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An erotic story i wrote just wanted to see what the community though of it.

posted 3/13/2009 10:51:32 PM |
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The night was cool and damp as it lay upon her porcelain figure her lips where a deep red and her sharp teeth stood out in the dark of the night. As she walked along the dimly lit street she felt the cool breeze play across her bare face and neck caressing her gently as a lover's hands would play across her skin. The sound of loud and anarchistic drew her in from the night towards a small back door tucked in an alley.

She opened the door and was greeted by the sweet pungent aroma of cigarette smoke and cheep beer. The Antagonistic clothing and colors matched superbly with her short plaid skirt tight band tee that showed all of her curves and left little to the imagination. Fer flat soled converse high top shoes matched her deep green eyes, and the red satin thong she wasn't wearing matched her long red hair.

She walked past the bar and out onto the had concrete floor where she pressed through the mass of writhing flowing bodies. She watched with the keen eyes of a huntress, sliding through the mass of dancing people as easily as the wind through the trees. There close to the stage there he was, six foot tall thinly built with a bright green mo hawk that was the man she wanted. She stepped up to him his six foot frame towering over her by six inches. She smiled up at him her blood red lips calling to him. She placed her hand on his cheek feeling the warmth of his flesh flow into her. She felt a dampness begin to gather within her.

Her hand coursed up his chin drawing his face to hers, their lips touching in a moment of blind passion. As they kissed, tongues dancing, desire began to course through their veins bringing them closer together. His hands found their way to her face and coursed back through her hair tugging gently. He pulled her head back and began to kiss and caress her neck with his tongue. A soft sigh, to soft to be heard through the music that played loudly around them, escaped her lips. He felt the small burst of Ecstasy as she breathed against his neck. moving his hands he followed the curve of her back stopping for a moment in the small of her back to draw her even closer to him.

As he pulled her closer she could feel his pulsing sex held tightly by their faded denim prison. The dampness that had begun to rise with her swelled. Again his hand began its journey south ward and with large strong hands he gripped tight ass through the thin veil of fabric, his cock twitching in anticipation.

Slowly they released each other and made their way to the back door, as soon as they had exited the building she turned to him pulling his mouth once more to hers she thrust him against the wall. Their lips never parting his hands began their journey anew, again he gripped her buttocks through the fabric of her skirt, skillfully he moved on hand up to her pert breasts and cupping them with one hand he gently rolled the hardened nipple causing her to moan into his mouth.

While his hands teased her her hands began their own work in this tawdry dance. She slid her hands up his tight abdomen feeling the finely articulated muscles. Her hands slid slyly down till they found th buttons to his jeans. In response he moved his hand under her skirt and dug his strong fingers into the supple naked skin there. The dampness that she had held within her sex suddenly exploded, frantically she worked at the buttons of his pants falling to her knees she took him into her mouth coaxing him to stand straight and true she heard the pleasure in his moans and felt it in his legs. Not wanting him to release just yet she stood again and guided his hands to her flower where they proceeded to play music that would have made Chopin blush. She gripped him tight as his fingers played lightly over her lips and found that spot that made her utter a sharp cry of pleasure. Knowing the time was right she reached between them and gripped him by the shaft. Slowly she guided him into her and watched as his eyes widened with pleasure as her tight spaces enveloped him. She sighed as he filled her completely.

With a guttural grunt he was inside her. Thrusting to the rhythm of his own heart beat her cries of pleasure urging him to greater feats of lust. The course brick wall biting into her soft back in that pleasantly painful way. Her finger nails dug into his back drawing the slightest amount of blood as the tension built within her body, she could feel the pleasure building like a tsunami. As the pleasure mounted in her she could feel him ready to spill inside her the seeds of life that could never be.

As the waves of pleasure grew she suddenly bit into his neck her sharp teeth puncturing the soft tissue of his artery and spilling the warm blood down into her waiting throat and over her perfect lips. At the same time she felt him climax within her spilling his seed deep inside her her own climax pulling at him coaxing moe of him out as he began to fade.

AS the last of his life began to slip from him and his body began to go limp she gently tucked him back into his pants buttoning him up. She smiled as she looked at him her perfect man she turned his head displaying his magnificent plumage like the most lurid peacock looking for a mate. He lay dead in an alley with the light ocean mist falling on his face and a smile on his lips.

She walked away into the night smiling.

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An erotic story i wrote just wanted to see what the community though of it.
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An erotic story i wrote just wanted to see what the community though of it.