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Why do they have to keep busting his balls?!?!??!?

posted 3/10/2009 10:28:47 PM |
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It would be nice if other government officials would do the same!!

I think Joe Arpaio should run for president! I'd vote for him!!

This isn't a very lengthy blog but if you really want to find out more about this great American!! Google him!!! Better yet...Read this about him!!

He's my fucking hero!!!!!!!

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Why do they have to keep busting his balls?!?!??!?
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Mar 10 @ 10:46PM  
Man... you've got one heckuva weird definition of "great American."

It's the idea of all those big hunky cons marching around in pink underwear, isn't it?

Mar 10 @ 10:46PM  
He had a press conference the other day involving NBA great Charles Barkley having to spend four days in tent city for a DWI in Scottsdale. Joe said he was, "an equal opportunity incarcerator." He has even been profiled on 60 Minutes.

When they sent inmates out on work details, not so sure this is still true, they had color coded tee shirts for their offense. I am not kidding, but people busted for not picking up their dog's poop were assigned brown tee shirts, no shit (pardon the pun}. Talk about the Dog Doo Blues.

Mar 10 @ 10:58PM  
Unique and flamboyant, yes. Great, how, why? President, I think he would laugh as hard I would.

Mar 10 @ 11:06PM  
Ok Bruce! Don't be busting MY balls now!!

He's a great sheriff.... if these poeple don't want to do the time, they shouldn't do the crime! RIGHT?!?!? I don't give a damn if these people are wearing pink!! It's time for someone to start enforcing laws we already have on the books! He doesn't sugar coat things or make life powder puff for these criminals! I think he should be saluted! But no..... people are just looking for reasons to throw him out of I don't want to do the time................DON'T do the fucking crime!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JMHO!!!

Mar 10 @ 11:15PM  
I'm with you, Pink!! So you don't want to be embarressed about what you did????
the crime should fit the punishment!! Why should we mollycoddle these prisoners? they get more rightse than we do as free people that have never broken the law!! Riddle me that one, Batman!! I , for one, am tired of my tax dollars going to suppoet these losers. They need to learn the consequences of what they do!! And if mommy and daddy don't teach it to them, then it's left to the government!!
Just my opinion!!

Mar 10 @ 11:19PM  
Thanks girl!!!!

Apparently the bleeding hearts don't get it!!

I don't want to support these assholes.... I might not be in the same state but hell, I'm supporting them here in TN! It just bites my ass!!

Sorry if they have to wear pink undies and pick up trash and stuff.... but hey... it really isnt MY problem!! I'm a law abiding citizen.........well, for the most part anyway!! LOL

Mar 10 @ 11:19PM  
Right on, Pink!

you don't want to do the time................DON'T do the fucking crime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I couldn't have said it better myself!

Mar 10 @ 11:28PM  
I have seen differences in local law enforcement. But once you get to county, it isn't much different anywhere unless they have an overcrowding problem. Tent city does address that. As Joe had said, "If it is good enough for troops overseas, it is good enough for our prisoners." Mp argument from me. I just think that he has a bit P. T. Barnum in him and beyond that is just another county jail administrator doing his job.

If he is guilty, hell he his guilty. His flamboyant style has nothing to do with it. I tend to think that probable cause may account for the inquest. The feds just don't make this shit up. There is usually something to it.

Mar 10 @ 11:59PM  
Lets see....... we have one sheriff in the whole darn country who does NOT coddle criminals. If he ran for Governor, he'd probably win by a land slide. The federal government and state governments are full of crooks filling their own pockets. And, who do they decide to investigate?
Yeah, that makes as much sense as most things the Gov does.

Mar 11 @ 12:15AM  
I dunno but I do appreciate a woman who is deeply

concerned about balls!!

Mar 11 @ 9:04AM  
He must be doing something right..
He's won all of his elections by a large majority.
Kudo's Pink..

Mar 11 @ 10:09AM  
I so love JOE!!!!!

Mar 11 @ 11:26AM  
I'm with you on the sheriff Pink! They're trying to bust his balls because he gets things done and that embarrasses them!

Mar 11 @ 8:51PM  
Fuckin Joe!

You crack me up!! Ain't he just something Sunshine?!?!??!

Mar 13 @ 11:35PM  
I agree with you we need alot more like him

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Why do they have to keep busting his balls?!?!??!?