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Giving Away My Heart...Literally

posted 3/19/2009 4:31:10 AM |
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For whatever strange reason my daughter, son in law and I were talking about funerals and cremation today. Mine, to be exact. and since this subject has been discussed a few times over the last few years, I'm kinda wondering if she happened to take out a large amount of life ins on me without my knowledge...
I am just kidding......

However she did seriously ask me if I am still an organ donor and I told her absolutely. I'll never change that. Anything they can use once my time has expired, they can have.

I had a little sister who we got to keep for a couple extra years due to someone else being a donor. She got one of his kidneys. So I decided when I was about 18 that I would gladly give any and all parts that someone elses loved ones could use.

I have a best friend who sees her children better because she got to have a double cornia transplant.
I also lost a friend who was on the transplant wait list for many years to get a heart. And another who needed a liver.
The wait list is just so long that the ones they had wore out before they could get them replaced.

Now, if some people could just have a brain transplant...... Oops...sorry, Just thinking out loud again...

I'm not sure about other states, but in Ohio you just have to sign a simple consent form when you get your drivers license renewed and they keep it on file and place a symbol on your drivers license that tells you are a donor. Simple as that.

So I was wondering if there really are enough people willing to pass their no longer needed parts onto someone else.

Are you helping someone else to live and enjoy life as you did when you needed the use of those body parts? People need eye, tissue and organ donors everyday.
Wouldn't you want someone to have signed those forms if it were your child or loved one who needed a vital organ to enjoy another day with you? Or to have the gift of sight?

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Mar 19 @ 4:47AM  
I am an organ donor. have been for as long as I can remember. I want to be cremated and even if I didn't I wouldn't want my casket opened at a funersl. These are just parts of our vessel. The spirit and soul live on with our loved ones memories of us. I would love to be able to help someone keep their loved ones longer if my parts are available to can happen and does. Thanks to people like you casual...and me too!

Mar 19 @ 6:51AM  
Sorry darlin, but haven't decided yet whether to cet charred or placed in a box. I am a donor, and here in MN you just mark on your driverslicense. I am also a blood doner....10 + I am already giving away parts before I'm gone.


Mar 19 @ 6:51AM  
I concur. When I'm dead, they can have whatever parts are still functioning when I die. This will probably exclude my eyes, though.

Another option is to donate your body for medical research, which both my parents did. They ended up being used for medical training before being cremated. We got their remains just a few weeks after they passed on. It's a comforting thought that they helped some future doctors with their education.

Mar 19 @ 8:17AM  
I too will be a donor. My husband and I never really discussed it but when he died I allowed him to be a donor.

The personnel that discussed it with me were very professional and gentle. Yet in my distress I didn't remember later for sure what they took. It was after he was cremated and I was talking to someone from the funeral home that I learned more.

The only things I'm sure they took was his leg bones...thigh bones I believe and a very thin layer of skin from his back. His kidneys had been failing for years so they couldn't use them and I don't know about his heart but I don't think they could use it either. I don't know about his eyes either.

I do know a year later the donor organization held a ceremony for the families in honor of those who'd donated. There was a little girl there from my home town who had been the recipient of a skin donor when she was badly burned. It would have happened around the same time that Wayne died. I wondered if he had helped her. I was so choked up over that. If not her than someone like her and the tears flowed to think what a wonderful give I allowed him to give.

Mar 19 @ 8:54AM  
I also am a donor If they can use it they can have it. I mean seriously what am i gonna do with it?? Unfortuantely I"ve heard people say no they will go out with what they came in with. what for??? geezz

Mar 19 @ 9:09AM  
I think that most all my parts are pretty well worn out and useless..
I know they are to me...
Anything I can contribute would be to teach
future generations not to abuse their body the way I have..

Mar 19 @ 10:28AM  

I seriously don't think any part of me is worth donating.

Mar 19 @ 11:02AM  
Nawww I ain't dealing with all that "Death" chit, (I'm American, we don't do the death thing. )

When I go ... I want to be hit bye an errant Russian satellite, you know A blinding flash, a defining boom and freakin big smoking Crater, crap, I'll be a National Monument.

Then you all can name the next newly discovered shrub after me, something prickly and hard to eradicate.

Master Gry

Mar 19 @ 12:02PM  
When my husband and son were killed in a car accident they came to me and asked if I would allow them to be donors. My mother-n-law who was sitting there with me started screaming no way , and as I sat there I felt a calmness come over me and I told them yes that they could take what was needed. My husband and son were both very giving people in life, I knew that was what they both would have wanted. To this day I take comfort knowing parts of them are still here on this earth. I made the decision that day to sign the donor card for myself.

I will never regret making that decision, sadly my mother-n-law has never forgiven me.

Mar 19 @ 1:07PM  
I don't know how it could be planned so that it worked out right but, I'd like to be rocketed into orbit a few days before I kicked off, then after I pass on, I would be de-orbited in the evening and become a shooting star across the sky as my last hoorah!!


Mar 19 @ 2:57PM  
I have already given my kids Instructions.... for when i die!!
They are to Load me up in My pick up truck..and take me to the Rt. 301 MD. (its over the Potomac river)...and wait for an Incomming Tide.. at the begining of the tide...toss me over in the river..(Hopefully after dark..)...
I love that river!!!...
The Tide will then carry me up to DC...So... the Gulls..Crabs...Fish and maybe even an Eagle or 2 can eat my Body Up!!!!
Nothing will be wasted!!
Cost of the Funeral.....$20.00 for gas!

Mar 19 @ 3:45PM  
I also have had my drivers license signed to be a donor from when I first got my license, oh so many years ago,,,but unfortunately here, they don't go by that, if your next of kin decides they do not want to donate your organs(or whatever maybe good) they will not take them. Which is a shame, if people only realized the amount of people that could be saved or have a better quality of life, just from one donor it might change their minds. Sometimes it takes the need for something like this to be personal (as in someone in their families needing a life saving organ in order to continue living) before they understand the importance of it. My nephew when he was killed (drunk driver) was able to help 30 people, and that was without his organs. Just imagine if everyone was generous enough and gracious enough... the amount of people that could benefit from their wonderful gift.

Great blog CL, in bringing awarness to organ donation!! KUDOS!!

Mar 19 @ 4:03PM  
Yes, I am a donor also. I have already told my family that when I die I want to donate my organs & then be cremated. I am also a donor now for blood banks & also bone marrow donation. I had a young boy of 12 die that my family knew due to not enough of people donating there bone marrow he had leukemia. So yet again a wonderful blog & you definitely deserve a dozen kudos.

Mar 19 @ 6:41PM  
Won't make my D.L. because I don't want some intern jumping the gun and taking something I need to survive because some rich SOB needs it.

My friends and Family all know my wishes on this subject. and I have a living will. So that covers it.

Mar 19 @ 11:24PM  
If the loss of my life might benefit some one else, by all means, take whatever can be used. My family knows this.

My ex and I even discussed this about our child. If we were ever so unfortunate to lose her, please, let someone's life be better. It would be so comforting to know that her death wouldn't be for nothing.

Mar 20 @ 4:31PM  
You know I was just kiddin.. (although I did tell my X this.. )

I don't want some intern jumping the gun and taking something I need to survive
Hell, I dont have to worry about that one...they will Look at this Old worn out Body..and say...daymn.. lets do all we can do, to help the poor fugger!!!!

Mar 21 @ 2:17AM  
I guess when I first got my license years ago I was asked that, and I declined more out of the fact that I was a little on the selfish side and didn't even want to think about something like this. As I grew older I also realized that I began thinking of my religion and didn't think it would be such a good idea to donate.

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Giving Away My Heart...Literally