It doesn't really matter if he was black, white, purple, or pink. 4 men died because of one person. Perhaps your efforts would be better served, mourning for the lives lost than worry about whether anyone would blame him just because he was black. Who the heck cares what color he is? I bet the families of those four dead officers could care less what color he is.

Sorry Straddle, just felt I had to say something.

Mar 24 @ 5:40PM  
You guys are idiots. Luna was being sarcastic. Of course nobody in their right mind really wants to use this as a way to defame black people. She was acknowledging, pessimistically, that there are many people out there who are not in the right mind, and that if he's black, it will be interpreted that way.

Now, Luna, you know what it was like when I stuck up for the Beverly Hills French Maids... I was getting crap from the smaller-brained lot for weeks after that one.

Mar 24 @ 6:00PM  
Now, Luna, you know what it was like when I stuck up for the Beverly Hills French Maids... I was getting crap from the smaller-brained lot for weeks after that one.

Well,context is missing when its on the internet. Yeah,I was sarcastic thus the rolley-eyes,folks.

Mar 24 @ 7:20PM  
Race shouldn't have even been thought of in this blog. It was about some evil bastard taking the life of four police officers. Not sure why Luna even brought race up in this situation. We all know race can be blown out of porportion when brought up, and I'm going to have to defend both Zena and FriendlyKitten on this one against Luna.

Lets all stick with the facts on here and quit assuming what race the scum bag was.

Mar 24 @ 10:28PM  
Well evil, the small brained people here have been here long enough to know that Luna meant exactly what she said. We've all read enough of her blogs and comments to others to know that she is the most 'outspoken racist' here. But good come back Luna, I doubt if your comment would have been made if someone didn't think you we're using sarcasm! So keep on pretending, you don't fool too many of us!

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The Oakland police killing