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Sexcapade Files #4: Bed Humper - Part II

posted 3/3/2009 2:39:39 AM |
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tagged: sex, one night stand

Two mistakes with the same guy. That's exactly how it felt the second time around.

The worst thing about my sexcapade with Anthony was the fact that I even fucked him, and I saw him twice in a week, but the second time made me fully regret ever meeting him, even seeing him again. I should've listened to my gut the first time, but I was too horny to listen to those gut feelings. I needed to get some booty, no matter who, no matter how, no matter what.

So I saw Anthony again a week later, meeting him at the train station, and then walking to his apartment. His pad looked the same as it did last week - childish, messy, and just horrible decor. Maybe it was somewhat a good thing that his room didn't completely match, there was probably some ounce of him being a guy, but ick, did it look bad. I would've hired an interior designer to rennovate the place, but I digress.

We walked through the doorway, closed the door, and I turn to him, saying in a fake, husky voice, "So, are you ready for what's coming to you?"

"Why? What's coming to me?" he asks.

"I'm going to suck your dick so much you wouldn't even know what hit you," I said, purring to him. I started to rub his cock from the outside of his pants again.

"Oh shit! Oooh, oh shit...suck my dick", he moans.

I get on my knees, unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants, and there was his OH NOT SO AMAZING DICK semi-hard in his tighty whiteys. Well, let's see how this goes...yummy dick, I thought. I suck his mini head in my mouth, caressing it in hard sucks as I savor the salty flavor, feel the shaved softness of his balls, explore the crevices of his head, with every stroke, up and down, on his churro-sized dick. At least it's not hard to deep throat, I thought again. He keeps on moaning, louder and harder as I suck and nip his semi-retarded dick into hardness.

"I wanna see your breasts," he says. We precede to pull off our clothes, piece by piece, and toss them in messy piles on the floor. Naked, he leads me onto his futon mattress on the floor, he lays down and I continue on with my sucking routine, even pulling the Nympho Special on him, as he yelled louder, "Oh shit! I didn't know about that spot!" over and over again. He flips me over and decides to give me another tongue bath on my pussy, once again feeling like a piece of bread being slathered upon pounds and pounds of mayonnaise.

He finally stops and I decided to "show him" what to do. "Do you want to see me finger myself? I love it when guys watch me rub my clit," I hint at him. I reach over, lube myself with cum, and I start to rub that little cherry clit that desperately needed to be rubbed and licked the right way. Maybe he'll get where to touch me if he sees me touch myself, I thought. But a few minutes later, he says, "I can't take it anymore, I have to eat your pussy right now!" Sigh, so much for that effort...

He finally finished his pussy eating (finally), and we get on with the sex. He tries to fuck hard, but the effort was only half-satisfying, only because he wasn't wide enough, and two, he didn't know any other positions. I was too busy faking it to finally realize that he was already done, and I still wanted more wasn't enough.

We lay down for a bit and talked. He had mentioned to me that he had only begun having sex about a year ago, which made it seem even more embarrassing. Shit! No wonder he didn't know what to do! I thought. He had 1 year to my 7 years of sex experience. What was up with that??? And he begun to tell me about his ex-girlfriend, who he still keeps in contact with, and tells me that she constantly tells her new boyfriend about the way Anthony's pussy eating made her cum so much, that her new boyfriend is jealous. Wow, that makes me think that she hasn't really had much experience either...ick...

I begin to get impatient because I still want more dick. So I start to give him a handjob, jerking it vigorously in my hand and teasing it with my tongue. "You want more? It's tough for me to get hard after sex," he said. But I insisted it to become semi-hard, teasing it with my tongue and mouth, swirling it into submission.

"Your mouth is making me horny, I want to eat you out again," he said. But as he went on with his pussy eating, I had begun to feel lightheaded. I wasn't feeling this as I did a few minutes ago, he was getting more and more annoying as the minutes went by. So I finally told him, "I need to go home, I have to run some errands," I said.

"No, don't go home, I still want to eat you out, please don't go. I know your schedule, you don't need to leave until 4:30," he said. It was now around 3:30 pm.

"I really need to go, I have to get some stuff done," I pushed him aside, and walked to the pile of clothes at the door, quickly got dressed, and turned to him. Sure enough, he was lying faced-down on the futon, HUMPING THE BED!!

Oh my god, what is he doing?! I thought. I watched him for a few moments, writhing and rubbing his semi-hard cock on the mattress, and he turned to me and said, "Please stay, please...I want to fuck you more," he desperately pleaded.

"No, I have to go, I'll call you next week?" I lied. He continued on jerking himself off with his hand and rubbing his cock head on the mattress at the same time. What a PATHETIC sight to see.

"Okay, don't forget, I want to fuck you before you move," he said. His ass was rising, up and down, as his body moved to a fast rhythm, in order to get himself off on the bed. As I walked outside and closed the door, the last visual of Anthony I saw was him still trying to get himself off on the bed, languishly trying his hardest to get off in any way, even if it was with his bed sheets. I quickly closed the door behind me and walked myself from his place, to the train station, back home, trying to forget that awkwardly pathetic scene I had ever seen of a man with no clothes on.

Sitting in the train, I began to regret fucking him. I felt disgusted and sick to my stomach having to waste my time and pussy for someone that wasn't even worth it. It made me begin to think that maybe sleeping with Filipino guys wouldn't be worth it at all, but maybe I'm wrong, maybe it was just a fluke that I had to sleep with such a loser...

Unfortunately, he kept on calling...and calling, and calling...and I would always reject his phone calls. I took him off my Facebook profile, and a few months later, he tried to add me again, unsuccessfully. I deleted his phone number off my cell, but memorized at least the area code, so that if he did call, I could easily reject it again. Finally, after 4 months later, he gave up contacting me, and I haven't heard word from him since. Thank god...whew...

Moral of story: if you have a bad vibe about someone you slept with once, DON'T SLEEP WITH HIM AGAIN!!!

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Sexcapade Files #4: Bed Humper - Part II