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Sexcapade Files #11: Impromptu Super Bowl Fuck (Monster Dark Chocolate Fuck)

posted 3/12/2009 2:55:38 AM |
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tagged: fuck, one night stand, big dick, black

Tonight was the most surprising night ever. It didn’t matter if the Steelers won and scored the winning touchdown less than a minute before the end of the 4th quarter: the one thing I will remember, after all the football players have won their game and their trophies, is the fact that I scored – majorly scored – the night of the Super Bowl.

My roommates and I had decided to have a little get-together at the house, and I had asked my friend Derek to come over to the house to hang out with us. He was a short black guy with a baby face, and seemed like your typical laid-back guy that we got along very well. We met each other for the first time at work, and he was one of the few people at work who I was actually close with. I never really suspected (although I had a faint idea) that we would actually get together and do the down and dirty.

We were hanging out having a smoke when we started talking about our sex lives. I had told him what I had done before, talking about my mouth technique, and he was getting really tempted, just to pique his curiosity. We finally finished a cigarette and went to my room to discover what was underneath our clothes.

I had stripped down bare and naked, and wow, did his eyes pop up like wildfire. I guess that I don’t wear revealing clothes at work, so he had no idea that my boobs were that big. He settled down on my mattress, with his back against the wall, and I unzipped his pants.

He was still a bit soft when I opened up those jeans, but I could tell that he was BIG. Even while flaccid, I noticed that his dark chocolate cock was thick, and I was definitely up for the challenge. I placed my mouth on his head, slightly sucking and swirling my tongue while sucking, while I massaged his balls with my other hand. His cock started to throb, getting bigger and bigger every second. His hands pressed down on my head, and he told me to take it down. He was still soft, so I managed to shove it down my throat, and he kept getting bigger and thicker. By the time I got up for air, I had noticed that he had an 8 inch dick, and OH MY GOD was it thick.

It was the thickest cock I had ever seen. It was almost two inches in diameter, cut and smooth. I felt the shaft of his cock with my fingers and the palm of my hand, and I had a hard time finding the vein protruding from his cock. His head was a nice thick and dark brown mushroom, his knob was a piece of flappy skin that connected to his shaft. I took his fully erect cock in my mouth, and sucked it that I felt my jaws popping from the wideness, as I pushed it deeper and deeper in my mouth.

He started to thrust, gently at first, and then deeper and deeper until I started to gag. Wow, was it a challenge. It was very difficult getting him in there, with the wideness that I thought my jaws were going to lock for good. I felt his smooth dick sliding into me, and I actually gagged from the wideness of it – it was HUMONGOUS!! But I didn’t want to proclaim defeat, I wanted to be able to somewhat conquer this dick like it was the last dick in my mouth.

After a few deep thrusts, I felt myself gagging and vomiting a bit in my mouth. I needed air BADLY. I didn’t want to struggle, so I pulled on his shirt to signal that I needed air. He relented, then I began to suck his wide dick perpendicularly in increments, sucking with my lips from top to bottom on the underneath of his cock as I squeezed my hand on his thick cock. My mouth ventured toward his balls, as I sucked the surface of his ball sack, feeling the softness and tasting the saltiness of his all, all the while jerking his shaft and squeezing the tip of his heat with my fingers. Then my mouth went all the way to his crease, as I dug underneath his ball sack, sucking and licking the crease until I heard him moan. I knew he was enjoying this as much as I was.

He then asked me to suck his cock again, but this time, he stood up, while I was on my knees, and he started thrusting. Feeling a bit surprised that he would, my throat wasn’t completely wide open and I gagged more than once. I felt a surge of acrid vomit in my throat, and I thought I was going to choke from the voracity of his dick. After a few more thrust, I then pulled again on his shirt, choking while I gasped for air, and went back to deep throat as he continued to thrust.

Pretty soon, we ended up on the bed. I lay back, felt him get in between me, and plunged deep into my pussy. Owwwww…I thought. Geez, was he gynormous! I felt as if I couldn’t take it in me as he thrusted into my wet pussy, thrusting more and more until the pain started to go away and I felt a surge of pleasure. My, did it feel good. I placed my angles on his thighs, widening my legs to get a deeper thrust, and I started to whimper from the pain and pleasure of having such a large cock in my pussy. I felt myself getting wetter and wetter as he thrust into me, feeling his very large cock inside of me, thrusting and gyrating his hips with every thrust. Wow, did he have technique.

He instructed me to flip over, and I placed my forearms on the pillow, my knees on the bed, my ass protruding outward as he slid his dick inside of me, pounding in fast and slow speeds, and I whimpered and gasped even more. The pain and pleasure was starting to overtake me, but I refused to give up: I wanted him to enjoy pounding my pussy, feeling him grip my ass as he continued thrusting hard, feeling his pelvis slap against my skin, as I moaned more and more, trying to keep myself from screaming and scaring away my roommates.

He had me on my back again, and he took my legs and hooked them onto his forearms. I felt another different kind of pleasure, feeling his chest rub against my breasts, as he pounded me into oblivion. I felt my pussy clench more and more as he thrusted deeper into me, faster and faster, until he slowed down his pace for me to catch my breath.

He turned me around again, to fuck me from behind, and again I felt his chest on my back. I grabbed onto my mattress for dear life, feeling the pain and pleasure overcome me like a tidal wave, as he pounded more and more and more, until he pulled out and felt his cum spray my back and my buttocks like hot candle wax.

After wiping my back down, we got dressed and went outside for an after-sex smoke. Good lord, were we tired. He had a look of exhaustion, an after-sex smile on his face, his large eyes, droopy from sleep. I think he and I both were a bit out of shape and rough from not having sex in a while.

I would honestly say, that from all the dicks I’ve sucked, that one was definitely a challenge. I didn’t want to say that I consider myself defeated, but it was definitely a struggle. I had never, ever, ever sucked a cock as big as that. It was even bigger than Monster Chocolate Cock. Hopefully he wasn’t disappointed, because I sure wasn’t…I got the surprise of my life sucking a cock like that.

It's probably

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Sexcapade Files #11: Impromptu Super Bowl Fuck (Monster Dark Chocolate Fuck)