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After a good fuck........ =)

posted 3/15/2009 12:36:47 AM |
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tagged: sex, horny, straddle

After a good fuck or making love before you head on out, are you likely to take a bath/shower to get the smell off, or do you just put on some clothes and head on out the door? As for me, it wouldn't bother me going out right after having sex without a bath/shower. Actually I find it a major turn on.

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Mar 15 @ 12:40AM  
Something tells me more women would probably bathe/shower after sex before heading on out in the general public than us guys would.

Mar 15 @ 12:59AM  
oh no i wouldn't want to wash that off.thats the best part of doing it in the car in the summer the next day you can still get a good whiff of that stank which is a good thing

Mar 15 @ 1:07AM  
and you sure don't want to brush your teeth afterwards so you can wake up with that vagina morning breath.

Mar 15 @ 1:08AM  
I would have to at least douch..

Mar 15 @ 1:10AM  
I would have to at least douch..
Awww...c'mon, no ya don't...

Mar 15 @ 1:23AM  
Unless I am staying another night, I head out.

Mar 15 @ 1:36AM  
I guess my question would be, where am I going and why?

If it's at night, chances are I'm going to sleep and a shower can wait until we get out of bed in the morning.
If it's morning, chances are that if I am getting out of the bed I have things to do and places to go, so I am definitely taking a shower..

you can wake up with that vagina morning breath.
I have no problem with me being on his breathe, but I hate morning breathe, so yeah we're both brusing our teeth at some point before there is any face to face contact or kissing in the morning..

Mar 15 @ 1:40AM  
hate morning breathe, so yeah we're both brusing our teeth at some point before there is any face to face contact or kissing in the morning
I agree with you on this one. Morning breath is a total turnoff!

Mar 15 @ 1:58AM  
i probly have to brush my teeth, i could go without a shower if thats what he wanted me to do :)

Mar 15 @ 2:03AM  
I shower monthly and expect my partner to do the same!!

Mar 15 @ 2:13AM  
you say monthly eww!

Mar 15 @ 2:25AM  
C'mere, Featherone... I will clean You up...down.....all around...!!!

Mar 15 @ 3:01AM  
there is something wicked about going around wondering if others can smell the glory of sex on me...

Mar 15 @ 7:31AM  
Past partners I was able to do so. However, with my husband- something about his semen, it just doesn't mix. His ejaculate will actually change the pH levels of my vagina and create this really funky smell. I had a gyno that was convinced I was allergic to it once, and I may be- all I know is, showering is a requirement! And sometimes that isn't even enough.

Mar 15 @ 7:45AM  
If I'm going to work, I shower. If not, then I don't.

It's kinda fun going out in public with JF (Just Fucked) hair and smell!

Mar 15 @ 9:51AM  
one of the bad thing about not taking a shower and cleaning up is when you go some place later on and you have to take a piss and the your cock starts acting like a damn sprinkler no control over it what so ever guess that would be a great time to vist somebody you hate

Mar 15 @ 9:55AM  
Maybe not a shower but what was called in the old days...a sink bath. That's when ya wash the things that need washed between showers. I just like 'things' squeaky clean.

Mar 15 @ 11:15AM  
The things I learn here....

I had no idea that men would enjoy the smell of sex the next day.....MEN....go figure....I am being very honest amaze me!

Mar 15 @ 11:33AM  
If i going to go somewhere. Definatly a shower.

Mar 15 @ 12:48PM  
gotta get it clean.........especially when I am leaving..........hate thinking others can smell sex on me..........jmho.......

Mar 15 @ 1:10PM  
I always wash.
Nothing looks more suspicious to the neighbors than a blood covered guy carrying trash bags or a rolled up carpet to the car.

Just really it was a joke. Dang it another SWAT visit appears imminent. I'll bake some banana bread for the guys.

Mar 15 @ 3:37PM  
I'm with Casual on this shower if I'm going to sleep, but in the morning, yeah.....although there have been times of afternoon sex and then I don't clean up...I like the feeling of just having had sex, wondering if anyone can tell, and are they walking around with the same thoughts?

Mar 15 @ 3:47PM  
Depends on how much time I have....sorta like having the scent to remind me of what happened earlier though..

Mar 15 @ 5:28PM  

When and if I do get the chance for sex. I like it to last for 24 hours non stop.
Therefore I shower every 24 hours. Twice a day when no sex is involved.

Mar 16 @ 9:59AM  
Depends on what I am doing and where I am going, but I normally clean up some.

Dec 14 @ 11:20PM  
I go out without a shower. I love the smell, the hormones are still raging, the pheromones are all over. Hot! The smell of sex just goves me confidence for the rest of the day lol. Weird? lol nah....

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After a good fuck........ =)