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This was on the news tonight....

posted 3/7/2009 11:09:18 PM |
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So... a guy, a grown person I should say... asked this kid if he could ride his dirt bike.... the kid said no and being the manly man he thinks he is...the guy took the bike over and rode off... and then..................he got into a wreck a short way down the road...... it killed him! Not to sound incompassionate but...................just goes to show.... God don't like ugly!!!!!!!!

I guess what goes around comes around does happen fast sometimes!!

And don't bust my balls about this! I hate to see that this guy was killed, but, he was ulitmately respsonsible for his own actions............right?? I don't feel sorry for him really....

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Mar 7 @ 11:12PM  
We're all responsible for our own actions. Some just won't accept it.

Mar 7 @ 11:24PM  
i just hope it did not mess up the kid's bike.

Mar 7 @ 11:25PM  
my momma aways said what comes around comes right back at ya!

Mar 7 @ 11:43PM  
Damn, now I'm thinking about returning that

bike I stole last week!!

Mar 8 @ 12:03AM  
That was just coincidence,god had nothing to do with it. (crap,I guess my zap collar isn't working this evening).

Mar 8 @ 1:01AM  
I just got through sitting on the back porch. Really cleared my head tonight. I prayed for this clearing many times, my brain wrapped around somethings I just couldn't let go, and tonight I feel sure the words were heard. I have made many mistakes, for various reasons, or lack of reasoning. These mistakes I have made have been forgiven. Now I have to heal everyone I hurt. Even me. No turn goes unoticed and I made some wrong turns. Tonight after 4 years of repetitve action, I finally feel relieved of the reasons I made those turns. Peace be with you all, I want the same for all, for it is a day that I can finally say...I feel free!

Mar 8 @ 6:07AM  
Aw, hell. I don't even have a dirt bike- but I do hope and pray that the fucker who stole my '77 Motobecane road bike got killed crashing it. But I also prey that my little silver Moto is safe and unscratched wherever it is- so it's a bit of a conflict- what do we want more, to see the people who steal from us punished at the expense of our property, or to get our things back at the expense of letting the thief off?

Mar 8 @ 7:41AM  
The man was evidently an idiot, but the loss of his life was still a loss of a human beings life. Over a material object. How sad.
I feel bad for any family he may have had, and I hope the kid isn't in anyway feeling guilty.

I have made many mistakes, for various reasons, or lack of reasoning. These mistakes I have made have been forgiven.Now I have to heal everyone I hurt. Even me.
Most of us have, Murph. I know I have made more than my share. It's good when we finally take blame for them and make changes. But the only person you can truly heal is yourself. You can however, make amends.
Just my .02.

Mar 8 @ 8:02AM  
Karma bit him in the ass quick........

God don't like ugly....lmao!!

Mar 8 @ 8:45AM  
Kind of makes you wonder what else has this person been up to. Perhaps God had enough of his shit!

Mar 8 @ 9:39AM  
Well,,, I'm sure the kid feels less than zero remorse about the outcome!

Mar 8 @ 10:11AM  
I am sorry but I have a hard time believing that a Loving God would be responsible for that man's death. After all if he allowed everyone to die that has done something that was not morally or legally right, I can't imagine there would be too many people left on this earth.

Whether "God" did it, or "Karma" or Santa Claus, the fact is the man is dead. Maybe he won't learn from his mistakes but I would bet that this story will teach others the lesson of bullying, although whether that changes them or not will be up to them.


Mar 8 @ 10:36AM  
Well, we are entitled to our own beliefs here... but I have a harder time understanding how a loving God could allow children to be stricken with cancer.

This idiot was respsonsible for his own death, had he not done what he did, he'd still be alive.... but probably ripping someone else off!! Fuck people like that...

Maybe he won't learn from his mistakes

Bet he did!!


Mar 8 @ 10:42AM  
JMHO, this is a good example of the Darwin Awards.

I also believe in God, but I really, really doubt he 'smites' those that need it,
when they need it. And Karma is cute when Earl talks about it, but that's
because it's written into his script.

Just curious, did the Dumbass say, "here kid, hold my beer and watch this" ?

Mar 8 @ 11:32AM  
During the worst times of our lives, we were always told God does not punish or kill. He only shows love and mercy. God did not kill that man. Just allowed the little boy to get his bike back.

Mar 8 @ 12:16PM  
but I have a harder time understanding how a loving God could allow children to be stricken with cancer.

I ask the same thing,its genetics and environmental influences. I also ask the same thing- my mom has degenerative arthritis, sickle cell anemia, 2 bad knees and pulmonary hypertention that will eventually kill her, but she's a very devoted Christian..hmmm. On the otherhand a "jerk" like me is in somewhat good health. Still circumstance..

Anyway,I've said enough, bye.

Mar 8 @ 3:07PM  
Thanks Casual. I have been making amends. I have been working on my life...but I still am...and always will be, trying to be a better person. Thanks for your comment. I knew you would understand.

Mar 8 @ 4:17PM  
It is a shame he wrecked the bike. But I am glad to read that there are some people out there believe that people should be held accountable for there own actions and he definitely was. To often now a days people blame everyone but the one who is at fault, themselves. The family of the guy who died will probably sue the kid who had his bike stolen and the courts will probably give them millions.

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This was on the news tonight....