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Sexy vs Slutty...Is There A Difference?

posted 3/16/2009 1:08:59 PM |
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I read a blog just a few minutes ago by our new resident spammer. In the story she described the apparel she was wearing to a b-day party being given for her... In case you don't know who I am referring to,her first blogs were about an orgy pool......

Now, I realize this blog was to get readers to check out and pay for her web service...and for shock value...But as I read her description of "sexy" , which would be my definition of "trampy or slutty" if worn out in public, I was wondering what do most people consider sexy apparel in comparison to going over the line?
Or is there a line for most people?

And I mean out in public...not private or somewhere meant to wear that sort of thing. I may have to admit to being old school to some things, but I'm not a prude or that old fashioned..

If someone invited you to a party or was even throwing a party for you, and told you to wear something sexy...Not knowing who was going to be there and what was going far would you go? Or expect someone else to go, that would be considered you?

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Mar 16 @ 1:32PM  
How about this...?

Or this...?

*Wicked Smile*

Mar 16 @ 1:33PM  
It has been so long since I was considered sexy...if ever...the only thing I can think of is really tight form-fitting pants or shorts as I've been told I have a nice tight ass.

And that spammer you are referring to? I think "she" is a "he". Writes like a "he" and what "she" considers sexy is more like what a guy would find sexy. Lots of skin, very direct sexual descriptions. jmho

Mar 16 @ 1:43PM  
You are gonna make me put my foot in my mouth.... I can see it comming...!!! Oh well!!!!!
I do have to admit.... I Like my women a LIL.. on the Trashy side... ....but... there are degrees of trashy.. so I see it!!!
For Instance.... like Here.... on a Dating site,oh yeah..its an Adult dating site...
I am not interested in seeing the Lady lieing down, spread eagle.....
That turns me off!!! But that is just me... To me thats not Sexy...!
Wearing something tasteful.....turns me on here....more than...the above..

In Real....If I am with a Lady...that is wearing something "Sexy"...and she Knows how to "Carry" herself........ I Love it!!!! It can be short..and show some cleavage....but not the whole Package....
Sexy....doesnt mean...Nakied! Sexy to me is in the Person..and How they Act/Carry themselves...but thats just my 2 cents!!!

Mar 16 @ 1:59PM  
Well, with both its a catch-all phrase nowadays. Slutty=all out in the open. Sexy=leaving a lot to the imagination. In my opinion,anyway. And lol@ resident spammer, I hope everyone else catches on to that.

Mar 16 @ 2:38PM  
The difference between "sexy" and "slutty" for women is apparent only to other women, because women aren't looking to fuck her... Just like the difference between "sexy" and "overcompensating wanker" for guys is only apparent to us guys because we're not trying to fuck them.

We mock the guy soaked in cologne with the greased-up hair and the Escalade and call him a tool, just like the more modest/tasteful women mock the girl with her ass hanging out of her shorts and call her a slut. And both may be true- it's pretty tasteless and does not really give the impression that this person has a lot going on upstairs. But it's not all based on truth, you have to admit, a little bit is based on jealousy and bitterness, because who's getting laid? They are.

Mar 16 @ 4:15PM  
Either one is fine with me!!

Mar 16 @ 4:23PM  
To me it depends on the woman. I have seen clothes for sale that look god awful. But on some women, they make the clothes look good. Then there are some women that look like trash no matter what they wear. As for nudity, that depends on where your at. The mall or public schools, bad choice. Nude beaches or parks or camps, thats ok. As for me. I really think there is nothing out there to make me lok sexy.

Mar 16 @ 4:25PM  
Dayumm, DK!!

what "she" considers sexy is more like what a guy would find sexy.
That's part of my question, men consider That "Actually" sexy?

Alex, I don't think you put your foot in your mouth... I believe there is such a thing as teasing or physically complimenting ones self without advertising it's for free to everyone and anyone. Just my .02

And lol@ resident spammer, I hope everyone else catches on to that.
Thanks Luna..

you have to admit, a little bit is based on jealousy and bitterness, because who's getting laid? They are.
There's no bitterness when I see someone like that. If she looks good I'll say so. If he looks trashy or desperate, I'll say so.
I am a 49 y/o grandma, and I've never any problems with offers of "getting laid" if that is what I wanted to do. And I didn't have to have my shorts splitting me up to my tonsils or my ass hanging out of them to do it.

The difference between "sexy" and "slutty" for women is apparent only to other women, because women aren't looking to fuck her...
Umm, no. I disagree. I've known men who have been given the chance to be with women who they have turned down because they felt she just looked too slutty.
Now, I will agree that some men just don't care or see a difference..and a lot of men (not all) like a point. And truthfully, a lot of women ( not all) like to be a little a point.
I'm trying to find out where that point is with most.


Mar 16 @ 4:30PM  
Denim...that's about all I wear and if no one but me thinks it's sexy then that's fine with me.

manwithoutahorse....from what I can see in your pix, I like the way you look in your denim...sexxxxxy!

DKW... what a handsome man! Loved those pix...

There is a definete difference between sexy and slutty....yep! Sexy leaves something to the imagination...slutty leaves little.

Mar 16 @ 4:41PM  
i think that all my pics are slutty. but to some women it may b coe sexy. ??? i dont know whos right me or others?

Mar 16 @ 4:53PM  
Sexy to me is more of an attitude. Slutty to me is more apparent by the clothes you wear. If I see a slutty looking woman out I wonder what pimp or strip club let her out for the night or which corner should she be on....but then it could be Halloween somewhere in the world!

Mar 16 @ 5:01PM  
thanks should see them from behind

Mar 16 @ 5:04PM  
Sexy to me: Slightly revealing but leaves some to the imagination.

Slutty to me: So tight you can see everything.

It's amazing how these 2 words means so many different things to so many people on here. Good blog Kudo for you.

Mar 16 @ 5:13PM  
I've been told I have a nice tight ass.

Hrrm. *BRB going to click on Horse's pix*

Speaking of pix, you look quite fetching Knight. Quite fetching.

Mar 16 @ 7:00PM  
a woman can wear a business suit, blouse, heels and accessories and be admired and considered sexy in any environment...a woman dressed slutty is not usually acceptable in public has othing to do with jealousy or getting laid, it has to do with dignity and self respect...a woman can dress slutty in private, and not compromise her self respect...if men want to see ass hanging out in public, they can go to a strip club...there is a time and place for everything...

classy can be sexy...slutty cant ever be classy...

and you never know whats under the business suit...

Mar 16 @ 7:33PM  
Never overly sexy unless your in your own home.

Mar 16 @ 7:46PM  
To me, a woman wearing a long dress with a slit up one side that gives a hint of the lower part or her panties when walking or a quick peek of her panties just as she crosses her legs when she sits down, is quite sexy! A woman wearing a pleated skirt just below her panties, where you almost can't help but see her panties while walking or otherwise, is kinda trashy- doesn't mean I don't enjoy looking tho-

But then... what do I know?? I've always considered myself something of a male slut anyway!


Mar 17 @ 4:04AM  
The old definition of the difference between sexy and slutty.......

A sexy woman wants to sleep with you.
A slutty woman wants to sleep with everyone.

How that applies to clothing, I'm not sure. Maybe someone could model a few outfits and I could make a better assessment........

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Sexy vs Slutty...Is There A Difference?