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Your Opinion Of Sunshine

posted 3/4/2009 11:19:00 AM |
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tagged: fun, opinion, sunshine

You know, I've been on here forever. I often wonder what people think of me. What are your opinions, thoughts and assumptions about me? I'm curious. Curious to see what people have to say, what people think. Who do you think I am? Why am I here? What kind of person am I? How would you describe me to someone else?

Do you think I'm a funny gal, a dildo queen, a sex freak, an attention whore?
How do you percieve Sunshine?

Often I try to tell someone in real life about a friend here and I tell them how I see my friend. So, how do you describe me??

I gotta go run errands, so rock on without me for a bit. I'll be back later.

(Oh....and Good Luck Bunny!! )

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Mar 4 @ 11:27AM  
You were one of the first people I became friends with around here (on the blogs) and I think you and I hit it off pretty good from the start. I think we are a lot alike but also different in many ways.

I think if you and I hung around each other in real would be the outgoing, talkative person and I would be the shy, quiet one, much like I am with my friends in real life. I know if we lived closer you would be someone I would want to hang around with......and possibly more.........

....and yes YOU ARE A SEX FREAK, but I think a lot of us here are otherwise we wouldn't be here

Mar 4 @ 11:35AM  
I'm a man of few words. Ya wanna fuck you sexy thang!!!

Mar 4 @ 11:49AM  
Well Sunshine, I wanted to answer your blog but really don't know how to answer it. I don't know you that well, but from seeing you here and how you interact with others, I can tell that you are probably an awesome friend, with a very funny sense of humor. You seem to take things in stride and shy away from confrontation. Obviously a very sexual person and not afraid to say it or talk about it. You seem to be the 'real deal' and 'beautiful to boot'.......

Mar 4 @ 11:50AM  
oops and kudos for having the guts to post a blog like this.

Mar 4 @ 12:24PM  
You were also the first one on my friend list. Being I have only been on here a short time and have only had time to read a few of you blogs and forum post I will try my best. First off you are a knock-out . I think you are here to fill a void you are missing. (aren't we all????) You are definitely funny. Seem to have an open mind. Very sexual. You also seem to be someone that could be counted on and would there for would make a good friend. YOU ROCK


Mar 4 @ 12:25PM  
Loyal to her friends, funny as hell, interesting to talk to, always tries to look at the positive side of life no matter what the situation. That's what I think of when I think of you.

Mar 4 @ 12:31PM  
I agree with what everyone said except for Max49 (i don't wanna fuck you) You are funny caring avoid the bullshit and I bet if we lived closer would be awesome friends.

Mar 4 @ 12:34PM  
Do you think I'm a funny gal
Do you think I'm a dildo queen
Uh huh!
Do you think I'm a sex freak
Without a doubt!
Do you think I'm an attention whore?
Well...mebbe a little...but it's cool!
Sweet, funny and friendly, and always with a thanks and a happy reply!

Mar 4 @ 12:44PM  

I have to agree with all of the above. And I love you for all of it. You SEX Goddess.


Mar 4 @ 12:56PM  
Geezzzz...I have one interview today, now I have to do this? First, I woke up knowing I needed something to make me smile so I could go to my interview with a light hearted feeling, a smiling face, and confidence from knowing I am cared about. ..I got it from YOU! How did you know? Because you listen! You truly care about your friends, and I truly care that I am one of them and that you have love you back!
All the other qestions you have asked us to answer...well, I have to say
Your funny, witty and charming!
If it weren't for you somedays wouldn't be as Sunny here as they are when your here!
Attention do it in a happy way!
Dildo Freak...I bet they fight over you!
Sex Freak...I think you can answer that one without me!
Good Friend...I just wish we were closer. Like you said one time...if we were neighbors we would never get shit done cause we would be out getting in too much maybe we would end up cell mates. ..Is that a good thing?
You know how much I appreciate I will tell the world! I APPRECIATE SUNSHINE!

Mar 4 @ 1:05PM  
Your Opinion Of Sunshine

Sunshine is essential! If it wasn't for the sun, there would be no life on earth.

Mar 4 @ 1:56PM  
Sunshine you are just Great!

I think that sums it up
and here is a Kudo For you....

Can I have some more Sunshine?

Mar 4 @ 2:08PM  
Sunshine! You are the bomb! I wish I knew you in the real world I know you would be a blast to hang out with! You're funny, smart, you bring out thoughts in all of us... If you ever make it to TN.... you will always have a place to stay here! And I'm sure Bunny would cover you on that side of the state! lol

Kudo for this blog!!

Mar 4 @ 2:18PM  
Down to earth & funny ....Makes me happy when the skies are gray

Mar 4 @ 2:25PM are simply the are bright, smart, funny, brutally honest,and very very entertaning

Mar 4 @ 2:43PM  
Cute funny and a trip..
All of the above works for me...

Mar 4 @ 2:43PM  
I have a whole case of AA's, C's, and D cell batteries, what does that tell you?

Mar 4 @ 3:00PM  
From the short time I've been here and from the comm I have experienced you are playful, funny, and a total sweetheart.

I'm glad you're around.

Mar 4 @ 3:16PM  
Sunshine, you are more than could be put into words!! Lubs ya, sweetie!!

Mar 4 @ 3:19PM  
Sunshine you would be perfect if you was mine
since you don't,,almost perfect is far as i go

Mar 4 @ 3:24PM  
I've only been here a short time but you've been nothing but friendly! And you have a nice sense of humor. :)

Mar 4 @ 3:44PM  
Wow.....I'm so surprised and my head is as big as a balloon right now! You guys are awesome and I love each and every one of yous! I truly do. This place is what keeps me going, you guys are part of my daily routine. If I don't get my daily fill of AMD, I'm lost.

Thanks are all so damn awesome!!!!

Mar 4 @ 3:54PM  
You are a breath of fresh naughty air! You put a smile on very bodies face. Your collections of toy tell me you are well rounded, that would lead to extravagant sexual encounter. I only wish I lived near you.

Mar 4 @ 4:17PM  
Kisses again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA! Pink actually knows there is another side of our state. Some guys here think just cause they are on the border of east TN that they are close to me??????????? Cracks me the fuck up!

Mar 4 @ 4:28PM  
From what I see on here Sunshine, you are warm, loving, and sweet. You have a great sense of humor, a fantastic collection of toys, and from what you allow us to are a wonderful mother. Only you know why you are here, but, I like to think you're here because of the friends you have made and to hang out. As for attention whore....damn...I can't decide who is more of a attention whore, you or Straddle. BUT..if I remember at last count, you are the Blogging Queen.

Mar 4 @ 6:17PM  
A Good Friend!!!

Mar 4 @ 6:31PM  
As for attention whore....damn...I can't decide who is more of a attention whore, you or Straddle. BUT..if I remember at last count, you are the Blogging Queen.
Oh, she's got blogging queen down. Like I was in the running for that title. I'm the blogging king (for now).

Lets see now, I see you as a female Straddle. A heart of gold, a little fiesty, a good friend, loves attention...

Mar 4 @ 9:05PM  
You are a wild little thing, funny anfd outspoken. Sex kitten to the max, Claws and tongue to keep anyone in line. Im glad to have met you online.

Mar 4 @ 9:24PM  
Sunshine, you are one of the few people I have on my very limited friends list. You are a real person (yes real, as in you are willing to talk about real things like kids, family and all that), And of course you are the sex freak and dildo queen. Not so sure about the attention whore but hey you earn the attention you may as well get it. I think in real life we could be friends but like dmbchick420 i'd be the quiet one and you the one doing most of the talking and you would be much more outgoing. But thats good, most of my friends are anyway and I prefer hanging out with the more outgoing ones anyway.

Mar 4 @ 10:30PM  
now why for th luv of god would I wanna tell you my opinion of you for ??
first you'd start grinning...yeah , just like that.
then you'd start doin that stoopid giggle, ...yep , just like that.
and then you'd prolly fall off your chair laughin and do yourself an injury.

and i'm not gettin the blame for that !

so there my awesome friend.
have a greenie instead

Mar 4 @ 10:57PM  
are there realy words for this???

Mar 5 @ 12:05AM  
Well , Sunshine you know what i think of you ......


My Friend ,

Mar 5 @ 8:31AM  
You are my sunshine
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skies are grey.
You'll never know, dear,
How much I lubzz yoo.
Please don't take my sunshine away


Mar 6 @ 6:22AM  
How'd I miss this blog?

You are the sunshine in here. You like to make us laugh and feel good with your blogs and you usually do just that.
You are caring and compassionate to those you consider a friend.
A loving, devoted mom.
Funny, charning, sweet and smart...

Sex freak? No, I think you just know what you want and like and go after it.
I'm glad you are here...

Mar 6 @ 7:28AM  
As someone who's actually had a beer with ya, I think you are da bomb diggity.

Mar 6 @ 10:52AM  
As someone who's actually had a beer with ya, I think you are da bomb diggity.

Ahh....He's right, I am da bomb diggity!!! We had a few beers and he's one cool dude.....and he's smart to boot!

Mar 9 @ 2:06PM  
Sunshine you never judged me when I was going through a lot of anger and self doubt! I really appreciated it and all of your comments!


Mar 9 @ 4:59PM  
well you seem very nice and your keeping the battery companies in business during these HARD times so your ok in my book. he he i said hard

Mar 9 @ 7:59PM  
I have always thought you were not much else to say

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