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male enhancement....

posted 3/10/2009 6:16:02 PM |
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women have been duped into spending and /or wasting money on everything from make-up, creams, lotions to lingerie, to plastic surgery and implants, etc....
come on, men, tell the many of you have tried "male enhancement" or male performance they work? i find it hard to believe that the "little blue pill" really does anything!

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Mar 10 @ 6:23PM  
I did Viagra a few years ago and found it to be highly overrated, but, hell, by then, so was I :/

Mar 10 @ 6:30PM  
Never had the need to enhance that "certain part of a mans body". But I read in the paper, and saw on the news where one of the big suppliers of the product was found guily of fraud and forced to refund millions of dollars. Kinda wiped the smile right off of Smiling Bobs face!

Mar 10 @ 6:32PM  
I once had a G/F that liked sex as much as I did... and we did it every evening...for 3 plus months.....well my nutz were achin soo..... Bad!......... I tried some of that bs....and we broke up, before it did get a chance to work!!!!!
Wanna help me see what it does
I Hope You are doing well!

Mar 10 @ 6:35PM  
Got my doc to give me a viagra sample a few years ago just for the hell of it.

Only thing it did was give me a pounding headache. And not the correct one, either.

Mar 10 @ 6:41PM  
I got my sweety some herbal pills from GNC that sure help with stamina.. doesn't guarantee a hard on or make it any bigger.. I have noticed it's harder which is nice...

Mar 10 @ 6:41PM  
Cialis might be a better choice for some who have tried Viagra and didn't like it or had bad reactions like headaches or others.

But with any of them, if you have high blood pressure, they aren't really recommended!


Mar 10 @ 6:44PM  
The best thing to enhance my dick would be a couple of 18 year old chicks. A tiny asian and a tall swede would do the trick. It's best to have variety.

Mar 10 @ 6:47PM  
This from my 50 best geriatric jokes contest last year. I haven't seen it posted on here since I posted it, so it should be beyond the statute of limitations reruns.

A woman goes to the hospital to visit her widowed father who has overdosed on
viagra. While on her way to father's room, she passes into a ward where four
elderly men are vigorously masturbating. Appalled she goes to the head nurse and
demands an explanation. The nurse explains that it is part of their therapy
and they must do this to relieve pressure or they will over produce semen
which can lead to testicle swelling and a fatal rupture. Still shaken, the
woman accepts the explanation and proceeds to her father's room hurrying past
the four men in therapy. She opens the door to her father's room and a
gorgeous nurse is giving her father a blow job. Appalled she again goes the
head nurse and demands an explanation. The head nurse informs her that it is
the same condition and therapy but that her father has a better health plan.

Mar 10 @ 6:48PM  
Cialis might be a better choice

I was recently with a guy who said that he had trouble keeping an erection. He was way too young for that problem, but thats besides the point. He said that he got some free samples of Cialis from his doctor and it had apparently worked pretty well for him in the past. We never had sex so I never got to see how well those pills work.

Mar 10 @ 6:48PM  
Viagra is only effective for 70 percent of males.

Mar 10 @ 6:49PM  
Little blue pill did some funny

Mar 10 @ 6:57PM  
They dont need Viagra! What they need is a pill that makes a mans cum taste like chocolate!!!

Mar 10 @ 7:09PM  
Nope havent tried any. Doc says its not a good idea because of my blood pressure. Says the old fashion way is best. A good woman that knows how to be bad.

Mar 10 @ 7:18PM  

I have never felt the need to try any of that stuff. Even at my age I can perform without any help.

Mar 10 @ 7:20PM  
yeah FF, Ron White did a schtick on that subject. If semen came in flavors we'd all be happy. Unfortunately, most of the women I have known were not into oysters on the half shell :/ But enough of them were.

Mar 10 @ 7:22PM  
Nope, never tried anything like these...

Don't need to...

Mar 10 @ 7:31PM  
Then again if pussy tasted like beer?

Mar 10 @ 7:42PM  
Had a lover wear a cock ring before. I dont believe in male enhancement. I always wondered what would happen if he got it caught in his throat?

Mar 10 @ 7:59PM  

(and this is my favorite. They don't show it much, lol )

Mar 10 @ 8:07PM  
My hottie lady doc prescribed the one a day Cialis..
Fortunately she makes house calls when it goes over the 4 hour thing..
Says it's research as she rides me for 3 hours..

Mar 10 @ 8:42PM  
I tried viagra once and couldnt get my dick to swallow

Mar 10 @ 10:15PM  
I keep missing the point of male enhancement....Let's just say for a minute that the placebos really work and now you have a 12 to 14 inch dick. Now what are you going to do with that, that you cant do with what you already have? It is not the is the wizard who owns it.

Mar 10 @ 10:23PM  
luna brings up a good point...what about cock rings, piercings??? does that "enhance"?

Mar 10 @ 10:40PM  
I've never tried viagra or cialis, but I did try enzyte for awhile. A marginal improvement, but hey...I figured that even if it were only the "placebo effect" it was worth the 10-20% improvement.

Mar 10 @ 11:01PM  
.Let's just say for a minute that the placebos really work and now you have a 12 to 14 inch dick. Now what are you going to do with that

Use both hands, of course!

Mar 10 @ 11:24PM  
I've tried Cialis on numerous occasions and the results are actually fantastic. It did last for 3 days with just a mere touch or a little fore play that little ole trooper stood right up for the action at hand! (no pun intended, ofcourse)

My only problem was the headaches. They were not as bad with Cialis but they did last for 3 days as well.


Mar 11 @ 12:20AM  
Never tried any. I'm too horny already! Most enhancement products are useless crap only benefitting those who sell them. If the time comes when I need something hopefully the little blue pill works.

Mar 11 @ 1:08AM  
I don't have a need but I tried a little blue pill and did not notice any difference.

Apr 16 @ 5:19PM  
i had a penile was one of the best things i ever i can go foever and it stays hard all the time i need it to then it is just reg


Apr 16 @ 6:06PM  
I guess you could ask Bob the enhancement guy on the commercial he seems to be happy about something .... I myself have never tried it for thinking of it as a scam or bull shit

Apr 18 @ 12:06PM  
The penis pump is a great 'initiator' because it makes it bigger than your own blood pressure can make it. Then, when you do get to use it (closely after using the penis pump) it's qutie a bit bigger- works for me!
Now, I DO notice it has become a tad bit longer after about 4 years of use. Of course, I'm pretty abusive to it anyway... But, I'm not greedy- I like what I have already...and so does she!!!
The pills don't work for me- but, haven't had the need.

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male enhancement....