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Sexcapade Files #6: Monster Chocolate Cock

posted 3/21/2009 2:58:33 PM |
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tagged: fuck, blowjob, big dick, black man, multiple orgasm

How would you feel if you were faced with a gynormous dick in front of you? I'd probably fall on my knees and pray fervently, thanking the gods for such a blessed creature who was given such a monstrosity of a cock.

A few years ago, when my single, random fuck life began, I met someone named Louis on Myspace, mainly because he wanted to sleep with and Asian woman and wanted to know what it was like. He was a light chocolate skinned man, and black. I had never slept with a black man, but I've heard the rumors: they can last forever, and they were very, very endowed. I figured that I would start my singlehood by having this guy over to show me a thing or two about black men.

He came over the first day I met him, and we began by asking me to show my breasts. Of course, I obliged by pulling off my top and had them dangling in their bare-nakedness. He reached over, began to squeeze and roll those breasts in his hands, rub my nipples until they stood out and hard, and he unzipped his pants and took out his chocolate penis.

OH MY GOD was it huge. It was 9 inches long, had a girth of about an 1 1/2 in diameter, and
cut. It was such a beautiful sight to see, I felt my mouth drooling with hunger. He commanded me to suck his dick, and I obliged. It felt so full in my mouth, the largeness, I felt my mouth stretching. I sucked it so hard that it was amazing, to feel that hard cock in my mouth, playing with his firm balls, licking it over and over again. I went down, all the way down, shoving it into the back of my throat, and amazed myself, never knowing that I had the talent to do such a thing. He looked at me with his eyes wide open.

"Damn! How could a little thing like you get something that big down your throat?" He asked.
"Well, didn't I tell you that I wasn't a beginner at these kinds of things?" I purred.

I sucked and sucked, nipped and licked, as I jerked that ferocious, very veined cock in my hand. Pretty soon, it jerked and I felt a flood of salty, sticky cum in my mouth. I swallowed the load, gratefully. He felt relieved, but I didn't stop sucking. I kept on licking that beautiful penis of his, stroke after hard stroke, until minutes, later, he surprisingly, CAME AGAIN...

"Oh my god! I never came twice before!" He yelled. "I just came twice!!" I guess it was a sex session of firsts for the both of us then...

Soon, he flipped me over and started to fuck me, missionary style. To feel that thing in my pussy was amazing, feeling the velocity of him pounding my wet pussy over and over again, but after a while, it started to hurt. I wasn't used to having something that big inside of me, but hell, it was booty, and I wasn't going to give up just because it was too big. He continued to pound, as I grabbed his arms, watching him shove, feeling his big cock fill me with pleasure and pain, over and over again...

He turned me over, and pumped me from behind, as he pulled my hair, then grabbing my hips with his large hands, guiding that large dick of his into my wet pussy, harder and harder and harder. I moaned more and more, feeling the sweat gather on my upper lip, screaming with the pleasure of having such a wonderfully sized dick inside of me. He began to slap my large ass, and feeling the sting from his slaps made me even hornier...

For a while, we took a break, and he asked me to suck his cock again before he went home. He lay down perpendicular to my bed, and as I lay on his stomach, I had the idea of rubbing him on his vein while I sucked his dick hard, and wow, did it work. The idea of the Nympho Special came about during sex with a black man...I rubbed ferociously, sucking the life out of that dick, until his cum exploded into my mouth, feeling again, for the third time, the saltiness of cum melting in my mouth. I felt exhilarated.

Before he left, he reached over to me and asked me for a kiss. "I don't normally kiss girls I've fucked, but your mouth is sooo good at what it does, I wanted to kiss it," he said. And I felt his soft lips on mine, and he walked out the door.

I never saw him after that day. A week later, I moved away, and he tried to contact me a few months later to get another fuck from me, seeing that his Asian girlfriend wasn't giving him what he got from me. I guess not every Asian girl can live up to such high first expectations...*wink wink*

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Mar 21 @ 3:18PM  
Great story, but I was in the army & showered with all races & it's not true about black guys on average. Ask any black woman or Taylor Banks, this came up on one of her shows. No I don't have penis envy, at my age I am glad it works great.

Mar 21 @ 3:25PM  
That is true, black guys aren't always big, but the ones I've seen live and in person, they are pretty yummy...LOL

I have heard friends of friends who had fucked black men that were 10-minute men and average length...I guess it is just how you use it and what was given to you...

Mar 21 @ 5:13PM  
Been there and frankly it hurt.........a lot........esp with me on top......but doggy was better and fugget about any oral shenanigans...........
Ps....I have had the thrill of giving the two in a row is a memorable thing!!

Mar 21 @ 5:30PM  
that story was HAWT!

Mar 21 @ 8:34PM  
Chocolatemilf - I agree with you, being on bottom is better than being on top with a big dick, and I was surprised I pulled of the oral tricks on that dick...geez...

Sometimes you just surprise yourself...LOL

Mcroxton - Thanks for reading! Hopefully it helped pitch a tent for you....:-)

Mar 26 @ 12:57PM  
I really enjoyed this Sexcapade due to my own similiar experiences. It brought back a lot of memories. Did you get the diameter right? Because I'm 9 inches in length 6.5" in girth myself. I love all types of women myself.

Mar 26 @ 5:11PM  
Hi uliketocum, I'm glad you enjoyed this sexcapade...the 1 1/2" girth was me approximately measuring across the penis, not around...I didn't have a tape measure to measure him around...

Thanks for reading!

Apr 13 @ 8:40PM  
Well I wonder if she would be interested in trying mine out because it is a full 11 inches long and about as big around as a beer can half way down the shaft and it will last up to 7 hours before I unload my first load with the ropes coming continually afterwards for several more loads.

Aug 24 @ 11:33PM  
ok baby nice story but i have every guy here beat with my 13 inch cock... 3 inches of width... do u think u could swallow 2 of my huge loads

Apr 6 @ 11:13PM  
whatif1020 & skatermandan - I know what it feels like to try to deep throat a 12-incher, and I FAILED!!!

BTW, you two would know if you were keeping up with my official blogsite, there's more stories there:

w w w . s e x c o n f e s s i o n s 6 9 . b l o g s p o t . c o m

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Sexcapade Files #6: Monster Chocolate Cock