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Octo-Mom Offered Deal To Do Porn

posted 2/25/2009 5:18:53 PM |
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tagged: news, mom, sunshine, opinion

I heard today on the radio that the mom that had the 8 babies, who also has another 6 children at home, was offered a deal to do a porno with her in it. That they would pay her $1 Million and also give her medical and dental insurance for the entire family.

What do you think of this?? Your tax money is supporting her right now.

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Octo-Mom Offered Deal To Do Porn
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Feb 25 @ 5:24PM  
Hey...whatever works! I couldn't do it. Maybe that's why she got her lips all pumped you can see them when she has them wrapped around that porn cock!

Feb 25 @ 5:25PM  

Hell. maybe they will pay for a tummy tuck too...She will sure need one after carrying 8 babies..OK....putting my claws away.


Feb 25 @ 5:27PM  
I don't think I could stand to listen to her in a porn flick. Hell I can't stand listening to her on TV. She sounds like a damn smurf or muhcnkin or something. Maybe even ET but I think it's sad that we have to support her sorry ass. I say take the kids and give them to good people that can't have kids and that will give them a loving home and sterilize the bitch. And now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Feb 25 @ 5:28PM  
Anything to get her off of our Tax Dollars. Also let us help to put that Dr. in Jail for a very long time.

Feb 25 @ 5:28PM  
I mean munchkin.

Feb 25 @ 5:38PM  
i was just sighned o co star with her ...... so i think its ok

Feb 25 @ 5:58PM  
ok i will be honest i did not get sighned to do porn with her. and to be honest my lil white penis could do nothing for a vagina that had that many kids

Feb 25 @ 6:02PM  
You saying, she did NOT have 'em C-section?

Am I the only one that visualizes a PEZ dispenser gone mad?

I'd rather my tax dollars go to her kids, than the Amerikan Hater Hamas.


Feb 25 @ 6:02PM  
Give the bitch birth control first!

Feb 25 @ 6:15PM  
OMG everyone's comments are so funny

Feb 25 @ 6:18PM  
Seems like this is what she's always wanted. Never have I wanted to slap a b*tch more. Stupid attention whore.

Feb 25 @ 9:00PM  
Pez dispenser? Whatta fuckin' image! LMFAO.

Given that pornos cost almost nothing to produce, they wouldn't have to sell that copies to make a profit.

Me, I'll wait until it appears in the $5 DVD bin at Wal Mart.

Or not!

Feb 25 @ 9:38PM  
She already has what she wanted in the first place...attention. But somehow she thinks that this fame will bring her fortune. Silly girl, I wouldnt pay a dime to see her in a porno. And if that is the best she can come up with to get rich, looks like she is going to be on welfare for a long time.

Feb 25 @ 10:31PM  
Ooh ooh....... this could be good.

Have a James Bond type plot and call it....

Are you ready...........


Feb 25 @ 10:37PM  


that was tooooooooooooo funny!!!

Good one slohand!

Feb 26 @ 1:39AM  
Eh, she will get her 15 minutes of fame and hopefully people will forget about her. People need to ignore her and her story and let her crawl back under her.....well, wherever she came from.

Feb 26 @ 6:13AM  
What she going to do porn with a horse? After pushing 14 kids thru that snatch, sex with a man would be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway

Feb 26 @ 10:56AM  
Knowing her....she'll do it That woman disgusts me.

Feb 27 @ 4:57PM  
That's what she needs another kid, but this time she would be getting it the old fashion way.

Mar 10 @ 5:53PM  
Wondering if she ever had a man fuck her. I heard all her babies were from artificial insemination or implanted test tube embryos. Hell she may be a virgin!

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Octo-Mom Offered Deal To Do Porn