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Just when you think everything is okay....

posted 2/25/2009 2:26:58 PM |
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My stomach is in knots right now. I just found out during my lunch break that as of August 9, 2009 I am going to be out of a job. I'm so upset right now I feel like puking.....

I work for surgeons. Well apparently the main hospital that we work out of wanted them to renew their contract stating that they would only work for this hospital and no other hospital.....we contract with 2 other major hospitals. They didn't want to do that, but apparently decided that they would renew their contract under the hospital's term. Well.....the hospital went behind their back and decided to hire their own surgeons to replace them! So, as of August 9th, we are done here! This bomb was just dropped on me like an hour ago!

I guess they have known this for at least a week or so now and just now decided to say something! The only reason I was told was because I happened to be in the break room at the same time as one of the doctors I work with. I had to tell one of my other co-workers what was going on...she didn't even know and she was going to go sign a loan for a house today!

I'm not one to show emotions much in front of people, especially people I work with, but I broke down crying. I love this's the best job I have ever had! I've got my own office and make decent what the hell am I gonna do??? Collect unemployment?? Will I even be able to find a job in this horrible economy??

God my stomach hurts....

My husband and I were JUST talking last night too about how we haven't been affected by the economy...both having jobs and pretty much making what we have been making in the last few years if not more than before.

Just when you think everything is okay.....

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Feb 25 @ 2:32PM  
I can't say that I can directly relate to all of this going on,but I am very sorry to hear it.

Feb 25 @ 2:33PM  
I heasr you baby doll. At least you were told in advance and have sometime to save some money or look for a new job. I just got kicked out the door. I can't get unemployment because I really walked out the door because they were having me train my replacement. There was no reason they got rid of me. I am very sorry for you. You do have your husband to fall back on. I have knoeone. It is a lonely place to be, unemployed and alone. I wish you the best. Sorry I let go on your blog, but I had to explain so I could consoul you as well as tell you how lucky you are you found out early! Keep your chin up!

Feb 25 @ 2:44PM  
I am so sorry! I am working just not making any money in my line of work. I've been looking around on sites online with your skills you'll be able to get another job. I don't have any skills I wish you luck

Feb 25 @ 2:48PM  
You do have your husband to fall back on.

This is true....BUT we could never survive on just his income. I make more than he does and we have 3 kids we have to take care of.

Feb 25 @ 3:06PM  
I understand honey, but it is someone to help you deal with the situation. I know you will find a job before your lay off date comes. Many people in the medical field are needed. I wish you the beat. I ws just trying to say it is good you have some sort of support with another person in the picture that is on your side. I sit here alone and as the days go buy without employment I become more mentally incompitent. My brain works against me. I have lost all my confidence. If I had someone with me I am sure I would feel more secure mentally and emotionally. I am on your side. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Don't panic!

Feb 25 @ 3:34PM  
I am so sorry to hear that you're losing your job. As someone else said you do have some time and it is much easier to get a job while you still have one. Good luck!!

Feb 25 @ 3:35PM  
It really hurts because I love this job. It's the best job I've ever had. I've only worked here for about a year and a half and was really planning on just staying here until I retired! Now I have to start all over took me 6 months just to find this job. I'll probaby find something that pays less and I won't like it. It just plain sucks ASS.

Feb 25 @ 3:41PM  
I do understand. I went to work one day making almost a 2 figure salary & was told my company was moving out of the country. The worse part was that we grossed them a billion dollar profit that year. So trust me take some time to see what's out there. Start going on local websites if you have a college degree it should be easy, go to your local college's they have job boards for employers looking for college grads.

I know it's hard & we are here for you if you need to vent.

Feb 25 @ 3:49PM  
Girl... I really hate to hear that!! But like Bunny said, you've got plenty of advanced warning...I was booted straight out the door too! It's been so hard looking for another job... I have applied til I'm blue in the face to the same jobs over and over and over!!
What are the surgeons you work for going to do? They will still work, they will still need someone to do their transcription.
Just save save save as much as you can til your last day of work..... and I'm sure you will get unemployment but that's not nearly enough to live on!

I wish you all the luck finding a new job when the time comes!


Feb 25 @ 3:54PM  
What are the surgeons you work for going to do?

When I started, there were 4. Now there are 3. One left for Connecticut back in December and we were supposed to be hiring 2 new doctors....apparently not now! The other one was leaving also due to conflicts between he and the other 2 surgeons. One has another main office at another hospital...this is just his "sister office". The last idea what he's doing.

Feb 25 @ 4:39PM  
Thos whole job thing and economy thing sucks....alot.

Feb 25 @ 5:11PM  
I'm sorry to hear this, dmb

Feb 25 @ 6:17PM  
Aren't the new hire doctors going to be needing someone to work for them...?
I'd be asking.

Feb 25 @ 6:25PM  
Aww dmb I'm sorry to hear that. Things sound pretty bad, listening to everyone in the blogs. Lord I would lose everything if that happened here. Just last summer the exact same scenario, we had 6 doctors and lost two, still waiting for new ones to come, not looking really good. But thank goodness its increased my hours because so much is put onto the remaining four. Here's hoping they find doctors there so you won't be out of a job.

Feb 25 @ 11:30PM  
Well at least you have a while before they let you go. Also if you've been there long enough you'll get a pretty good check from unemployment. You may want to start to find out where to go to get your unemployment. Some states still have an office to go to and some states you have to apply online. Plus check out your local churches. They can help with some bills and they have food pantries. You may have to call a few to find out who has them. Start putting your resume on and Hang in there things will get better !

Feb 25 @ 11:57PM  
I'm so sorry, Holly!!!!! (((((Hugs sent to you)))))))
I wont add to the Comments.. It looks like they said it all!
Hold your chin up sweety.... Im sure you will get an... Even Better Job!!!

Feb 26 @ 1:41AM  
aww, babe, I'm sorry to hear about this

Feb 26 @ 8:51AM  
Out Of A Job Yet ?

sorry the hear about your job
and I wont give you that awww babe bullshit

Feb 26 @ 10:54AM  
^^^^^^^^^^^ me....I ALWAYS BUY AMERICAN!!!!!!

Thanks everybody for commenting....I don't have time to respond to everybody today. It's already 11:00 a.m. and I haven't hardly gotten shit done at work because my co-workers and I have been talking all morning about what is going on and what we are going to do. It's not looking good....I'll keep you guys posted.

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Just when you think everything is okay....