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Crazy Dating Stories

posted 3/14/2009 11:42:21 AM |
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As I was surfing the net this morning I found a place that had some stories of funny/crazy/embarrassing dates. These were a few of them.

This actually happened to a friend of mine. He was on a date, and while they were waiting for the food to be served, he had to go to the bathroom…. When he was done he forgot to close his zipper…. He came back to the table and she didn’t realize anything. As they were sitting by the table and talking, suddenly he realized that his zipper was wide open! With the table cloth covering him he carefully closed his zipper without her noticing. When they got up to leave, he took the whole table cloth with him.
Jeff, Cleveland

Hi my name is Sarah from LA – on my first date I was with this guy who didn’t want to eat anything. All we did was walk around the mall for what seem like forever – I was SO hungry! Finally after about three hours I said to him – aren’t you hungry? He goes – “I sure am, follow me! So there I was getting all excited. We started heading out of the mall – I didn’t ask any questions, I was thinking, maybe he’s taking me to some special restaurant… We get to his car, he opens the trunk and pulls out tuna sandwiches! He said, “Oh I figured that this would be cheaper then going to a restaurant.”

I found this one hysterical, although I am glad it wasn't me there:

The worst is when you are on a date and the guy has a terrible stomach ache and jumps into the first bush he finds right near the parking lot, and he starts yelling “ Sarah – could you go get me a newspaper or some toilet paper “
Sarah, NJ

We were sitting in a restaurant by the beach. The sun was slowly setting and the conversation was flowing and everything was going great. Then for those of you who have been on dates know that sometimes on the first date there are moments of awkward silence. In the worst cases it lasts for about 2-4 minutes until someone breaks the ice, or until the guys asks the question “would you like desert? “…. Well here the silence was killing me… I could not think of anything to talk about and he was focusing on the sunset as a cover up for this awkward silence. Suddenly he says “ok I know what!” - And then he pulls out his flute from his bag and starts playing! Forget about the fact that he was just a beginner – but the whole place was staring at us and I could not get him to shut up! I said to him at some point “dude I think you should take dancing.” – that was our first and last date.
Rachel, LA

To find a few more stories Click here

So my question is what is the most crazy/boring/embarrassing/funny date you have ever had?

For me, I was once on a date with someone that a friend had set me up on and as we were at the restaurant, a little girl about 5 years old came up to the table and told him that mommy was waiting in the parking lot and wanted him to come home. That was the last time I ever allowed anyone to fix me up, although they did deny knowing he was married.

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Mar 14 @ 12:22PM  
a little girl about 5 years old came up to the table and told him that mommy was waiting in the parking lot and wanted him to come home. That was the last time I ever allowed anyone to fix me up, although they did deny knowing he was married
Was mommy waiting for him to take her for the weekend? Just askin... ?
I have never had a date like all those... TG!!!
Though, my last date sucked shit!!!
But, I wont get into all that !!!!

Mar 14 @ 12:48PM  
Though, my last date sucked shit!!!

Yeah?.....Can I have her number?

Kewl blog FK

Mar 14 @ 1:13PM  
OMG, those were too funny.


Mar 14 @ 6:43PM  
Ok, so my partner and I are swingers. About 6 months ago we spent the weekend up in Fremont, about 2 1/2 hours north of us, and met some interesting people we both liked- she met this guy who was into her, and I met this girl. Neither of us scored, but the attraction was there, and they made plans to carpool down to Columbus a couple weeks later for a weekend here. So we all had lunch together, went around town seeing the sights, and then paired off- They stayed at our place, I took mine over to a party at a friends' house to hang out for a while and flirt a bit more.

After we left, they watched a movie, and after the movie, started making out really heavily. They got undressed in the living room. She starts teasing him. Turns out he's a little bit, *ahem* over-excitable. Not just a premature ejaculator- he also lost control of his bowels, releasing them on our carpet. Our thick, fuzzy, brown carpet. They spent an hour cleaning it up and by the time I got back, I still saw a lot that they had missed and set her back to work on it. Needless to say, she was no longer in the mood and it did not happen.

We take off to this party with a 12-pack of beer to share. Last time we had met, we were bonding over a bottle of strong rum. She had been flirting with me rather shamelessly that night, and this night was no different. We're pulling up to the party, engrossed in a conversation about swinging and she's rather fascinated by it. She had never been in an open relationship before. Later on, at the party, we were alone again, talking in the back yard. We had a lot in common- both studying theatre, both liked a lot of the same music, etc. The subject eventually drifts back to relationships. Turns out she hasn't really been in a serious, long-term relationship before. We keep talking. Turns out she hasn't been in any kind of romantic relationship before. We keep talking. Turns out she's a virgin. We keep talking. Turns out she's saving sex for marriage. And she's not 14, either. She's twenty-three years old. Probably the only 23 year old who still believes in saving sex for marriage who wasn't already married by the time they were 23. She still talks to me online sometimes. I don't have the heart to say, "I just wanted some casual sex with you, I don't actually want to be your friend." Consider it my good deed to take with me to the Pearly Gates.

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Crazy Dating Stories