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posted 3/5/2009 11:01:21 PM |
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tagged: bdsm, story

My slut sits astride my crotch, her already abused bowels impaled on my 7" of hard cock, her slut hole dripping wads of hot sticky cum. My whore has lost count of the men that have already had her, used her, and soiled her womanhood. With her hands restrained at the waist, intoxicated by the physical assault on her most sensitive bits, she can only endure, submit, obey. Every twitch of her lust enraged, sexually exhausted body bounced the weight of the clamps tearing at her bruised and swollen nips. Across the room, Men line the wall, waiting to fuck her, now that she is too weak to protest, or resist, or even to realize exactly what is happening to her other then if there is a cock violation her body or not. Her fate is totally in her Masters hand. Her surrender is total. Now, something pulls at her awareness, she is compelled by her masters voice. "You want a cock, don't you whore"
My cock slams into slut butt, I feel her guts twitch, gripping my manhood, I nearly cum right then, but I am disciplined, practiced, again my mastery overcomes her. Her eyes roll-up as she gazes across the room un-seeing.
Someone answers for her, "Yes master, your sex hole is aching for hot stiff meat", she recognizes her own voice as she listens. She knows she will be relieved only when there is live flesh filling her cunt hole. If only her Master would allow it. I whisper again, "You’re a filthy, nasty slut/whore ... aren’t you; you’re just cum guzzling cunt, just a nasty bitch. Say it, you cock sucking whore!” Every one in the room heard her near hysteric voice, "Please Master, don't make me, not with so many watching, listening", she had the rooms full attention now, several camera-phones are clicking continuously. "I said say it whore", her masters voice shattered her fragile psyche, like a fine crystal goblet smashed against the mantel. Something in her tore, something ... black, evil, within her emerged, and she laughed, "Yes Master, I am an evil filthy cunt/whore, I thought you would never notice"
With that, she began to spasmodically raise her hip nearly off of my cock, then falling back, painfully take the blow of her full wait in her aching bowels, guttural, primitive Farrell sounds emerging from deep in she through, her soul, building into a shriek of pain, then fury, and finally lust as she collapsed back against my chest, soft animal guttural sounds emerging from her chest. She spread her legs in the air, like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon, or a rose bud, spreading in the full prominence of its beauty. "Your watching all those wankers over there stoking there cocks, aren’t you my cum whore?". "Yes Master" , she giggled, proud of her debauchery. "Have you found one you like best cunt!", I demand sternly, I feel her bowels clench against my now throbbing meat. "Yes master", she responds timidly around her now rhythmic panting. Her hip thrusting unconsciously, waving her wet, throbbing cunt hole in the air for all to see, each thrust forcing her to grind her lil naked butt against my coarse pubic hair, she was going to have a marvelous "Rug Burn" in the morning, good, it would be days before her ravaged sore ass would forget it was me that broke her will to resist, that used her, that owns her, that she is now my property. My slut, My whore. MINE!
"Are you watching him stroke it, how his hand grips it, a poor substitute for a hot wet slut hole don't you think you nasty cum whore!". "Your slut hole is empty Master, I know I could do it better for him." How the evil lil cunt said that without giggling will forever remain one of the great mysteries of antiquity. "This is what I wish from you my dirty fuck toy," my voice is softly compelling. "Slowly, Let your eyes drift up, across his body, make eye contact, that’s right whore, let you tong part your lips and just gently slide it from one side to the other. Now, mouth the words, don't make a sound slut, just shape the words with your lips ... Fuck Me!"
Well ... he didn't need a second invitation, he nearly leapt across the room and slammed his cock into that cum dripping, stolen slut hole, she was startled by the suddenness, he started driving his hips into her, I could feel the impact though her bowels, she just twitched against my body, having no more ability to control her own body, making slurping, chirping, sucking growling sounds in rhythm to the concussions of his thrusts. He came a quart, she milked him till she not only got every drip, she didn't stop till her collapsed before her, discarded like a used empty tube of toothpaste. She looked at her next meal. He needed no encouragement, I felt his dick hit the back or her pussy on the first thrust, I know it was painful, she screamed in agony, and orgasmed so hard, she squirted half way across the room. She was still gasping from the spasms of her climax and moaning from the pain of that assault, the next guy taped her immediately. Her was a dork, he slammed himself frantically into her and came before she even noticed she was being violated, he faded away as fast as he appeared, though, he did leave a large wad of cum which was now running out of her cunt in a lil river. In his place, a "Big" black buck,

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Mar 5 @ 11:02PM  
I mean as big around as a man’s wrist and as long as a fore arm. Rivers of cum are now gushing from the nasty sluts hole. I was getting anxious, My balls, full of cum, ached every time they were jostled by her spasms, it help me hold back. The dude penetrated her to the hilt, it filled her pussy, she cam, gut wrenching spasms, she had absorbed half of that massive cock, he shifted his balance forward and the rest of that massive cock ripped into her womb, I heard flesh tare as he pressed it to the hilt, her "Baby maker" violated brutally. The lil cum/slut was in haven, she was slobbering, gagging, only unrecognizable guttural sound could be heard as she orgasmic continually, as I twisted the clamps on her nips, she couldn’t fell her flesh being abused. He lasted a long time, smashing, tearing, pounding her womb, he gave a war cry, and pumped her wrecked womb full of his seed, pulled his dick from her and started sapling her cunt with it, she was gone now, only the random twitching to betray there was still life. And the growl of a wild feral animal coming from her chest. That’s when I let my balls empty into her butt... I could feel it squirt out around my cock, she was so full of my jisum, it dibbled down my balls.
I looked forward to playing with my new toy many, many time in the days to come.


Master Gry

Mar 5 @ 11:26PM  
Well now....

Is it warmmmm in here...?

Mar 6 @ 8:31AM  
Is this real or fantasy??

Personally, I found this to be disturbing and completely disgusting

But to each their own! If this is what you're into and you found someone to satisfy your appetite, more power to you!

Not my cup of tea though!

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