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Do yall Ladies Keep ...

posted 3/12/2009 4:46:55 PM |
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all of your engagement rings? Wedding Bands? (for those that have been married)

Do You Toss them? Save them for your Children? Givem back to the Ex? Sell them? What do you do with your Rings?
I Tried to Buy my X'es Ring back from her, but she wouldnt sell it too me!! WTF?
Her B/F has given her one with 4 times Plus.... the size of the one I gave her...!

I want to build a ring, (well, havem just incase I find someone.. ) then build a Special ring...
I have bought one (large) Mans wedding band and a Ladies engagement ring(1/2 c) ... from a Guy I use to work with..and I thought it would be awesome to get her(my x'es) ring also...that way..when I gave the next one... (God is gonna have to bless ,cause I have noone!! ) ......a ring... it would be with All of My heart!! Yanno what I'm saying here? (and No... I dont want my X Back TYVM!

Ladies what do You do with your rings?

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Mar 12 @ 5:14PM  
ALL of my engagement rings???? i only ever had one, which i kept because i wore it for 20 years....

i would not want to wear a diamond that was once worn by an ex, even if it was in a new setting...

Mar 12 @ 5:37PM  
Well daymn... I had High Hopes.. DB... ...
But of course... I would only use 1/2 of my Ex's ring iffin I was to get it..

Mar 12 @ 5:42PM  
Isn't it bad luck to use your ex's ring with your next fiance? I know I would want my own, and not someone elses ring/diamond

Mar 12 @ 5:47PM  
Yeah, what dumblonde said...All my engagement rings?

WhenI split with my ex I had 2 rings he gave me. He had 10 I gave him.
I didn't want them back and he didn't ask for them back.

My rings weren't anything great. I lost one and pawned the other. He still has all the jewelry I gave him.

Mar 12 @ 5:53PM  
I have only been married once and that was a long time ago. I lost him quite a few years ago and wore the ring for many years.I put it away a few years ago. Like some of the others said, I wouldn't want to wear someone's ex's ring even if it was in a new setting. Just my opinion.

Mar 12 @ 6:03PM  
BTW... Its not the Money thingy... its way more personal than all that... Its making an ring...Special...for someone Special !!!

Mar 12 @ 6:37PM arent getting it....women dont want another woman's diamond!

Mar 12 @ 7:01PM  
Thx for your Comment DB... I understand all that...and after being told it was bad Oh well.... ( I will still make my "Dream Lady" a ring... if she appears..BTW..the rings I have have neva been used! )

Mar 12 @ 7:01PM  
**note to self, do not recycle the rings or even the diamonds.

My bro took his 2nd wife to the same honeymoon place (same hotel too) as his first wife.

....................................................they aren't married anymore....LMAO!!

Mar 12 @ 7:03PM  
LOL....well I have five, and a few other bobbles, I dont love the men anymore, but I still love my gems! Rarely I look at them, usually when I am looking for something else, and always brings a smile to my face.

Oh, make that six....I was very young....

Mar 12 @ 7:06PM  
I know your thinking with your heart in wanting to make a special ring...however I think it would be a bad omen if it had part of an Ex's ring in a new setting...

For me I had to pay for part of my wedding set my first time around...I don't think I have it anymore...Now the second wedding set I still have not sure why though Had been thinking of going to pawn it, perhaps saving for a rainy day Definitely want to forget the second go round......grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Just my opinion......

Good luck with whatever you decide to do

Mar 12 @ 7:31PM  
Correct me if I am Wrong... plz....!!!
But dont some Pass down.. "The Rings", from Generation to Generation? Just asking?

Mar 12 @ 7:37PM  
If you have the rings in your possession, why not have a custom ring made for your new lady if you so desire..
Y'all don't really have any need to tell anyone where the stones came from..

Mar 12 @ 9:19PM  
My first engagement ring was my mother-in-laws from her marriage to my husbands dad..they were divoriced..I did give it back to her when he bought me a new set. She has it put up for my daughter to pass on to her..I dont have any other rings other than the one on my finger and if we do ever upgrade to a new ring I would pass it on to one of my kids...if they didnt want it save it for grandkids or be buried in it...I see what you are saying...I wouldnt have it a problem with a diamond that belonged to someone else..especially in todays economy...and its not the diamond its the reason behind the ring

Mar 12 @ 9:26PM  
And if I were the bride to be, with a ring set in stones that had already been "given" to another woman, I would make if very clear....if things don't work out....ALL THE STONES ARE MINE FOREVER!

Mar 12 @ 10:36PM  
The day my divorce was final i went to a pawn shop and got money for it! i didnt want any reminders of my ex!

Mar 12 @ 11:53PM  
My rings from my youngest's Dad...I gave them to her. When my husband died I wore my rings for a little over a Are you kidding? Our original set was an engagement ring with a diamond chip and a plain band. I still have those but the band on the engagement ring wore through and broke.

I use to be a QVC addict and I saw a set of engagement/wedding band rings in diamonique and fell in love with it. You have to understand....I'm not impressed with such things as diamonds.... well I'm different than most women.

Anyway he got me that set. After he died one of the sets fell out and was lost. They have a lifetime guarantee but since I didn't need the wedding band anymore I exchanged it for a nice herringbone necklace. He would have liked that.

I still have the diamonique engagement ring, my original engagement ring and both or our original wedding bands. I haven't a clue what to do with them. I'll let the kids figure it out when I die.

Mar 12 @ 11:57PM  
By the way....if I was to ever get married again I will use my Mother's wedding band. It is thin and's about 75 yrs. old I wear it now with another ring that keeps it hidden so guys won't think I'm already married.

I would be very hurt if a man gave me a ring that wasn't purchased especially for me. Made from other ex's rings? Absolutely not!

Mar 13 @ 1:18AM  
When I got married I consulted with my soon to be husband about our funds for the near future. we were just getting started and didn't have a lot of anything. we decided not to get rings and use the money for our future. Saving ifunds for our newly decided endeavors nstead of spending on inadament objects turned out to be the best decision. If I were to get a ring from someone I loved in the future I wouldn't want a ring or part of a ring that was used to express love for another. I would like to have one picked out for me or let me pick it out since I would be the one wearing it. That is just my thought on the topic.

Mar 13 @ 11:32AM  
I've been asked twice and tried to give the rings back at that time. Both gentlemen said they bought the ring for me to keep it. I have

Mar 13 @ 8:24PM  
I think you're going to find that many woman are not going to want a ring from one's previous relationship...

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