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legalisation of recreational drugs

posted 2/28/2009 9:35:47 AM |
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tagged: drugs, taxes

this was posted on someone elses blog by me, but i can't see any way to link to it so i have made my own blog.

well i have never taken cannabis or bhang but in principle i believe ALL intoxicants should be treated like alcohol and tobacco....

the provision of those recreationals is legal but regulated in several ways in most western countries, this was historically for revenue generating purposes but actually starting even in classical times also for preserving order and morality.

firstly production is in prescribed forms, regulating the dose-concentration, means of delivery and quality of the substance.

production is generally limited to licenced businesses who are trusted and checked on the above.

sale is restricted in terms of who is permitted to sell the recreationals and to whom - especially age but also other considerations - the are permitted to sell them.

also when under the influence of recreationals it is often illegal to perform certain tasks or activities eg driving, many types of machine operation or other jobs requiring vigilance or undertake responsibilities such as care of children.

it may be that contracts cannot be lawfully entered into in the normal way by persons under the influence of intoxicants. and that persons overly under the influence of such may be regarded as vulnerable and requiring assistance whether wanted or not by the police, psychiatric services etc.

finally at any or all of these points in the control of recreational drug use, taxes, fees and charges may be levied by the state on anyone in the chain of supply of the recreational from the grower to the consumer

all these points should i believe be considered and legislatively and administratively provided for in any state whether of the USA or other that "legalises" any drug use... as for some nebulous types of inbetween status "de-criminalisation" i'm completely against for reasons of combatting mafia activity, and for reasons of providing for public safety and assuring that states have the revenue to provide for any costs of drug use.

it should be seen by taxpayers that providing for regulated and taxed use of these modern recreational drugs can take revenue from the mafias and into the hands of the states, which will spend as democratically mandated rather than to spread terrorism or whatever mafias liked to do.


i should say on marijuana it is thought to cause schizophrenic type illnesses, so might actually deserve more restriction on sales - perhaps to be obtained from a doctor, than say dilute cocaine which did no harm in "original" coca cola!

but my university is actually research breeds of cannabis that are said not to have such long term illness provoking side effects


4DWM has a good point, it also needs to be regulated where you can take stuff (depending on dose, format etc, like smoking regulations)

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Feb 28 @ 9:41AM  
i should say on marijuana it is thought to cause schizophrenic type illnesses, so might actually deserve more restriction on sales

Schizo?? Um, worst side affect would be dozing

Feb 28 @ 9:51AM  
I dont give a dam about taxes and fees. Any drug that affects the public safety should be strictly enforced. Including alcohol. Anybody that uses or abuses alcohol or other legal drugs should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
In other words if you go get drunk or high and hit someone or hurt them and end up killing them. You should be prosecuted for murder.

Feb 28 @ 10:01AM  
well personally ive never killed anyone so i shouldnt be prosecuted for murder! but those that have done murder while on alcohol or other drugs i agree with you, when people take any intoxicants they need to be resposible for themselves and stay away from being endangered or dangerous to others like driving or handling firearms.

Feb 28 @ 10:06AM  
well paranoia and voices and delusions... i think they call it schizophrenia? i think it happens with quite a lot of dope - heads!

Feb 28 @ 10:30AM  
Watch out! Smoking reefer will give you the munchies, and you will find yourself eating Girl Scout cookies! OOOPPPSSS!! Wrong blog.

Feb 28 @ 10:35AM  
whats a girl scout cookie?

Feb 28 @ 10:38AM  
Right blog. Marijuana leads to munchies. Minchies lead to girl scout cookies. Cookies lead to more weight. More weight leads to more exercise. More exercise leads to more sex. More sex makes everyone more happy. More to leagilizing drugs than I thought.

Feb 28 @ 11:01AM  
What is a Girl Scout cookie? It is what you are eating when your bisexual girl friend picks up another woman in a bar, and everbody goes home together!

Feb 28 @ 11:11AM

Feb 28 @ 11:48AM  
Here, read about girl scout cookies....

And maybe you should try smoking a joint and seeing if you hear voices. I think you might just be confusing that with coke or meth.........From an expierenced smoker, I have never had delusions or heard voices, but then again, I wasn't on some Indian reservation smoking hallucinogins!

Feb 28 @ 11:58AM  
well i am just saying that research has shown that it does happen but that doesnt mean that its just one joint or cake ... it probably is about long term brain chemistry changes with longer term use and maybe a lot of people are immune to it... thats why i said maybe cannabis could be got from the doctor cos they might have a test for who is at risk of going nuts on cannabis..

although apparently with LSD one trip can make someone bonkers

Feb 28 @ 12:18PM  
I've smoked alot of pot in my days and I have never once hallucinated or heard voices..... maybe the research that was done that you're familiar with was done on people who had never in their life smoked a joint. Causing them to think they were seeing or hearing things. Bet if they got some chronics to participate in the research, the results would be far different, I'm sure!

Feb 28 @ 3:13PM  
I quit smoking pot. But smoked it for about 27 years. I would rather smoke than drink.Anything to an excess is bad,moderation is good. I think the main reason it is not legal is because of religion, and that they can not have controls like alcohol.How many years has there been the war on drugs and it is never ending.Most states have accepeted gambling because they saw a way to get MONEY. Gambling can destroy individuals and families in it's own ways when is done to the excess and is addictive in it's own way to some people.

Feb 28 @ 5:12PM  
well they could have all the regulation like alcohol or like cigarettes or both

but as with those its good for the state to get money from such things as it pays for some of the healthcare and policing etc costs


Mar 2 @ 10:18AM  
Where can I buy this weed that makes me hear voices?? Is is the same stuff that makes you blow your brains out or act like some insane person like they show on TV commercials???

Top Five Marijuana Myths

Marijuana Can Cause Permanent Mental Illness
Marijuana Is Highly Addictive
Marijuana Is More Potent Today Than In The Past
Marijuana Offenses Are Not Severely Punished
Marijuana Is More Damaging to the Lungs Than Tobacco

Read more....

Or for even more information, check out NORML.

Mar 2 @ 10:20AM  
Oops...that first link is here.

Mar 6 @ 6:57PM  
i believe the first one and the last one of the "myths" that you list are definately true... if not for most people for quite a few that are susceptible perhaps...

well you wants some of that dodgy weed why you could probably get some any city in my country! about 15 of your $ for a nice big bag!

but for me never, well i think never, unless its gonna make me 24 again etc.

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legalisation of recreational drugs