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Sexcapade Files #13: The Anniversary - Part II

posted 3/23/2009 3:51:41 AM |
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tagged: blowjob, foreplay, ice

Sitting in that warm bathtub water, our naked bodies wrapped around each other, made me feel as if we were the only people in the world so in love that night. My head was snuggled underneath his chin, and his arms wrapped around my chest, made me feel so comfortable and so protected. At that moment, I felt that time had stopped and didn’t wish for it to end. The echoing silence of pure and true love surrounded us like a thin veil – it was intoxicating, as if the mist carried our love, touching the flickers of the candles and radiated the room with a warm, bright light. We were completely and utterly in love.

We began to daydream about our future together – our dream house, kids, a career – all entangled with a passion of young love. His goatee brushed against my cheek as he kissed me gently, and his hands and fingers found their way in mine. I felt completely trusting of him, and loved him so much more, during that one moment in time.

Soon, one of his hands found its way to encircle my nipple. With the rough tips of his fingers, he began to softly rub the tip in gentle strokes, then massaging it between his thumb and his forefinger. I moaned softly while his other hand began to cover my other breast to squeeze and massage it gently. With that encouragement, I began to moan louder and louder. Soon, his hand had released my breast, and ventured south, right between my legs, and I felt his hands rub my already pulsing clit, still raw from his mouth and goatee, was now feeling even more raw as his submerged hand rubbed me, making me feel even hornier.

“Why don’t we go for round two?” He whispered in my ear.

He didn’t have to ask me twice. We sloppily got out of the tub, rubbed ourselves dry with a towel, and we ran toward the bed again once more. He lay on the bed, and as he tried to pull me toward him, I resisted, slightly.

“Wait, I have another surprise for you,” I purred.

“Another one?!” he exclaimed.

I went into the kitchen and took out a few things from my fridge, and brought them to him. In my arms were a bottle of chocolate syrup, whipped cream, a glass with ice cubes, Altoid mints, and wrapped chocolate.

“Here, I bought these for you,” I said, as I handed him his favorite chocolate.

“Wow, thanks. You really are full of surprises tonight,” he said. He popped a chocolate in his mouth.

“Well, it’s not over yet. Lay back, because I wanted to try some things with you,” I said.

I took the cold chocolate syrup and squeezed a bit on his cock. He slightly flinched at the coldness, but in a second, my tongue was swirling the sticky chocolate with my tongue, covering his half-erect penis with traces of chocolate.

“Oops, I see you’ve become such a mess, let me clean it up for you,” I purred.

My tongue began to flip and swirl around his head and shaft, licking off the stickiness of the chocolate from his cock, lapping up the saltiness of his cock and the sweetness of the chocolate in long strokes, as I massaged his dick in my hands. My mouth then covered his cock and my head bobbed slowly, sucking his dick to take the stickiness away.

“Oh, we can’t have a cock sundae without whipped cream,” I said. I took the whipped cream canister from the table, and a shot of air blew on his penis. He flinched and sighed.

“Wow, that felt a bit intense, feeling a shot of an air blast shoot on my dick like that,” he sighed. A blotch of cream was on his shaft, as I covered bits of his stomach with cream. I leaned over and began to lap up the cream with my tongue and mouth in long strokes, tracing circles on his stomach.

“You are such a mess! Here, let me clean it up for you a little more,” I whispered, as I reached for the glass that held ice cubes, grabbed a piece of ice in my hand, and began to smear the melting ice on his cock. He flinched even more.

As I smeared the ice cube on his dick, my mouth followed the traces of the ice cube with my mouth, making sure to not leave the ice cube on the same place for more than a split second, giving his cock a hot-and-cold feeling as his cock was given an ice and mouth bath. When the ice cube melted, I warmed up his cock again with my mouth, sucking it with my mouth and nipping his cock with my lips until his cock felt warm again. Then, I decided to go one more step further: the mints.

“We can’t have a cock sundae without an after-dinner mint, now can’t we?” I said. I placed a few Altoid mints in my mouth, then went down on him again, sucking him and moving the mints around the surface of his cock.

“My cock has a minty-fresh feeling,” he said. Once the mints were gone, I sucked him again, and then ventured up his stomach, caressing his neck and licking his ear, while my hand jerked his cock in hard movements.

“With all the experimentation you’re doing this evening, you’re making me even hornier. I want to make love to you now,” he whispered, his hands again massaging my breasts.

“I’m all yours tonight,” I purred. He took me in his arms and laid me on the bed, as I wondered what he was going to do next…

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Sexcapade Files #13: The Anniversary - Part II