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Should employees of AIG get their bonuses?

posted 3/22/2009 7:22:24 PM |
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How many of you think that the employees of AIG should get their bonuses? $165 million to be exact in the total bonuses. Congress has already passed their support on taxing a 90% tax on each of these bonuses. The senate most likely be passing this in the very near future. Do you really think this is fair to pass a tax just to punish a certain group of people? To me that's pretty unconstitutional in my opinion. The congress and senate were all warned late last year about these bonuses, but the bailout was still given to AIG anyway. Now most of these politicians act surprised and whipping people into a frenzy to where the people have become a hate mob towards every AIG employee. A lot of these people are now stalking these employees outside their houses. Personally, I have never agreed with this bailout to them, but Bush pushed this and the liberal congress and senate passed this. Most Republicans in the congress and senate were not for this bailout. But what's done is done. But the haterid speeches by Obama and the rest of the politicians towards AIG and it's employees have to stop!

No, I am not on AIG's side, but let's be practical here. If these contract bonuses can have a bill passed recently to have 90% of these bonuses taxed, whose to say that it's going to stop there?

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Mar 22 @ 7:40PM  
Well... in another blog...Some said that the So called "Bonuses" was a part of their pay!!
But... I do know, I heard on the Radio News....the Tax will only Hit those that make over..$250,000.00... per year,so I have No Pity on the bastards!!!!!!!!
I dont agree with the bail out either.....but , Oh well!!!!

Mar 22 @ 7:56PM  

Like the red flag that George Bush Sr. raised when he uttered the term "New World Order"- if anyone in our government says " what we're doing is good for the Father land", I think I'll consider moving to Tahiti!!!


Mar 22 @ 8:56PM  
I don't see why they HAVE to be rewarded for doing their job. IF they were doing their jobs correctly, the company would have been making money and not needing a bailout.

Mar 22 @ 10:41PM  
I don't see why they HAVE to be rewarded for doing their job.

I can tell you have never worked in Coporate America where the "bonus" is considered part of your wage package. Your weekly salary might be a pittance but your PAY is determined by your performance which they call a bonus.


Mar 22 @ 11:36PM  
Please define, "liberal."
...Anyway, although I have not been on an AIG payroll, I have worked on its behalf and recieved money through it... Or so I thought... I have encouraged all to have sought out the national archives, viewed the Constitution, and determined for themselves, the constitutionality of the matter(s).

Mar 23 @ 12:01AM  
You pay the piper, you call the tune. AIG f*cked up big-time. The same morons that thought they could play the system - instead of work - are the ones with the bonuses. If you think I'm going to feel sorry for them getting heat for their 'golden parachutes,' you're out of your everlovin' mind.

Hardworking Americans, who've put themselves over and above the call of duty time and again, are losing jobs because of the 'golden parachute' crowd who think they're golden, too. By and large, they've done nothing but pass the buck to the next poor schmuck down the line to make their decisions and do their work. Every CEO I've met calls on "teamwork" to make his decisions - and flies through without a scratch when decisions are questioned. He "left it up to his team" and he's clean. No matter that he put a ring in the team's nose and led them.

I've had an MBA tell me that the poor state of the local economy had no effect on 'our sales' of high priced merchandise because people would be the same kind of product anyway. Bull. If you can't afford it, you don't buy the 'high priced spread.'

Mar 23 @ 12:53AM  
I think the bonuses are B.S. but it is even more B.S. that the Government can single out just a few individuals and create a special tax for just them. What will stop them from doing it to you or me or anyone else. If they are going to do something like that it should be a tax on all executives bonuses not just one companies. It is just fucking wrong to single out such a small select group

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Should employees of AIG get their bonuses?