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Eating PUSSY! =)

posted 3/14/2009 1:21:06 AM |
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tagged: pussy, oral sex, straddle, clit

Guys, lets share some of our best techniques in how we like to suck on a pussy for the ladies on here. When you suck and eat the juices from her pussy, do you swallow a little bit at a time, or do you let all that pussy juice build up in your mouth before swallowing it all, or are you the type that won't swallow? I have tried both ways as far as letting it build up in my mouth, and the other being eating her slowly while swallowing here and there. My favorite of course would be to eat her slowly while pressing my tongue up against her clit while making her cum hard in my mouth. What was it like the first time you actually ate a girl out? Did you actually get her to cum while performing oral on her?

Ladies, tell us how you love for your pussy to be eaten. Don't leave anything out!

Also, ladies, If your lover didn't swallow any of your juices, would you be upset? Do you expect him to swallow?

Ladies, feel free to add anything else to this topic as I expect the guys to.

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Mar 14 @ 1:50AM  
Hell...I don't care what you call long as you call for it! Now I am horny...where the fuck...well never mind...I am going to go fuck Big Pink...he knows it all!

Mar 14 @ 1:52AM  
Now I am horny
Join the club!

Btw, you two never really answered any of my questions.

Mar 14 @ 2:01AM  
i am not answering anything right now...I am recharging batteries...and gettting ready for a fun fest! Maybe I will be up for questioning tomorrow...but right now...Hi and Bye!

Mar 14 @ 2:09AM  
Ahhhh....I feel much better...

Mar 14 @ 2:18AM  
Just tongue fuck me and shut the fuck up! HA!...sorry...late night at my new job...and I feel a bit hurried!

Mar 14 @ 10:23AM  
Hate the word cunt ......but I am taking notes guys..................

Mar 14 @ 10:50AM  
For myself I just enjoy having the woman sit on my face while rubbing her pussy around my lips as I tongue fuck her and lick her clit. As for all the juice I just let it flow and have never really let it build up.

As the River Flows and down it goes >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Mar 14 @ 1:05PM  
I don't guve a fuck what you do, just eat it!

Mar 14 @ 1:07PM  
I know some people who say this in referrence to pussy juices for slang.
I've never heard that word being used in that manner.
I've always just heard juices, cum, wetness or something like that.
Another thought is if pussy and cunt are one in the same, then why do most women hate the word cunt and not pussy?
To me, I'm not answering for anyone else, it just sounds offensive, vulgar, crude, repulsive and nasty.
It's a word many people use as a slang insult at the lowest level towards someone.

Mar 14 @ 1:14PM  
My favorite method of eating pussy is to take a peppermint and pop it into my mouth just before I go down on her. After she is good and wet, I like to slip the peppermint into her cunt and leave it a while, then dig it out with my tongue and continue eating both the pussy and the mint.

Mar 14 @ 1:29PM  
I re-edited my blog and took out the word c**t in it. Again, I apologize for the use of it. I certainly didn't want people to feel offended by the use of the word in this blog, and for the word to overshadow the whole blog.

Mar 14 @ 1:44PM  
My intention for using the word cunt wasn't meant to degrade and insult anyone.
As much as I hate the word...and I think I got that point across.. lol.... I didn't think you meant to use it as an insult or to be degrading to anyone.

You used it in a manner that you knew and when others had different definitions to the word you pretty much said can someone explain why... with what seemed like an honest curiosity.

Mar 14 @ 1:50PM  
Thanks, Treas!

Mar 14 @ 4:23PM  
i just love eating it any way i fact i think it should be a law that a man has to do that or face 6 to 9 months over it.what guy in his right mind wouldn't want to taste that special juice coming from a woman

Mar 14 @ 5:34PM  
I don't guve a fuck what you do, just eat it!

I don't care if he swallows or not, as long as he hits my clit & I have an orgasm, that's about it.

Mar 14 @ 7:52PM  
I don't care for the word pussy either....but I use it more than cunt........that one guy called me a cunt....what a fuckin loser..!!!.....eew!!.........anyhoo..... ......I call mine glorious hunnypot...... ..............she is......

Mar 16 @ 8:59AM  
cunt is a nasty word guys call ladies..never heard it used the other way but plenty of times on other sites as a nasty,rude way of referring to women...i personally hate that word! but as far as men eating my pussy...hell yea! i'm there! *wink*

Mar 16 @ 9:36AM  
?? never heard cunt used that way. Try not to ever use it since it seems most ladies find it offensive.

Back to the question... Swallow, don't swallow, whatever happens it doesn't matter to me as long as she is happy

Mar 28 @ 12:07PM  
dayum 6969 are my hero!!!!

Apr 1 @ 6:09PM  
Um people really do this .... If she is going to be a gusher I try to take it all in

Apr 6 @ 8:19PM  
I like to do as much as I can to stimulate at one time. I'll usually start out just licking around the lips and teasing, then I'll lightly lick up and down her lips. I'll then part her lips slowly with my tongue and go as deep as I can while rubbing her clit. I'll then stick a finger in her pussy while I lick her clit. I'll massage her G-spot while tonguing her clit. If she likes anal play I'll slip another finger in her pussy and one massaging her ass until I can easily slide it in. While massaging her G-spot, fingering her ass and licking her clit my other hand will find a nipple and play with it. This brings sensations throughout her body until she cums.

Apr 7 @ 10:05AM  
How about I call it "The Love box where the sweet nector flows over my tongue." Whould that be ok??

Apr 20 @ 1:08PM  
flicking the tongue is always a great move, while clit sucking, and "tongue insertion" are liked too. the few times ive done oral, i made her wake the neighbors lol, so i must be pretty good at it lol. its about talking though, if she likes something, she better say something, ill keep it up all day lol. use your hands too while your down there. i talk like a pro when im really not, this is just my experience, how little it is lol.

Apr 23 @ 2:01PM  
My ex husband who has been on here using several different ids but all the same ammo=true southern gentleman/will bring you coffee in bed etc and a hopeless romantic(yeah,right!)THINKS he can eat pussy better than any guy on here.Well,IF,you're almost 66 like him and can GUM it=false teeth aside,maybe,but,the WORST i have had was better than him.Ladies beware of OLDER guys sounding TOO good to be TRUE,because,in my situation with Mr Baton rouge,la=it was.He lies about EVERYTHING=his age included.

Apr 23 @ 9:11PM  
love pussy and the flavor is great

Apr 28 @ 1:08PM  
now I love to eat a sweet tasting yummy pusssy and often as I can yum lol Im single too ladies lol

May 7 @ 8:44PM  
I love pussy juice,i will swallow it all,,i will suck a clit until it explodes all in my mouth,,,give it to me

May 8 @ 2:47PM  
The first time I ate a woman out, I honestly didn't expect that much juice, but I swallowed a lil at a least til she squirted, got to love squirters, they soak your face and let you lick off what you can. Some even push their panties in your mouth if you make them keep em on during the whole ordeal, make you suck the juices from them. I don't mind at all. Try slipping your tongue inside the pussy and rolling it around slightly, just before you bring it up towards their clitoris, rubbing the top pussy wall, drives em crazy, specially with a tongue ring. Afterwards, let your tongue dart in and out before wrapping your lips around their pussy lips and sucking on them, allowing the juices to rush into your mouth and swallowing while still having your lips suctioned to her.

May 22 @ 2:13PM  
HIM!!!!!!!!! I think i'm in love CUM BACK!

May 30 @ 6:28PM  
I love the wonderful flavor of pussy juice. I love to lick my girlfriend clitoris and suck up the juices. Hate to waste it... She really gets so wet that she asks me if I want to lay down a towel on the bed...and I say no, I don't mind if pussy juice gets on my bed. I love to suck the wet hard clitoris up into my mouth and massage it with my tongue. I like to put my forefinger in her butthole and my thumb in her pussy and then rub my forefinger and tumb together on the inside of her. She never compains and she really loves it. It really does make the juices run out of her pussy. I have never had to beg for a woman for permission to insert a finger or my dick in her ass hole. A woman wants to be sucked on as bad as a man. And they like their juices sucked up just like a man likes his juice sucked in and swallow by her. Isn't it one sided in a relationship to expect your woman to swallow your load, and then you won't swallow her load? I want my woman to orgasm in my mouth, because I cum in her mouth. She and I love that joint decision. My woman's juices doesn't have much of a taste, it is just slippery. But I have eaten my past wives out and it had a slight smell and taste like Tuna Fish. And I love Tuna Fish!!!

May 31 @ 8:52AM  
One of my favorite pastimes!! The next best thing to breathing I always say!!!

Anyway to make a point, I have yet to meet a woman that does not like to have a tounge between her thighs. Each and every woman is a little different, and what works for one may not work for another. That is where you have to have patience, exploring ability, imagination, and most of all a well trained tongue that can last without getting tired.

The aroma of a wet pussy is enough to keep me going for a very long time and I just love being turned on by a woman that loves receiving the attention that way.

May 31 @ 11:38AM  
Going down is all good on a woman but how of you guys have tried mixing things up,like fingering her g-spot while your eating her out or hitting,licking or sucking her clit while you use a vibrator on her.

Jun 9 @ 11:20PM  
I love eating girls out. I will swallow reguardless of how wet their pussy is. I also love when a girl swallows my cum.

Jul 17 @ 7:35PM  
I just go wile like an animal basically a lion with a piece of meat grggrr

Jul 21 @ 3:38PM  
the difference between like and love is swollow and spit

Aug 1 @ 2:59AM  
I too just enjoy having the woman sit on my face while rubbing her pussy around my lips as I tongue fuck her and lick her clit.

But my most favorite is doing 69, when I grab her by the waist, forcefully thrust my tongue into her pussy, and keep licking and rolling my tongue until my tongue touches the spongy part inside her that has a slightly sour taste, and then I do vigorous licking until she has an O, then stop for few seconds and continue again, and then again...round after round until she collapses over me.

Pussyeating is my obsession and addiction.

Aug 1 @ 3:08AM  
As a dedicated pussyeater, I gulp every drop of pussy juice of a girlfriend or long term fuckbuddy; but when it is an one-night stand or a purely casual encounter, I do not swallow any pussy juice. With long term fuckbuddies, I love to swallow every drop; sometimes when she is really flowing, I insert a few fingers in her pussy and just suck them off.

Aug 9 @ 5:22PM  
You know Guy's , even saying the word "Cunt" around most women . That like a women calling a guy an asshole . Its a sure bet that she's not going to let you smell her pussy, let alone taste it ever again.

Aug 21 @ 2:17PM  
The best Advice i got for you is breath through your mouth.
And you better drink that shit dude dont spit it out its nothing like dude jizz and it rly dont have any sort of taste.

Sep 3 @ 11:23AM  
The real lesson to learn is taking your time and enjoy every part. The smell, the feel the warmth of a women and the fact that she has allowed you to get that close to her is enough to give me a *&^%$#$ Ok back to some eating I have found that if you can locate that Gspot thing when you pull your finger out lightly rubbing the g spot lick upwards to the clit. It will drive them crazy.
As far as the juice thing never paid that much attention to it, was more wanting to connect with the rhythm of the women and her reactions to what I was doing.

Sep 18 @ 7:26PM  
swallowing or not is hardly the issue here...

men are ready to go when they catch a glimpse of a bare tit and the time we see bush, they're already in 3rd gear...

women on the other hand, unless they are into the 6th week of a dry spell, take much longer to catch up with us...

so while getting them off can be relatively routine, getting them off in a way that rocks their world takes a bit more attention...

i've written elsewhere about how important teasing is...and teasing is bad unless ur intent is to eventually please ur lover...

with that understanding in place, tease the shit out of her...make her beg for that O that awaiting just out of sight for her...

don't be mean...when she's there, make it happen...well, at least over the next minute or so...

they will absolutely hate u and curse u for postponing it...and when they finally reach their delight, u will own her...but do so only in the sweetest possible way...

in the same way, let her return the favor to u...let her own u...

this is about two people merging as one...even if just for the evening...women know that better than most men learn to play the game of deep sexual connection with them or else play it alone...

Sep 20 @ 4:57PM  
i just love a tongue flicking over my clit, i dont mind if a guy swallows or not but i dont like to sleep in the wet patch haha!
as long as there is an orgasm at the end of it im happy!!

Sep 21 @ 6:48PM  
My first experience was with an older female. I was 16 and she was 25+. I was induced to lick pussy. The pleasure she got in teaching me to sex her up has held be in good stead. I lick up the juice and also love it when she my present girl friend (older than I) squeezes the juice in to my mouth (woman on top) and sucking all the juices. wow...sometimes just lapping it up and see her groan is awesome...hey i get horny writing about it..

Sep 22 @ 4:51PM  
Cant Understand Normal Thinking...

Oct 3 @ 2:58PM  
This is without a doubt my favorite form of sex in which a woman cums. I have had several women orgasm from clitorial tonguing.

It's just the best, and their juices are truly, literally addicting nectar.

Oct 12 @ 11:27AM  
if there is anything better than kissing, licking and sucking pussy i haven't found it yet

i love to do all of the above pluse put a finger in one at a time....
till i have three in her dripping wet pussy.....i move each finger in different directions at the same time while licking and sucking her clit....usually hitting the G-SPOT...and when that pussy cumes i will dring every drop....lick it all and then kiss her DEEP and HARD so she can taste how sweet she is......

ANY TAKERS????????????

Oct 17 @ 9:29AM  
this sounds like a pretty exciting topic ... i didn't eat pussy in the beginning ... but once I was having sex with a sweet east asian girl ... she was v small height thin and obviously light weight .... whilst i was kissing her all over her pink appeared quite cute to me .. i kissed her there .. she loved it and I also liked it .. sort of .. but seeing that she's loving it and i kissed more and more and also started licking her clit .. i was sitting in front of her and she was pushing onto me .. pushing me back and back and after few moments, i was on my back and she was sitting on my face and my tongue deep inside her .... she really screamed the hell out and my jaws did hurt and bit .. but i never stopped eversince ... meeting another cutie chick today and she is also keen to sit on ... mmmm .. looking forward to it ..

Oct 24 @ 9:12PM  
I love sucking on dem meat curtains then givin the ole baloon knot a twitch or two. Drives em wild :)

Oct 24 @ 9:50PM  
Facesitting. Facesitting. Facesitting. Facesitting. I dont think he has to have a specific way, as long as he keeps the tongue on the button and wicks away his saliva with his mouth...

I hate voluntary celibacy.

Nov 10 @ 1:01PM  
I love it when a squirter tries to drown me.... Ex gf loved for me to down on her as has every woman before and since her. I taste, swallow, try to drown myself. There is nothing wrong with swallowing or spitting it out for that matter....I got a mouthful of her succulent juices and spit it hard back at her clit. It went everywhere and she loved it that much more and came that much harder....

Nov 10 @ 4:09PM  
Well...warming lube works wonders....especially if you have a woman that likes her anal opening teased...because then , while she straddles your face, you can do your thing with your tongue on the clit, run a finger up inside and do half circles on the G spot, and reach around and gently rub the anal opening all at the same time...for the most part it lets a steady trickle of that sticky gooes stuff to flow, and then, if you slack off and then start again several times, helps her build up tension in her ....nether regions, and ..even if she doesnt have strong pelvic muscles, it can increase the possibility of her squirting. Even without kegels.

Dec 5 @ 4:22PM  
WTF..... where exactly do all these men live that love to lick pussy? Its been a while since mine's been treated properly.... so any of you in Spokane washington?

Dec 9 @ 10:26PM  
Hi I love to lick and suck a woman I take a long time to actually get to the clit. ilike to kiss the outside of the lips all up and dow both sides then kiss and lick her outer lips and then the inner lips then into the tunnle then up to that little target
and try to lick it right off her body Idont think about swallowing, I just do it. sqirters are a treat you dont often get in your mouth. But I know its not pee ladies.

Dec 10 @ 1:35AM  

Dec 17 @ 3:16AM  
My favorite thing to do is eat pussy and swallow the juices. my past g/f's and my ex-wife all had sweet tasting pussys and I loved swallowing all that I could. Fingering while tonging the clit has always been a sure fire success. I ate one of my exes out for 1 1/2 hours. Lost count at 17 O's then she pushed me onto the bed and rode me like I've never been ridden before or since . Guys, if you want to get, you've got to give. It's only fair!

Dec 17 @ 6:14PM  
y0 sup this is what I want I havent done this before But I want to I want meet a girl on here to let me eat her pussy!!!. I want to try it plz?!.

Dec 23 @ 6:18AM  
oh wow love it can spend hrs there


Dec 23 @ 10:15PM  
This is my favourite of all.Luv to eat pussy. My first sexual act was with an older lady my neighbour who asked me to eat her pussy. Was apprensive but found the juice kind of sweet and her pussy smelled of nice sandalwood soap. It took awhile for me get used to it. She was leaning against the table with one leg on a chair. She squeezed her pussy so that the juice dripped in to my mouth. Love it.
Hmmm..horny now..

Jan 8 @ 11:05PM  
Hey, when did StraddleMyNose find a recent picture? Man, it's been ages...

Jan 9 @ 9:20AM  
I have to agree with the "Tell us what you want."

It's not loviing to eat pussy, it's loving the results you get.

Coaching is always helpfull. If a guy doesn't like it, then he's not trying to pleasure you like he should be.

Jan 9 @ 9:21AM  
I have to agree with the "Tell us what you want."

It's not loviing to eat pussy, it's loving the results you get.

Coaching is always helpfull. If a guy doesn't like it, then he's not trying to pleasure you like he should be.

Not that it's not a lotof fun.

Jan 11 @ 6:19AM  
Spit or swallow its all up to what you like to take

Jan 11 @ 7:21AM  
gotta admit .this blog will never die...soooo what the fuck right

how to eat pussy?

well its great with morning coffee...espcially if you wake her up that way...and then theres...............well hell there's more ideas then i can type....yano i gotta work too ...but...well.....yano

Jan 25 @ 2:10PM  
why is this blog on so long.if a person dont know by now if thay will eat pussy thay never will or thay are stupid


Feb 5 @ 11:27PM  
My technique varies depending on the individual woman. The key is to pay attention to the subtle signals and zoom in on the spot and tongue-stroke that gets the best reaction. I swallow, but usually not all of it. The way I figure, I ain't done 'til my face looks like a glazed doughnut! 'Nuff said.

Feb 6 @ 3:59AM  
i love my girl but she trhinks it would be odd.. ladies how do i get her to let me eatt her out

Feb 6 @ 7:10PM  
Eating pussy? OMG That'd be..... CANNIBALISM!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 11 @ 7:34PM  
i usually swallow the pussy juice the entire time while i am eating her pussy.i really like to use the tip of my tongue on her clit while sticking my finger in and out of her pussy at the same time.i enjoy eating pussy for long periods of time.

Feb 16 @ 10:42AM  
What i do is slide my hands from the inside of her knees slowly down to her mons. As I draw closer into her i part her lips with each of my thumbs. I hold it open just long enough for the air to cool her right before my warm breath touches her. Then I dip my toung into her making a path to her clit. As I find her ball of joy I surround it with my lip and suck it while rubbing my toung over it from side to side. Then my toung dashes out and licks betweem her lips again only to draw back pulling on her clit again. I continue this process for a short while after which I stick my toung deep into her slippery hole and suck on the hole upper part of her pussy clit and gspot. After this it`s a not really scripted I play in her with my toung and lips, sucking and licking till she cums.

Feb 18 @ 1:29PM  
No greater taste or feeling than to have her juices running down my face & throat and getting her to squirm, scream & beg for more inside motion. I love eating pussy and have yet to find an un-tasty pussy. Bring em on! Ready to eat all you gals...Start lining up.

Mar 4 @ 11:51PM  
I love pussy valley fun.

Mar 5 @ 12:04AM  
Eating PUSSY! =) I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Mar 10 @ 3:17PM  
I like to have Her Ride my Cock on top then after I Cumm inside Her, she immediately pulls her Pussy from my Cock and sits right on my Face ! I eat her cum and mine I guess. She LOVES me doing that! Ever try it?

Mar 10 @ 4:32PM  
I lov eating pussy and sucking on a woman's clit. I like for her to cum while I eat her out. It tastes and smells so good.

Mar 11 @ 12:13PM  
Damn straight I swallow. But I never really paid attention to whether I let it build up or not. I guess I just guzzle it down as it oozes out.

My tongue lost it's virginity long before I had. I've eaten many girls out many times before I first got laid. I was always pretty shy and pretty bad at picking up on a girl's hints. I would easily find my face between a woman's legs, but for fear of rejection, I always expected loud, clear and obvious cues before advancing any further. Did the women cum? I don't know, but probably not. I wasn't very talented back then. But the women never complained and I was often invited back.

I was very fortunate to have a slightly older bi-sexual lover in college. She referred to me as her project and taught me how to properly eat pussy. She taught me the Three A's to eating pussy. She has forever changed my life! Whenever I meet a woman I don't think about what it would be like to bang her, rather I think about what it would be like to eat her out. I absolutely love eating women out, I'm addicted to eating pussy and I can't feel fully satisfied from any sexual experience unless she's fucked my mouth.

In my car I keep two bags just for the occasion. The first bag is basically a shaving kit. It contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, razor, shaving cream, Nair, nail clipper and an emory board. The second bag is my arousal kit. It contains tea candles, massage oils, essential oils, nail polish remover, nail clipper, cuticle stick, emory boards, exfoliating foot scrub, moisturizing creams, base polish, various colors of nail polish, and two dice.

There are a few grooming things I like to do before eating pussy. I suppose it may seem like I'm a little obsessive compulsive, but remember it's all about her...her experience and her enjoyment. Anything I can do to enhance her experience is more than worth it.

1) I prefer that she and I are both clean and recently showered. Not that I don't like a sweaty athletic girl, I love a woman straight from the gym (extra yummy)! But if she's not recently showered enough for my comfort, I'll suggest nice a romantic shower together. I'll caress and pamper her as I bathe and scrub her clean. I'll be sure to wash her ass too, if she's clean my tongue does tend to get a little more adventurous. And she'll be sure to wash the parts on me that she's concerned with.

If I haven’t showered I will at least wash my face and hands. I'm there to eat her out, not share everything that I’ve come in contact with that day.

2) After my hot shower I make sure I have a nice close shave. No stubble allowed! Some women enjoy the feel of a full grown mustache or beard between their legs, but stubble hurts. If there's no time for a proper shave, I'll use the Nair which I keep in my bag. Her enjoyment is very very very important to me and I don't want irritating stubble burn to ruin her experience. If your face is as smooth as glass, she'll never get tired of using it as her personal slip 'n' slide.

3) I Brush, floss and rinse with mouthwash. It’s not just because I'm concerned with the smell of my breath. I’m more concerned with tiny food particles and bacteria residing in my mouth. Believe it or not there's more bacteria in your mouth than a woman has in her vagina, (assuming she’s healthy and practices good hygiene). I don't want to introduce harmful bacteria or residual food particles to her urethra or vagina. This is particularly important for instance after munching on something like chicken wings during happy hour. I want to help keep her pussy clean and healthy so that I can enjoy eating her out again and again and again.

4) I Trim my fingernails and smooth any rough areas on my fingernails, fingers and hands with a fine emory board. Eating pussy isn’t all tongue play, the hands and fingers are part of the action too.

Back to the fundamentals. Over the years I've practiced, improved my skills and have added several more A's to the Three A's. But to keep it simple, I'll just limit it to six A's.

1) Attitude:
It's not a job, nor a chore nor a responsibility. You don't do it because you expect reciprocation or feel that you owe her reciprocation. You do it because you love it and you love it because she loves it. If you're not enthusiastic and passionate about it, she'll sense that you're not truly into it. Your pleasure comes from experiencing the passion and pleasure she expresses as she receives your tongue. Your desire is to unselfishly pleasure her to the best of your ability. It's all about her...her experience, her enjoyment and nothing else in the world matters. The only thing you should expect in return must be earned...your reward for your performance is when she feeds you a mouthful of her divine nectar.

2) Arousal:
Too many men just dive in like a starving animal. That may sometimes work for some women. A woman needs to be mentally and physically aroused before sexual stimulation. I believe this is even more true before eating her out.

Eating her pussy is not foreplay, rather it should be preceded by foreplay. It’s never too early to begin foreplay. In the morning when getting ready for work you can whisper into her ear all the naughty things you want to do for her later that evening. A few suggestive text messages throughout the day will keep her thinking about it and will have her feeling beautiful and desired.

Later that evening do something romantic to continue her arousal, such as prepare a candle lit dinner, sit in front of the fireplace and read her favorite poetry, give her a full body massage or a luxurious manicure and/or pedicure. Remind her how you can’t wait to attend to all of her needs and desires.

You should "Invest" at least 30 to 60 minutes savoring the taste, scent, and feel of her entire body, from her fingertips to her lips and from her nose to her toes...licking, sucking and tasting every inch of her flesh. She has more erogenous zones up and down her body than most men realize. Your dessert needs to marinate for awhile, the longer the better.

If she is not “Ready,” that is, mentally, emotionally and physically aroused, then it's possible to over stimulate her, which will ruin her experience. Most men are unaware that women have more nerve endings in their tiny little clit than he does in the entire shaft of his penis. She’s also got an abundance of nerve endings within the opening of her vagina and at her g-spot. If you begin stimulating he

Mar 11 @ 12:17PM  
It looks like my post got's the rest.

If you begin stimulating her clit, g-spot or even her vaginal canal before she's ready, then she may only be able to cum in your mouth once, if at all. Or she may find the experience unpleasant and uncomfortable or even painful.

I personally like leaving her panties on while I arouse, tantalize and worship her body. I think the barrier enhances her anticipation. And I love sucking her juice right through the fabric of her panties as it oozes out of her. To test her readiness, I'll pull her panties aside, slowly drive my tongue deep deep inside her and take a long slow gentle lick up to her clit. If my tongue wasn’t swimming in an ocean of her love juice, then she’s not ready yet. If her clit isn’t swollen, then she’s not ready yet. If she’s not begging for more, then she’s not ready yet. But if she grabs me by the hair, holds my face buried in her pussy and begs me not to stop, then she’s probably ready.

When she's ready, I'll tear her panties apart at the crotch. Or sometimes I'll just make a tiny little hole and let her make the opening bigger and bigger; this way I can get her fingers in on the fun and encourage her to masturbate then she can feed me her sweet sticky fingers.

3) Attention (Giving Attention and Paying Attention):
You have got to give her all your attention. There's more to her than her pussy and there's more to you than your tongue. She (her whole body) also needs the attention of your hands, eyes, words and sounds. Put a lot of passion into eating her out.

Different women respond differently to various stimuli and they respond differently during different times of the month. So you need to pay attention to how she reacts to various stimuli and adjust your technique accordingly.

4) Ask:
The word "Communication" would better describe this part, but the word "Ask" better fits the mnemonic aid we're using.

Most men fear that if he asks a woman for guidance, it's an indication the he doesn't know what he's doing. On the contrary, if he's doing all the other A's correctly, then he's already demonstrated that he knows what he's doing and she'll be more than satisfied. I'm not suggesting an inquisition here. When your lips are pressed against her flesh...when your taking a breath of air, mumble an erotic question.

There should be continual communication at all times. I don’t mean constant talking, she'll think you never shut up. I mean using nonverbal communication as well. Communication works in conjunction with attention as described above. Your eyes, hands, words, sounds and movements communicate how desirable she is and express how passionately you enjoy servicing her. Her eyes, hands, words, sounds and movements communicate her pleasure, likes and dislikes. Pay attention to them.

5) Again:
Like most men I'm only good for a few rounds. Whereas women can generally experience many more orgasms than men. My philosophy is: she should be serviced first, last and several times in between. No double standards allowed! You're turned on when she tastes herself. Right? Well sometimes you're gonna have to taste yourself. Get over it! When you're servicing a woman, it's all about attending to her desires.

6) ???????
The Sixth A is pretty powerful and I'm not about to share my most mind blowing trick with the world. Lady readers, there's only one way for you to find out.

There are a few games I like playing with women. I love giving women manicures and pedicures and then just before going down on her, while her nails a still wet, I'll tell her that she must to stay still to avoid smearing her nail polish. I also like playing a dice game with women. I have her roll two dice and tell her the number that comes up is the number of times that she must cum in my mouth. I love the sad look on her face when she rolls a two. No worries, she's allowed to have many more orgasms. Besides, the only ones that count toward the game are the ones that see feeds me.

Mmmmm...that was fun to write. Now I need something sweet to eat.

Mar 12 @ 12:21AM  
I like a chin shower!!!!!

Mar 8 @ 3:07AM  
haha well ummm never been eat b4 and ima v but i would love to be eat and not b a v and im hella tight

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