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Stories about our children

posted 3/17/2009 9:22:24 PM |
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Got any funny stories that we could tell on Our Children?
I will never forget...

When my Daughter started driving.... We bought her a was a Mercury Lynx.
Well... you all know how it is..with your 1st Car.... You just have to go..somewhere....hell anywhere...just to Let the World see that you have a car
She was no
We let her go to a Local Store and to a Friends house...... just a few Miles up the road....shouldn't be a Problem at all.... right? ummmmm yeah right!!!!!
We got a Call.....from the Local Sheriffs office less than a hour after she left the house......!!! They wouldn't tell us what the Hell was going on....but we had to go Pick her up...from somewhere she had no business being at...WTF?
OMG..we were freaking out....they did say that she was that helped out a LIL....
Well we had to go down a Dirt road for about a get where she was...
When we get there.she was Screaming and Crying.......just balling!!!!
We still didn't know what was going on.... She was crying...and talking at the same time... Finally.... a Deputy told us.... that she had been going to fast on this dirt road (taking a BOY Home..from school!!! ) and she lost control in a Wash board area....and almost Ran off of the Bridge, she hit the bridge sideways...and when she got it Stopped.... it was...Tilting back and forth...barely hanging on.....!!!!(The boys house was 1/2 mile down the road.) They stayed inside the car...The Boy couldn't get out...and she was to scared too... (TG..the car would have fell in the Creek if she hadda ) Well She starts SCREAMING....and the Boys Dad was outside and heard her... He called the Law..cause he thought some Girl was being Raped..........
In the mean time..the boys dad... see's her head lights pointing the he goes down to check it out...and Finds them ready to go over the he held down the car..while they got out...and by then the Law was there...and they held it down while the Dad..goes and gets a Tractor..and pulls it back on the road!!!!
OMG.... we didnt Laugh about it then.. mind you...But Now... I Lmao...when I think about that!!!
Got any Stories to tell on your Kids?

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Mar 17 @ 10:01PM  
I think that the best one was what my ex did to our daughter in junior high. We were both working and the kid was supposed to come directly home from school. Well, she didn't do that .

She was a latch key child (both parents working) and she was supposed to call her mom when she got home. She did that, but she wasn't at home, she was at a girlfriend's and deceptive about it. Well, she went to the well once too often and said she was home to her mom, well I was, she wasn't. Busted.

Now, I was so pissed that I wish that we could change her sex to male so that I could take her out back and "discuss" it in no uncertain terms in the style of my John Wayne father.

My ex had a better idea. She had the wayward girl picked up at the junior high school by a day care center. A nine passenger van pulled up with cartoon characters on it at in the front of the upper class yuppie junior high school to pick her up from the "Little Dude Ranch". What a grounding or ass whupping can't accomplish, public mortification will!

She was so embarrassed, she promised not to do it again and she never did. But my ex. said, "I paid for a week, you're going there for a week."

It would get worse with rebellion in the next few years, but this was one of the few battles we won.

Mar 17 @ 10:23PM  
Those were good stories!! When my son was about 5, he was playing in the front yard and I had the front door open, keeping an eye on him and his sisters while they were playing. Now, I knew that there was some sort of parad3e in town about 5 blocks up the street. I didn't have time to take them, as I was a single mom,had to finish the housework, pick up the sitter and then go to work. Well, my son decided to go anyway...needless to say, I was frantic!! After about 2 hours, after searching everywhere, never dreaming that he would go to the parade, as I'm about ready to call the police, my son comes walking up. And this is what the little shit said when I asked him where he was..." Wild horses dragged me there, Mama!!"

To this day, I tease him about wild horses!!

Mar 17 @ 11:56PM  
As long as my son doesn't grow up to be a serial killer this was funny in a way. I picked my kids up from the sitters and was driving down the alley behind her house and there was an opossum in the alley so I stopped tell it got out of the way. I started to drive by it and it decided to walk under the rear tire of the car . So I drove around the block to see if it was dead. It was still moving so to put it out of its misery I ran over it again (kind of morbid I know). So we get home and my son goes and gets my daughters Barbi's and Barbi car. He proceeds to line the Barbi's up on the floor and runs over and over them. I was rolling on the floor.

Mar 18 @ 10:57AM  
well my kids were always doing things but my daughter has this way of saying the most embarrassing things while we're out in public..such as one time we were at the bank and she saw a guy who had long hair and mustache and she yells to me loudly..look mom theres jesus! or the time we went into the grocery store and someone ahead of us was talking about their pussy cats and she shaves her pussy! as i'm running out backwards with my hand over her mom laughing and was a small town...i didn't go to that store for awhile another time out she sees a person with a beard,mustache,long hair,female pants suit and a purse..she yells is that a woman or a man? cause if its a woman she sure is ugly! i was mortified! but what can you do? unfortunately sometimes i had to take her with me!

Mar 18 @ 1:58PM  
These are great stories, thank you to everyone who shared theirs, I enjoyed it immensely.

Mar 18 @ 3:16PM  
Not exactly a funny ha ha story, but when my son
was cadre at Ft. Ord when he was 19, I partyed with him for a week or so and my girlfriend was younger than his!

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Stories about our children