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Prezidenchul State of the Mess Address #4 (and a challenge)

posted 3/10/2009 10:55:02 AM |
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Your Prez, having been on retreat at Camp Rabid for the last few weeks, has returned to update the inept on everything that means nothing at all. I know you missed me.

Over here in Or A Gun, spring is sprunging. Forsythias is all yeller and there's new baby leaves on the lilac bushes! Skwirls luv spring most of all. I planted 59 strawberry plants the other day.. and my 3 year old neighbor and I can hardly wait for them to start producing. She goes out every day and checks, just in case. I started 286 sphagnum pellets with garden seeds of loads of varieties also.. did I mention that I LOVE spring????

I've popped through a few times to catch up on all the wanna fucks, poor poor pitiful me's, I'm leaving, I'm back, I'm leaving again.. this time for good, I'll be back, oh fuck you blogs.. pretty much status quo ain't it? One or two gems, but .. all in all.. pretty much same ol same.

I wanna issue a challenge, to anyone who is blogger enough to take it... It can be themed jokes (even stale ones), a short story, a poem, or just a ramble with one of three titles. Let's breath some new life into Pervia shall we?

Titles are:

I Woke Up This Morning
He/She Touched Me
If I Ruled the World

Come on my fellow Pervians, I dare ya to come up with something original or at least entertaining for one .. or all.. of those three titles.

I know that I've been remiss, myself, and have had valid real world reasons for doing so... but I'll do my best to do better. Ruling with a velvet glove.. your Prez.

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Mar 10 @ 11:04AM  
I'm so ready for spring! But, here in Indiana, winter isn't over yet...despite the recent tornadoes. I feel like we still have at least one good snow to come...and near freezing temps are upon us (even though I am officially on SPRING BREAK). I'll try to think of something for your challenge but right now I have 3 research papers and 2 speeches in the works for real life...I don't know if my lil' brain can handle the thought of more writing.

Mmmmm....strawberries! Nothing says summer like eating strawberries and melon. But I will settle for spring first!

Mar 10 @ 11:06AM  
Yup you are excused babe.. my partner G is starting classes tomorrow.. wheee I may never see him again.

Maybe it's time for me to go back to school too.. but cept I don't know what I wanna be when I grow up.

Mar 10 @ 11:08AM  
I woke up this morning....I couldn't ask for much more than that.... How's that?

Ok Ok....I'll see what I can do........

So good to see ya here again...missed the hell outta ya! Lilacs buddin'? Planting strawberries? OMG.... In my neck O the world we're about to need a boat to float and it's dreary, muddy and yukky.

Mar 10 @ 11:11AM  
By the way...would you just be tryin' to coax another good story outta me? I guess I am overdue....

Mar 10 @ 12:31PM  
It can be themed jokes (even stale ones), a short story, a poem, or just a ramble with one of three titles. Let's breath some new life into Pervia shall we?

I will write you something, hon. But how the fuck does posting stale jokes breathe new life into Pervia? Oh I see, you posted a dry funny, you said "breath". Bad breath/bad jokes, stale jokes like stale breath stinks. Now that is funny and also true. You are a wry one Madam Prezident!

Mar 10 @ 1:03PM  
I'm leaving, I'm back, I'm leaving again.. this time for good, I'll be back, oh fuck you blogs..

Who blabbed? Someone's gonna get a hurt real bad(most likely a spanking).

Anyway, I do confess Ms Prez,I've been trying new material but it never gets any comments and so I pull the blog. *sigh*

Spring has arrived here, you can tell by the Azaleas and Rhododendrons already in early bloom, and the plum trees with the white blossoms...then, the heat. Oy. Well, that's Florida for you. Me thinks me snapping pretty flowers will fill my boring-time,yey!

Glad to see you back and scampering amongst your constituents again.

Mar 10 @ 1:45PM  
missed ya prez! Glad your enjoying your spring did you get some while you were gone?? If not we're gonna have to have a talk oh yeah here's ya a green nut to knawl on

Mar 10 @ 1:53PM  
I Woke Up This Morning -

To stale rancid breath, his mouth was wide open but surely I jest.
His breath was so rancid it would curl your toes or even the hairs on your poor little nose.
I curled up in agony just wanting to die but then the blankets were ripped off as he utters " good morning & hi".
How surely he must know can't he feel that fungus growing, or is he beyond help this much I am not knowing.
A peck on the cheek & then I am off, to de fuzz my brain from that last awful cough, he follows me eagerly wanting a kiss oh what to do now I am amiss.
Oh I suppose I can allow just one kiss.
An ode to I woke up this morning I bid you fare adieu & hope you don't have to wake up to breath that smells like poo!

Mar 10 @ 1:59PM  
velvet glove. My nuts have completely healed so do ya you know do ya wanna. Yes damn it here's your taxes.

Mar 10 @ 2:00PM  
THAT is funny cootie!!!

Mar 10 @ 2:42PM  
Be careful what you wish for for as you might get it. Requested blog posted. I think I manage to insult quite a few people.

Mar 10 @ 5:42PM  
Wow! Your own strawberries...aren't you the lucky girl! Sweets for the sweets, and glad to see ya up to your old challenges, and to hear about some fun things you have been doing!

Mar 10 @ 7:54PM  
Pay your taxes....or.....

Mar 10 @ 8:00PM  
Hmmm....I'm going to have to come up with some really freaky ass blogs now. I love the challenge!

Mar 10 @ 9:31PM  
Been kinda busy, and now my dogs have Spring fever worse than I do. No kidding! I'll try to come up with something, but, if I don't, PLEASE don't send the Sekret Skwirls out!

My brain is tired I'm telling the truth, honestly I am. Hey, you didn't demand taxes. Is it a tax free day? Ok, ok, I'll pay anyway!

Leaves my payment on the table.

Mar 10 @ 9:42PM  
I'm going to have to come up with some really freaky ass blogs now.

How about, umm, something more interesting and less odd? just saying?

Mar 10 @ 11:32PM  

But Darling; I wrote a new type of blog per your request.

Mar 10 @ 11:34PM  
Spring has sprung in Luz-e-anna.
We've had the bikes out a number of times already, Planning out first bike ride weekend the 20th.

The sun is shining and the Saucer Magnolia's have bloomed.

Great weather. Yep

Mar 10 @ 11:41PM  
Saucer Magnolia's have bloomed.

In the neighborhood I grew up in, streets were named after trees, Every house had a tree of the street name's type planted on the parkway. Magnolia Street stunk up the whole neighborhood from late spring to early summer.

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Prezidenchul State of the Mess Address #4 (and a challenge)