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This is insane! And pisses me off!

posted 2/24/2009 4:53:59 PM |
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With so many companies shutting their doors and people losing their jobs..........

How can they justify this??

the Obama administration plans to designate at least $900 million to rebuild the war-ravaged strip controlled by the U.S.-designated terror group Hamas

So then, how many Americans could benefit from this 900 million dollars?!??!

I just do not get it!!!

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Feb 24 @ 5:15PM  
I agree with you. Funding terrorists as Obama wants to do is fucking stupid and insane!

Btw, some people may bitch on your blogs about blogging about political blogs. I had someone do that yesterday in two of my blogs.

Feb 24 @ 5:20PM  
I believe the site cancelled my comment message to Luna on my own blog. There was nothing wrong with my comment. But the site feels compelled to leave Luna's blog up making assumpions about me and painting me in a bad light?.

Feb 24 @ 5:24PM  
If someone doesn't like my blog, they simply don't have to reply but if it gets nasty on this blog, I will delete comments! Anyone who agrees with this dumbass decision to send money over there need not bother!
I read in another article about this that money isn't being sent TO hamas.... just to rebuild that territory where hamas throws their reign of terror around so basically, this money IS going to hamas! W-T-F????????????????????
The prez (No, not Skwirl but I'd much rather hear her talk LOL) is speaking on TV tonight about the economy.... let's see what he has to say about this shit!!!!!!!


Feb 24 @ 5:31PM  
NASTY.....NASTY......NASTY!!! There that should get me deleted.

Feb 24 @ 5:36PM  
silly man Max!!! I'll let you get away with that since you make me laugh with your jokes everyday!

Feb 24 @ 5:43PM  
Nope don't let me off that easy now. Ya wnna wrestle?

Feb 24 @ 5:46PM  
You're old......I might hurt you!!

and I'm just kidding Max!!

Feb 24 @ 5:50PM  
Pink, I agree with you completely. All the media has talked about for 8 years is how much money Bush spent.

This president and congress has spent so much, more than any identity has ever spent in American History and all of this in 30 days and 90% of this spending bill has been sitting on the shelf for over a year.

Not one person has an idea of what is really in this spending bill. The sad part is and only if America survives this next year .... look at it is going to do to the futurre generations. How irresponsible.

I will stop at this point on this subject. It is related to sex by the way.

We are getting FUCKED

Feb 24 @ 5:51PM  
Sorry, but I left out "what" in between at and it. :)

Feb 24 @ 6:01PM  
If that is true, I don't like it either. But I would like to see a link to unbiased reliable information before passing judgment and commenting. Could you provide a reliable source, please? Thanks in advance.

How many people plan on tuning in for the State of the Union address this evening. I will and I do so on every one regardless of who is in office.

Feb 24 @ 6:08PM  
I think it's more amazing that people are shocked that this is going on. What did people expect, Osama Obama comes out of no where, and people were so desperate for a change that they don't even demand answers to questions that should have been answered before the election.

The sad part is, he is in office, everyone is saying give him a chance. For what? He is already spending billions of dollars that we don't have, are we suppose to wait until some other country comes in and literally throws you out of your house and home? Or maybe he will start selling states off to other Countries to recoup some of the money. Maybe states like North Dakota, Kansas, Montana, and a few others. The ones with a lot of space but not that many people. Really states that have the fewer people who "donate" the smallest portion to our tax relief maybe they are the ones that need to go, we are just probably carrying them anyways.

If you think I am being facetious I am. I am not a GW fan nor am I an Obama fan, I can tell you though, if you think our country is hurting now, give it another 4 years of spending what we don't have. I hope you really love your family because you all will be living together just to make ends meet. This is just my opinion.

Feb 24 @ 6:13PM  
$900 million??? In Gaza????? That is so wrong!!!!!! Unless I missed something, Gaza is not one of our Allies.

Give us taxpayers OUR money....we need it more than Gaza does. Let Syria rebuild Gaza.

Feb 24 @ 6:14PM  
Good Comment Kitty!!

BTW, has anyone heard the new rules that are going to be passed on to private jet traffic and owners.

Tiger Woods is going to be pissed for now he will not be able to carry his golf clubs with him anymore.


Feb 24 @ 6:15PM  
The sad part is and only if America survives this next year

I have heard bullshit like that from extremists since the early sixties and guess what? America and Americans are still here and we will continue to be here: left, right, middle; democrat, independent, republican; liberal, moderate, conservative.

That is what makes this country great is the freedom for the free exchange of ideas in a diversified political landscape.

Nothing personal, dude, but that crap wears real thin when, in reality, your are dissing the American people like some Jehovah Witness preaching about the imminent end of days.

I respect your right to your opinion and as an American you have the right to freedom of speech. That is one of many reasons that this nation will continue to be the greatest on earth.

That being said, give it a fucking rest.

Feb 24 @ 6:18PM  

I am not called a dude. Sorry but I do not know you and I have never attacked you. If you do not like my opinions then post your opinion but do not attack me or my views.

You should be happy and not angry.

Feb 24 @ 6:32PM  

I am not called a dude. Sorry but I do not know you and I have never attacked you. If you do not like my opinions then post your opinion but do not attack me or my views.

You should be happy and not angry.
Kudos to Xien!

Feb 24 @ 6:48PM  
If you do not like my opinions then post your opinion

I did.

I apologize and retract using the term, "dude". I was unaware it would be offensive.

I apologize for, and recant, nothing else in my commentary. I have no problem with respecting you as a person and your right to your opinion. I have no problem with having no respect for the perspective that opinion.

I don't know you, but get the impression that you are a very fine man, a very good person.

My comment is not about you as an individual, but rather about the ideas, POV expressed.

Feb 24 @ 6:54PM  
Thank you Wordsofwit,

Apology accepted.

As you stated, we all have different opinions and we all have the right to express them. The founders of this land left a land so they could have the freedom we live in now.


Feb 24 @ 7:07PM  
Maybe it's Gobama's way to help with the immigration problem also put up signs sayin "we got plenty of work load up" and put dem Mexicans on a ship and send'em over there

Feb 24 @ 7:09PM  
How nice is it going to be when we are all out on the streets expressing freedom of speech? well...then it really won't matter how Tiger gets his clubs to the course...knowone will be affording those luxuries. So a man has been voted in. Does our freedom keep him from using funds in places we are not wanting him to? Nope, they do what they want to do and we have no say. It is a game. They are all up there playing with all our monies and our lives and what will turn out to be their demise. How can they not see this. Quit saving other countries and save ours. That is in no way me asking for money. I have no problem getting out and working for my keep. I just want there to be some quaility of life for all who are able to contribute and those that already have.

Feb 24 @ 7:09PM  
Wow... What a difference two days makes. Maybe in a few weeks I'll be nostalgic for the days of "FUCK YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON COMMIE FAGGET WHY DON'T YOU AND YOUR PANSY-ASS FRIEND JUST FUCK EACH OTHER ITS PROBABLY THE ASS YOU'LL EVER GET"

Feb 24 @ 7:15PM  
Hey...does anyone whant a recipe for carp on a board? LOL...

Feb 24 @ 7:16PM the link!

Bunny....ask for the money girl!!! Crap! If they're sending our money to rebuild terrorists places then we should all have our fucking hands out!!!!!!!!!

Xien.... thanks dude!

Fortysix................great fucking idea!!!!!!!!! oh.. and

Kitten! Great comment!!

Evil..............what the fuck are you talking about?!?!

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Feb 24 @ 7:18PM  
What are you talking about Evil?

Feb 24 @ 7:20PM  
Xien.... thanks dude!



Feb 24 @ 7:20PM  
Ohhh, feel lucky you missed it. There was ugliness earlier this week. Mostly political. Glad it's over.

Feb 24 @ 7:22PM  
ask for what money? I have no clue...I bet there is someone I can ask. Maybe I can learn to sit around and piss and moan while my ass gets fat and I can learn to bore everyone with my lack of spelling skills insuring there knowledge of me, that I am just a dumbass looking for attention....

Feb 24 @ 7:25PM  
Oh boy. As soon as I'm stupid enough to say it's over...

Feb 24 @ 7:31PM  
Part of that 900 million Bunny!!! Why should it go to terrorists when WE need it so badly..... Hell, life could be better for all of us with just a portion of that money....

Don't get snide evil!

We're all aggravated and frustrated and there isn't shit we can do about it!! Except sit back and watch our government give more and more and more money to other countries.... it's been going on for years!! Why do we have to take care of the fucking world? We're not even taking care of ourselves... our politicians I mean! And what country is taking care of us?? Hell, we owe China so damn much money, they'll be running this country one day by default!!!!!!

I don't even know if I want to watch another windbag spew his bullshit tonight when O-DAM-A speaks!! He ain't gonna say shit I want to hear and probably won't say shit that any of you guys want to hear!!

Feb 24 @ 7:33PM  
Crap! Do I need to take the picture of my feet down?!?!?

Some people don't read the blogs, they just look to see who's posting them!

Feb 24 @ 7:35PM  
Back to what fortysix said!!

Great idea! God knows they've taken most of the construction jobs here.... send there asses over there to rebuild at their discount rates!!!!


Feb 24 @ 7:37PM  
Where's my kudos!??!?! If I can't have 900 million dollars I want 900 million kudos!!!


Feb 24 @ 7:42PM  
We are all experiencing hard times right now. No matter what our lifestyle is it is going to change. Change into what, time will tell.

About all this money that is being printed keep in mind some major points on this. When governement spends money it usually has to print more money to cover what it has already spent. People can only pay so much before........

In the long term our Constitution requires that the bonds when they mature must be paid. If they are not repaid then whoever owns the bonds can be given land to cover the bond.

There are so many scenario's that now exist!

Great Blog, Pink

This does allow a way for everyone to share their feelings no matter what they are!

Feb 24 @ 7:43PM  
I read the blogs. I see who is posting. I trust you and commented. They aren't offering any of the 900 to us honey. How do you suggest we get some of it? I just want a job like many. I feel lucky I have knowone but me to take care of. No children are suffering because of my loss. I feel for everyone in this economy. All I am saying is I don't have any tolerance for those who whine, who never contributed to the taxes they so easily suck away from those who have contributed. Those funds will run out too. Then what are there freewheeling asses going to end up?

Feb 24 @ 7:44PM  
Here is your Kudo. If you ever come to collect it could be worth $1,000 in time

Keep the Feet so when times are hard we can view the pink toe nails


Feb 24 @ 7:50PM  
@ Bruce for his honesty......

Feb 24 @ 7:50PM  
Thanks Xien!!! kudos appreciated!!

Bunny.... I know they aren't offering it to us... but why should a terrorist organization benefit from it?!?!? That's money that should be spent in THIS country... .was New Orleans given 900 million?!?!? Don't answer I know alot went into rebuilding NO... but did we ever hear that 900 million was going to NO? Or would we have been pissed had we known that much was going into rebuilding there? no.... because it's in OUR country... I'm not asking for a handout here, but why should they get it, when we need it so badly??

My feet comment was the result of getting 14 emails asking about them and how I like them being sucked on and if they can paint them and what the bottom of my feet look like and if I'd paint them red and if I would suck on their feet..... crap!!

Feb 24 @ 7:51PM  
Yeah Sunshine.... he does have a habit of that!

Feb 24 @ 7:58PM  
Pink! Your funny and cute even when your angry! I know we...aka OUR COUNTRY should keep the funds and rebuild our country. I have been saying for years, why don't they (the government) save our country> I want homeless to have homes. I want disabled to learn an ability that can pay their own way. I want veterans to have benefits and secured health care. Hell. I want everyone to have health care. We are a strong nation that has not just tripped, but completley fallen. I wish I knew what to do? Yes...those are alot of wants, but my only personal want is that I want to contribute, like I always have. Helping to secure our nations funds, and not give it away because they have vanity issues. we are strong and rich look at us!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone is laughing at us. It's pathetic.

Feb 24 @ 7:58PM  
About all this money

That's the problem. All of us on here; conservative, moderate, liberal, most of us don't have any!!

Feb 24 @ 8:01PM  
One more thought for the night>>>>>

How many legal citizens are there in the United States?

I know, do you?

900 million going overseas. How many millions could you give each and every citizen? Would this help the economy? Would this help stimulate anything?

How many millions are going to California? For a train? For the Mouse? For STD's?

How many millions could you give the US Citizens?

$13 a week

Feb 24 @ 8:06PM  
You are so right Wordsofwit

We are all hurting over this and it is just not right.

Congress is living high on our Money no matter what party they are. They should all be thrown out of office and we need to start over.

In my opinion the democratic party is not what it used to be and the republican party is not what it used to be.

Iceland got sick and tired of the officials in it's country and they took care of the problem. We all want to live and work and to have a home that we can call home and have politicians that will do what our constitution calls for and not to rewrite it.

Feb 24 @ 8:10PM  
My email sent to {email address removed}

Maybe the secret service will pay me a visit!!

Are you kidding me?!??!?!!

the Obama administration plans to designate at least $900 million to rebuild the war-ravaged strip controlled by the U.S.-designated terror group Hamas.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????????????????????
With so many people in THIS country losing their jobs, their homes and the despair they are going thru and our government is sending 900 million dollars to rebuild land controlled by hamas?!?
ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????????????????????
This infuriates me!!!!!!!!! I can't find a job and I'm about to lose everything I own and you're sending money to terrorists??????????????
ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????????????????????????
You should be booted out of office NOW!!!!!!!!!! Everyone of you bozos in Washington should see what it feels like to be at risk of losing your home, your job, your car, your family! YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!! And WE pay YOU to make these stupid decisions? I am just disgusted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 24 @ 8:11PM  
okay... since they "removed" that address..... comments.... at ..white house dot gov!

Everybody send em an email!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 24 @ 8:18PM  
hey honey...that email didn't work for me?????????

Feb 24 @ 8:27PM  
sorry.. try president at white house dot gov

Feb 24 @ 9:06PM  
As much as i dont care for Obama, it isnt his fault. Take a good look at congress. They all have their hands in grabbing money for their own personnel agendas. The president can only do so much. Congress voted on where to send money. As for sending out money. I think we should not give Money to any country at all. Cut off all foreign aid. Stop paying for all the illeagles in the United States. No other country is going to help us. Its time America helped take care of our own.

Feb 24 @ 9:22PM  
he's on.... who wants to keep track of how many times the blowhole gets the suck up standing ovation?!??!?!


Feb 24 @ 11:10PM  
Now that that's over, you raised the challenge to justify the $900M for aid to Gaza- that's tough but I'll give it a shot.

That money isn't going to arm Hamas- it's going for food, medicine, and shelter for Palestinian civilians who are screwed by the war. There's no doubt in my mind they'd do it for Israelis if they needed it, but Israel is a proper country that can handle their own shit so it's a moot point. The US did the same thing for Iraqi civilians when we took over Iraq- no point in liberating a bunch of people if they're just gonna starve to death. Same story with Afghanistan.

Now me personally, I don't care for Hamas. They're douche-bags who have been offered every conceivable ounce of mercy and concession- including being given their own area to form their own autonomous country. But they do nothing but bite the hand that feeds them. But not every Muslim in the Middle East is a terrorist. There are innocent people who are affected by Hamas's douche-baggery and Israel's response. Maybe by showing the little Palestinian boys and girls that Westerners are quite nice and reasonable people if they give us a chance, in a generation or so they won't be such a bunch of snotty bitches.

Feb 25 @ 12:02AM  
Maybe by showing the little Palestinian boys and girls that Westerners are quite nice and reasonable people if they give us a chance, in a generation or so they won't be such a bunch of snotty bitches.
Oh that's worked really well in every country we have been in over the last 60 years name one country in the middle east we have been in ever that wants are help yeah they'll take it, and shove it up are azz somewhere in the near future when are politicians gonna wake up and realize not every one can be bought off

Feb 25 @ 7:01AM  
Since the original link came from Fox, Here are some other links which may prove to be more "Fair and Balanced!" Cheap dig, I know!

Yahoo News

NY Times

BTW, the Wikipedia entry for Hamas: Hamas: Wkipedia Please note the last paragraph of the introduction.

"You decide." Sorry, another cheap dig!

Feb 25 @ 8:38AM  
Only 899 million 999 thousand 997 green thingys to go!

Feb 25 @ 8:58AM  
[ Here are some other links which may prove to be more "Fair and Balanced!" ]

Foreign Aid is still Foreign Aid no matter who is getting it. 900 million dollars would do a lot of good right here in this country. Perhaps we wouldn't have families that were homeless, maybe that would help those who have lost their jobs, homes, can't afford to drive the car because of gas prices. It's time for our Country to stop giving out so many handouts. It's horrible that those countries have to live like that, but charity should begin at home. Our Government is so busy giving away the store, there isn't going to be any store left for the citizens of the US. just my opinion

Feb 25 @ 9:22AM  
What about all those corporate and conglomerate big wigs that pocketed money, ripped off and scammed their customers so they could live high off the hog until they ran their companies into the ground? Guess you can blame that on Obama too....

Oh well...WTF do I know.....

Feb 25 @ 11:14AM  
Since the economic stimulus seems to be such a dud,
I think it is only appropriate that Pink and I get together and

stimulate each other!!

Feb 27 @ 8:02PM  
Just a little trivia to lend a bit of perspective here:

From a fact sheet from -

People United States
303,824,640 (July 2008 est.)

If I do the math on this correctly - that means we're spending $3.00 for every man, woman, and child for Gaza aid.

Anybody wanna double check my facts - and math?

Personally, I think I would benefit more from the dollar menu at McDonald's

Mar 1 @ 3:41PM  
I suppose I'll get some flak from this and I don't pretend that I'm privy more so than others on government policies- in fact I loath politics, I loath the very ground they walk on and the air they breath!!! They create nothing- they only destroy! They're nothing more than 175lb (avg.) leeches! I believe they create controlled chaos to justify their very being in office! It's all one BIG non ending party for them!

In my opinion- what is going on right now in our economy, is a transfer of power and wealth... period!!!

Having said that all that: here's where I'll throw in my 2ยข worth-

Ok, well.... relevant to our government at all levels, from the President (whomever is in office- doesn't matter) on down to local officials:

All of the bullshit that these people set upon us from previous administrations to the present one, have one common thread running through their actions. That thread is: RESPONSIBILITY!! They have none!

That to me, right there, is the problem! It is my opinion that the citizens of this fine country should DEMAND and I MEAN DEMAND, that whomever holds the most powerful position in this world, on down to the local officials, by LAW and/or written into our Constitution as an amendment, that ALL "officials" in every level of government be RESPONSIBLE for their actions and be PUNISHABLE as a crime against our society for any actions they may take, whether that action(s) is misappropriation of funds, check kiting, (float for purposes of profit) as they have done before, 11th hour passage of pay increases, 11th hour passage of funds for insane reasons (bailout funds)- with no say so on the citizens' part, non-payment of taxes- in short, for any misappropriation of funds and/or crimes committed by any representative of our government at any level that would land you or I in jail or heavily find, be delt with in a similar fashion that the average citizen would suffer.

In short- please don't tell me that we as honest average citizens, can't do anything about politician's actions because as far as I'm concerned, we CAN, by simply DEMANDING to all of our elected "officials" that they are to be made responsible for their actions, by LAW. You want to stop or at least greatly reduce this crap that they keep pulling on us? FORCE them to be RESPONSIBLE!!

The problem is: they are exempt from the very laws that the legislatures create themselves upon the average citizen! NO ACCOUNTABILITY!!! THAT has to change!!!

I don't apologize for the repeated use of responsible or responsibility a few times- just trying to beat it into you- so you remember!

So... there it is, for better or worse!

Mar 1 @ 4:33PM  
So what does everyone think of the 1.7 TRILLION dollar deficit the new proposed budget is going to make that's 3 times what he inherited from the Bush Administration.

650 Billion for health care, and he knows that won't be enough so he's going to have to add more money into that. So add more to the deficit. As his number show, he won't even be even with what we have now until well after 2015, according to what I heard on the Public Television this morning.

Fasten your seat-belts where in for a bumpy ride.

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This is insane! And pisses me off!