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Grade Obama!

posted 3/22/2009 7:36:09 PM |
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tagged: politics, straddle, government

It's been two months now since Obama has been in office. The white house is still standing. But after two months in there, what grade would you give him? What are some things you don't like that he's done, and some things that you approve of that he's done? As for me, I'm going to have to give the guy an "F" so far for many of the policies and screw ups that came from him. I don't think he's going to get any better either.

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Mar 22 @ 7:45PM  

You mean the good 'ole U.S. of A isn't bankrupt yet?

C-... and descending!


Mar 22 @ 7:47PM  
I don't think he's going to get any better either
So its..gonna be the same as it has been for the Past 8 years?!!!
I wont grade him... but He is trying!!!
How would you Grade Bush? Just asking..

Mar 22 @ 7:52PM  
How would you Grade Bush? Just asking..
Strong on defense, weak on the economy. He's not a conservative Republican, but rather a moderate one. But after the last 8 years, I would give Bush anywhere between a c and c-.

but He is trying!!!
What, to destroy this fine country?

Mar 22 @ 8:08PM  
ummmmm he Just took Office ...and was Left ONE Hell of a mess!!! Ya think?
Strong on defense, weak on the economy. He's not a conservative Republican, but rather a moderate one. But after the last 8 years, I would give Bush anywhere between a c and c-.
You are right..."defense" is all he did!!! I will agree on that!!!

Mar 22 @ 8:13PM  
If it's fair to blame an economic meltdown caused by irresponsible lending and home purchasing decisions made at the retail/consumer level a decade ago on OBAMA, then you might as well blame Sept. 11 on Bush- after all, it did happen right after he took office- must've been his fault!

Mar 22 @ 8:33PM  
All I know is I wouldn't want to be in his shoes........

Mar 22 @ 8:42PM  
Is Obama's 3.6 trillion budget really needed?

Mar 22 @ 8:54PM  
Is Obama's 3.6 trillion budget really needed

Yes... but I can imagine it could be used in better ways than that it is being used!

Mar 22 @ 9:37PM  
are we grading his bowling?

Mar 22 @ 10:30PM  
i give Obama a 10! as of today! hes done more presidents speakes then bush did in 8 years! he has alot of bushs shit to pick up after too! thats my opionion

Mar 22 @ 10:39PM  
Would he get a better grade from you if he watched General Hospital and Celebrity Apprentice?

Mar 22 @ 10:43PM  
Would he get a better grade from you if he watched General Hospital and Celebrity Apprentice?
Ha ha, you're pretty funny this weekend, Bruce.

You didn't answer the question. You must think he's doing a lousy job since you're avoiding the question...

Mar 22 @ 11:04PM  
i couldn't believe it..they have Obama trading cards thats insane! i'm not a fan of him and i'm sick of reading about him and his wife on every celebrity magazine! i never saw that happen to any other president! i hope things get better but i'm not optimistic but i just don't like that people have made him into a celebrity and not just president. *sigh*

Mar 22 @ 11:50PM  
Oy. The American public at its finest.

Right up to the 'point of no return,' Bush lauded the American ecomomy and how fantastic it was. Great essentials. No problems. Obama takes office and, suddenly, we've 'been in a recession for a year.'

I'll say that there's probably truth in Obama trying to take on too much too soon. What choice does he have? As it stands, with no change in the economic picture, the deficit would probably fly through the roof and leave enough shards to skewer us all. Again - what choice does he have?

Under the Clinton administration, health care reform was blocked. Under Bush, it was ignored. Can we afford another administration where it's cheaper for US citizens to go to Asia for health care than to get it at home? Where Americans pay more than 2 times the world average for the same care? Again - what choice does he have?

Bush has pulled out the 'history will decide' answer. Whoever fed him that one should be applauded. Same thing applies to Obama. FDR (and Eleanor) were roasted for taking action in the depression. In fact, anyone who actually DOES SOMETHING gets a hell of a lot more heat than someone that sits on their ass and does NOTHING.

All I can say is . .. Thank God he's TRYING instead of SITTING on his ASS.

Mar 22 @ 11:56PM  
anyone who actually DOES SOMETHING
Such as pouring gasoilne and oil on a fire when one is trying to put out the house fire. His policies are making the situation worse!

Mar 23 @ 12:05AM  
why doesn't he try cutting taxes like J F K did seem to work pretty good and he could cut out the $100 a pound kobe beef he is having at his parties

Mar 23 @ 12:12AM  
So your saying Bushed wasn't extreme right?? You cant get anymore religious freak, hillbilly redneck gun riteous and anti science than him. Obama gets an A for effort. Bush gets an F for fuckup.

Mar 23 @ 1:16AM  
All I know is when I spend money I don't have it doesn't make everything all better.

If I try to take it from someone else it is called STEALING.

If I print money it is counterfeiting.

Just because they were "elected by the people" it makes it ok for them.

Doesn't make much since

Mar 23 @ 1:27AM  
There are only two places the government can spend money where the American economy won't see it again- war and oil. Obama is trying to get us off of both. The rest of it, we will pay back in taxes, re-fueling the budget, and by the end of his term we'll be well on our way to a surplus so long as we continue to develop energy independence and stay out of military trouble.

Mar 23 @ 1:41AM  
Eh, did anyone notice when the entire government

of the country of Iceland went bankrupt recently?

It's NOT impossible for that to happen here if

we keep spending TRILLIONS that we don't have!

Mar 23 @ 3:12AM  
So your saying Bushed wasn't extreme right
That's exactly what I'm saying. If he were a conservative and acted like one we would have had a better economy. He was too moderate on the economy for my liking. He fucked up when he also started listening to Paulson with the bailouts. Granted, the two wars didn't help with the taking care of our economy since we had to spend billions on the wars, but to be fair to Bush, we really didn't have any other choice, especially with Afghanistan. As for Iraq, it was long overdue. Sure, he could have overlooked Iraq, but there's no telling what might have happened with Iraq if we had not taken care of justice when we did. If we didn't have either wars, maybe things would have been better as far as the economy goes....but then again, maybe something else would have happened to our country in regards to terroristic attakes inside and outside of our country. People keep talking about the last 8 years, but what I saw was a strong stock market climbling and climbing through the Bush years. The unemployment rate wasn't as high as it is now. The 8 years of Bush people say.... what about with the last 2 years being a democrat congress and senate where spending started rising in the budget? Not all of it was Bush's fault. I honestly don't see a second term for Obama. But then stranger things have happened, like him getting elected in the first place.

Mar 23 @ 6:52AM  
i'm sick of reading about him and his wife on every celebrity magazine! i never saw that happen to any other president!

I can still recall the love affair that America, particularly women, had with Camelot (JFK and Jackie). Those two even changed fashion.

I will give Obama a B. I was not pleased by the vetting process and all of these nominees having delinquent taxes. I am also not all that supportive of his jetting around to all of these places and showing up on Leno. On the upside, removing the restrictions on stem cell research is a big plus. I also like the changes to the tax code. The stimulus package is a mixed bag. I realize that something had to be done quickly, but haste does make waste.

It is too early to tell on many things. I feel that he will be held to a higher standard due to having both houses of congress with solid democratic majorities. That should facilitate a remedy to gridlock to a large extent so he should be able to get some policies through. I would like to think that his administration will be more proactive and less reactive compared to the previous administration.

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