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posted 3/20/2009 12:51:50 AM |
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and have never known the correct spelling...masturbation or masterbation....

but anyway...

is it a neccessity? an extra? is it fulfilling and you love it or is it just to take the edge off? how often do you do it? what helps (i.e. porn, erotica, etc) you masterbate if you are in a sexual realtionship...?

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Mar 20 @ 1:13AM  
I only do it when I am looking at that photo

of you in your undies!!

Mar 20 @ 2:09AM  
i do it in the shower

Mar 20 @ 3:44AM  
is it a neccessity? an extra? is it fulfilling and you love it or is it just to take the edge off? how often do you do it? what helps (i.e. porn, erotica, etc) you masterbate if you are in a sexual realtionship...?
I dunno about other Guys... but If I dont release my goods... Every so often...its uncomfortable, and even Painful...and Its not healthy to Not to...let the boys go every so often!!!! So I guess you could consider...this "taking the edge off"! A lil porn...helps..
and No... I dont if I am in a relationship!!!!
How about you...DB...?

Mar 20 @ 9:28AM  
Main Entry:
: erotic stimulation especially of one's own genital organs commonly resulting in orgasm and achieved by manual or other bodily contact exclusive of sexual intercourse, by instrumental manipulation, occasionally by sexual fantasies, or by various combinations of these agencies...

Of course everybody knows somebody who is a master of masturbation..

Mar 20 @ 1:07PM  
and have never known the correct spelling...masturbation or masterbation....
With a "u". It's an English anomaly.

is it a necessity? an extra?
That's kind of a tricky one. If I'm really busy with work/school and don't have a chance, seem to get in a bad mood. If I don't get a chance because I'm on vacation or something else I enjoy, I really don't miss it- especially if I'm getting laid. In both cases, when I finally do get a chance to do it after a prolonged abstinence, it's... epic.

is it fulfilling and you love it or is it just to take the edge off?
I do it voluntarily because I love it! It's only an urgent compulsion when I haven't been able to (see above).

how often do you do it?
Once a day when I'm not busy. When I'm moderately busy, I try to get around to it maybe once every 2 or 3 days.

what helps (i.e. porn, erotica, etc)...
Usually with porn- either words, pictures, or videos. Problem is, I think I have OCD when it comes to porn. I can't always put my finger on it, but most porn out there just doesn't do it for me. It doesn't always have to be super-kinky-hardcore. Sometimes a topless girl on the beach works just fine. But the looks of the girls themselves, the way they move, if it is super-kinky-hardcore, the way the particular act is being done, or the way the story is written, have to be just right. I can probably spend an hour on the internet looking for fifteen minutes' worth of porn.

do you masturbate if you are in a sexual relationship...?
Ok, here's the part where the men who love to lie and the women who prefer to be lied to all come after me with pitchforks and torches. Everyone (men AND women) does it, in a relationship or not. Read a book on sex and masturbation if you don't believe me. No, it's not a slight against your partner. In fact, it's for their benefit. Sexual urges can hit any time of the day. Nobody has a set schedule. The only way one could stop masturbating entirely and not go crazy is if they had a harem at their their fingertips 24/7. A person can't, and shouldn't, have no life to the point where they can be that for their partner. It's just not realistic.

I know there are some women out there who can't stand the idea of their partner masturbating- usually these are people who haven't spend much time researching and learning about human sexuality- and I mean in a book, not a motel room. There are also a lot of people, men especially, who claim that either frequent enough sex with their partners, or respect of their partner's feelings has eliminated their masturbation entirely. These people are lying. I don't blame them, a lot of them have to in order to not lose their partner. But would that be a bad thing? It's never too late for an upgrade...

Mar 20 @ 1:15PM  
I'm with someone. I masterbate when I'm horny and he doesn't wanna fuck. Porn helps. Most times I just think about sexy things or erotic moments. It's not necessary. It's fun and I get off every time, so it's a win/win situation.

Mar 20 @ 5:09PM  
he doesn't wanna fuck
What is wrong with him???? I look at you and I want to.................

Doesn't everyone do it, I mean sometimes come on... I am not going to sit around horny if I am by myself, for that matter if she is there what better way to get something going?????

Mar 20 @ 7:37PM  
nope, everyone doesnt do it...

Mar 20 @ 8:23PM  
Not as fun as getting laid but relieves tension, especially before hitting the sack and have to give my little buddies freedom occasionally. Healthy too!


Mar 21 @ 2:02AM  
I have never done this until I was like 24 in a half years old. Now it seems like I am addicted and can't stop only because it feels like I'm going to explode if I don't do this after four days. Even when I'm getting the real thing, it's somewhat hard to stop since I'm almost always horny.

Mar 21 @ 3:07AM  
Unfortunately, It was only necessary back when I was married.

Now that I'm single, (and older) I'm doing well enough I don't need to anymore.

Mar 22 @ 7:06PM  
I haven't had intercourse in 8 years now so it's necessary. Otherwise I'd get blue balls. I masturbate virtually every day. Sometimes to porn on the internet or a fantasy in my head. I do it because I'm addicted.

Mar 22 @ 7:21PM  
I just do it when I get in the mood... that could be once a week... or 3 times a day... just depends! I'm pretty flexible!

Mar 23 @ 11:18AM  
Once evey morning

Mar 23 @ 11:54AM  
just depends! I'm pretty flexible
I bet you are!!!

Mar 25 @ 10:07PM  
yes masterbation is necassary, men need it to relese their sex drive so they don't start humping th eclosest thing to them

Mar 27 @ 4:28AM  
Take the edge off? Yes.
I'm not involved in a sexual relationship very often at all. It seems that's just my luck.

How often? Daily.
The question you really don't want to ask is how many times daily.
That, however, is a number I can be proud of.

Apr 3 @ 6:03PM  
it takes away stress

Apr 6 @ 8:36PM  
I just masturbate when I'm horny. If I'm living with a girl I don't have to do it as often (only when she's not in the mood), but if I have to I will. I usually can just think of the girl I'm with or watch some porn.

Apr 7 @ 10:50AM  
I've been with my gal for 5 years and we have a very healthy sex life. But both of us still masturbate. Sometimes we do it together, sometimes apart. To me it is just another outlet. When I masturbate I can fantasize about other women or scenarios, whether through porn or just my imagination. And I'm know it is the same for her. There is also no "pressure" to satisfy my partner, it is all about me. So I'd say on average I do it about twice a week.

Apr 7 @ 6:22PM  
Honestly, I do it everyday and sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. The longest session with myself was like 3 hours. Even if I'm in a relationship, I still do it. It really relieves stress and helps my on my period (helps relieves cramps). It's a nice activity when I'm bored out of my mind.

Apr 8 @ 12:22AM  
masturbation can be a necessity or an extra... depending on circumstance. when i have a girlfriend (who relieves me ) I don't masturbate. but now... lol

sometimes after i don't masturbate for two weeks, i get sooo horny... it's inevitable

Apr 16 @ 5:37PM  
obviously its different for everybody but I use it as a stress release I guess. It is the most relaxing thing in the world to me not just masturbating but sex in general but cumming solves all problems.

Apr 17 @ 1:08AM  
At some points in my life it is daily, and thats when i am not getting any for a prolonged period of time. It becomes a ritual (same place, time etc.) I use my memory, and sometimes just fantasize about other girls that I hyuave not been with. Sometimes a joke or something said in a sexy way turns into a fantasy of me with that girl.

It is necessary, because if you do not do it and there is no release you will have a wet dream. These are pretty cool also. At 1 point I was on medicine that decreased your sexual drive and I didn't bust for about three weeks and ihad a wet dream.

Apr 17 @ 2:17AM  
Never tried it ... what's it feel like ....

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