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What Did You Do...

posted 2/26/2009 4:38:28 PM |
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When You got Laid Off?
How did you feel?
I just got home from being Laid off!!... and My mind is going friggin Nutz!!!
I knew it wouldnt be long before they Laid me off... but the warning didnt help!!!

I went to work...and after my shift started... my Boss told me to go see His Boss.. in the knew the Whole way.. that was it...!
So after I got the News... I said good bye to some of the PPL I knew..... Loaded up my Tool Box....and got the fuck away from there....
Of Course I stopped and got some Ice Cold Miller Lite just because I could!!
So Now... I'm gonna go build a fire in the Wood Heater(save me from using electric heat)..cause its gonna get cold later tonight..and by then.. the heater will be hot enough to heat the whole house...
And I am gonna sit down and try to figure out... on WTF I am gonna do!!
What Did You do...when You Got Laid off?
For those that Have Not been Canned yet....Do you think you are Safe from being Laid off/Fired?

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Feb 26 @ 4:45PM  
Oh Alex!! I am so sorry!!! You had a feeling it was coming but it doesn't make that blow any easier! I was devastated when I lost my job... still devastated!! Hopefully you'll get unemployment though! Jobs are hard to come by these days... Try looking on and Monster of course. Craigslist does list jobs all the time but there are alot of scams there... it's maddening!!

I'm sorry to hear about you getting laid off.... You know we'll all be thinking of you!


Feb 26 @ 4:48PM  
Awww Toad!! I'm so sorry to hear that!! When I got laid off from a straw factory in Indiana, the first day I did nothing....the I got caught up on all the chores that I wasn't able to do, then did a bunch of cooking and put it in the freezer and when I felt like my head was finally on straight, then I went out looking for a new job. But I needed those few days to get some perspective, if ya know what I mean!

Feb 26 @ 4:50PM  
I am so sorry to hear that OHT seems to be alot of blogs about being laid off. I'm sorry I don't know much about your economy in the US but it seems like there has been alot as of late to be laid off here. I wish you the best of luck in finding something soon!

Feb 26 @ 5:56PM  
Toad, I'm sorry to hear about your situation.

I've been laid off twice, the first time due to corporate incompetence (leverage buyout that failed) and downsizing.

First layoff was when I was much younger, working retail. In itself, the layoff didn't bother me, but I had lost both of my parents and my grandmother in the previous 1.5 years. I was quite angry when I got home after the last day. I ended up saying "Fuck It!" and moved to Atlanta.

The second job was one that I loved and would still be doing to this day. We had plenty of notice, so I got another job (that I absolutely hated!) before the "end of days," so to speak.

Hope this helps. Drink one for me!

Feb 26 @ 6:10PM  
I went and enrolled in school. Why not? Jobs are very scare here (this town is Forbe's 3rd of dying towns in America...isn't that wonderful?). My classes are filled with people in their 30s & 40s going back for another career. There are actually very few young people in any of my classes.

Feb 26 @ 6:12PM  
I'm sorry to hear that also toad. The job market is drying up everywhere. Most places you apply for a job you will see a stack of apps already sitting there.

I am just sick of what is happening in America!!!


Feb 26 @ 6:39PM  
Thanks everyone... yall are the Greatest..!!!
At my Age... its gonna be hard getting a Job.........
Though I am Old School... I will do what I have to do!! Though I Cant Do what I wanna Do...WTF?
Fuck it!!!
Life is good!!!
Yanno... I do wonder whats in the "Deck" (playing Cards) for me yet!!!
Hell, it may get better!!! Who knows!!!
Thx again!!! OHT

Feb 26 @ 7:19PM  
So sorry to hear that Toad!!!! I know it doesn't sound like much, but you should be able to collect unemployment for a while.

I work at a hotel cleaning rooms. I've been getting by on unemployment and the occasional one or two days of work a week. Things have picked up some, been getting more hours, but that's more because it's tax refund time and colleges are going on Spring breaks. Don't know what the summer will bring. I don't think anyone is really safe from being laid off right now in this economy. I just keep hoping for the best.


Feb 26 @ 8:01PM  
OHT....very sorry to hear about your layoff.....I went thru a layoff back in 1992 and at that time it was only for 3 months during the summer (boy did i get a great tan) and luckily I was able to return at a different position and they gave me back my senority and benefits........However now I am on pin's and needles because I have over 25 years and they are looking at the longevity people. I just hope and pray everyday things will turn around......and like you I am alone......doesn't make things easy..........Chin up OHT and I will include you in my prayers that something good shall come along....

Feb 26 @ 8:11PM  
Damn,this is like the second time Ive heard of one this week. Poor DMB,and now you. I have nothing but impotent outrage,because theres not much we can do short of rioting in the streets,but the gov't is not going to like that.

Feb 26 @ 11:52PM  
It really doesn't matter what I did at the end of the day I got laid, I am on food rations. I kept my internet this month to use for searching job sites. I don't know how much longer I will be here. But I love you kids. This has been a experience I don't want anyone to have to go through. I am sorry OHT about your loss.

Feb 27 @ 8:32AM know my story from my blog the other day! Sure, I've got plenty of time to look for another job, but that doesn't make it any easier for me just knowing that this job I really love is going to be gone soon! I actually feel like I"ve been "in mourning" since I found out on Wednesday. Depression is sinking in for sucks. I don't know what you do when you get laid off...I'm dreading it and I'm either going to have to go on unemployment and make a fraction of what I make now or try to find a job (that I probaby won't like and will make less) in this horrible just sucks

I'm really sorry to hear that. Good luck and hope you can get back on your feet soon

Mar 1 @ 5:07AM  
Man, I'm so sorry to hear this

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