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posted 3/1/2009 3:47:07 PM |
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What follows is a comment I wrote in a blog- But I hope everyone reads this and it doesn't matter whether you agree with me or not- it is just my opinion:

1 min ago
I suppose I'll get some flak from this and I don't pretend that I'm privy more so than others on government policies- in fact I loath politics, I loath the very ground they walk on and the air they breath!!! They create nothing- they only destroy! They're nothing more than 175lb (avg.) leeches! I believe they create controlled chaos to justify their very being in office! It's all one BIG non ending party for them!

In my opinion- what is going on right now in our economy, is a transfer of power and wealth... period!!!

Having said that all that: here's where I'll throw in my 2ยข worth-

Ok, well.... relevant to our government at all levels, from the President (whomever is in office- doesn't matter) on down to local officials:

All of the bullshit that these people set upon us from previous administrations to the present one, have one common thread running through their actions. That thread is: RESPONSIBILITY!! They have none!

That to me, right there, is the problem! It is my opinion that the citizens of this fine country should DEMAND and I MEAN DEMAND, that whomever holds the most powerful position in this world, on down to the local officials, by LAW and/or written into our Constitution as an amendment, that ALL "officials" in every level of government be RESPONSIBLE for their actions and be PUNISHABLE as a crime against our society for any actions they may take, whether that action(s) is misappropriation of funds, check kiting, (float for purposes of profit) as they have done before, 11th hour passage of pay increases, 11th hour passage of funds for insane reasons (bailout funds)- with no say so on the citizens' part, non-payment of taxes- in short, for any misappropriation of funds and/or crimes committed by any representative of our government at any level that would land you or I in jail or heavily find, be delt with in a similar fashion that the average citizen would suffer.

In short- please don't tell me that we as honest average citizens, can't do anything about politician's actions because as far as I'm concerned, we CAN, by simply DEMANDING to all of our elected "officials" that they are to be made responsible for their actions, by LAW. You want to stop or at least greatly reduce this crap that they keep pulling on us? FORCE them to be RESPONSIBLE!!

The problem is: they are exempt from the very laws that the legislatures create themselves upon the average citizen! NO ACCOUNTABILITY!!! THAT has to change!!!

I don't apologize for the repeated use of responsible or responsibility a few times- just trying to beat it into you- so you remember!

So... there it is, for better or worse!

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Mar 1 @ 3:57PM  
Dear Sir....No one is above the Law. Not even the President of The United States.

I am also fed up with the leadership in this country, from the local level, all the way up to Wash. DC.

What I feel we should do is Clean House, vote out every incumbent from office and start all over again

There I said; my two cents worth

Mar 1 @ 4:02PM  
No one is above the Law. Not even the President of The United States.

GW Bush thought he was for 8 years or so,but that's old news. *runs away* I'll leave the poli debate to those who know what they're talking about.

Mar 1 @ 4:26PM  

Pauly and luna- thanks for your comments:

As far as cleaning house and starting over again goes:

In my opinion, Washington D.C. has everything they want the way they want it already!

How they do business as usual is what has to be changed. I don't mean a new system, I mean certain things have to be changed to reduce the power they have! So just cleaning house with new people, isn't going to accomplish anything much. If you put in all new people, I would guess that in a few short years or less, it will be business as usual BECAUSE of they way it's been molded to their satisfaction, they way the like it- you know, to wheel and deal!!

I firmly believe that the citizens of our country need to get pissed off enough to want to FORCE (as in keeping their jobs) the politicians to act in a responsible (there's that word again) way by law. It can be done if the masses start writing and calling their representatives and demanding this action take place- just this one action!

Mar 1 @ 4:38PM  
the politicians to act in a responsible (there's that word again) way by law.

This is the key element.

All they have to do is follow our constitutional laws instead of creating a new to feed their needs.

As for writing letters and calling our representatives in office that is already being done from my side.

Any American that knows and believes in our Constitution and Bill of Rights should be pissed off!!!!

Stand up for your rights, all of us should and demand that this crap be stopped.

This is Generational Theft and not caring how it is going to be paid for.

This is not about being Republican, Democrat, Conservative or Liberal. This is abou being an American.

Mar 18 @ 1:51PM  
i agree i do write every couple of weeks but it will take more than a few, it will take hundreds of thousands of us writing

Mar 18 @ 2:47PM  
You're right, it will take 100s of 1,000s of Americans and even more so like possibly 1,000,000s of us to instill fear into them. An avalanche of phone calls to our respective so called "elected representatives" couldn't hurt either!

So, unless we start fighting back, it'll be business as usual against the people who love this country, by the people who seem Hell bent on destroying it!

Thanks for your comment gunner!

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