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Clearing the air

posted 2/23/2009 3:52:36 AM |
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Here, listen to this while you read my rant.

Phew. That felt good. We're all racist. When I go somewhere with my old man, and it's a nice day and I don't have a single worldly care on my mind and before we've been there a half-hour he brings up how my ROTH-IRA is doing with the current state of mutual funds, I hate Jews. When I go to visit my mom's side of the family and have to wait a half-hour for them to dress one of my little cousins, like a five-year-old girl, in a goddamned wedding dress and 20 pounds of jewlrey, and we're just going to Walgreens for some charcoal, I hate Mexicans.

You're a racist sometimes, too. We all are. It's part of what makes us imperfect beings.

But nobody is suffering more than the sexy French maids in Beverly Hills- we have to save them! I'm just going to sit here and wait. A week from now somebody out there is still going to believe that there really is an underground political movement to liberate LA-area maids of French descent from oppression. And that I am a part of said movement. After reading what some other people on this site can be convinced of, I won't be surprised. It's not like Max making a black joke and me going after him for the French maid comment wasn't a dead giveaway.

This race war/gay rights war/flag war on AMD is stupid. I'll admit I got caught up in it last week. I stuck up for a couple fellow Pervians and now it seems this summer someone is traveling nearly a thousand miles to Columbus to try and kick my ass- hopefully I'll find a friend with a video camera so you can all watch it on Youtube (assuming we can manage to keep out of legal trouble). But this was a fluke. Now it seems it's turning into the norm. I miss only having to yell at people for unsafe BDSM scenes. Now it seems half the blogs are political. That would be fine if this were a college political science message board. But I'm not so sure the average Pervian can handle politics in a mature manner. It seems like it always descends into "if you don't feel the way I do on the subject, then you are a bad American and should leave the country." This is, to use an offensive, discriminatory term, retarded. We all love America. We all show it in different ways. The ways some people show it make no sense to me. The ways I show it probable make no sense to others. Thing is, America is a big place. America is small towns in Alabama. The people who live there love their country because they can live like small-town Alabamians. America is New York and San Francisco. The people who live there love their country because they can live like urbanites. And if they suddenly traded places, they'd both be miserable, and learn that maybe they don't love ALL of America- just their little slice of it. But that's ok. So long as we all respect the other people and their slices.

Now enough of this shit.

Wanna fuck?

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Feb 23 @ 4:16AM  
Well, the french maid comment you made might have been a joke, but it was the first comment you had posted on Max's blog that looked like you were serious in thinking it was a racist joke since you called Max a jerk at the end of it. Without using emoticons sometimes it's hard to tell with peoples comments if they're joking or not. I certainly wasn't the only one that thought that your were serious considering some of your liberal views on here. Me bringing up the flag issue in one of my comments on my blog was to make a point to Luna. I was not trying to start a debate on that issue. You say we're all racist, but I will say that we're all somewhat intolerant to some degree or other, including you...yes you! I wasn't looking for drama tonight, but it does seem like some people have a knack in starting drama on here.

Feb 23 @ 4:58AM  
I'm donating my tax refund to BARF!!

Feb 23 @ 5:04AM  
I'm donating my tax refund to BARF!!

Feb 23 @ 5:10AM  
it seems this summer someone is traveling nearly a thousand miles to Columbus to try and kick my ass-

Better start working out...

Feb 23 @ 5:43AM  
Ok,fine. Shawn,if you see this- I am sorry. Sometimes I just get a little carried away and too passionate on things,my fault. I figure if I didn't get a little riled,I wouldn't be me. I hope you can excuse that. Now,if you'll pardon me,I'm going to Joe's for an egg/bagel/cheese sandwich.

Good blog,Evil.

Feb 23 @ 5:48AM  
Sometimes I just get a little carried away and too passionate on things
You're certainly not the only one. I fit that to a tee as well. lol I apologize as well, I don't like when butt heads and all. I really do like you as a friend and hope that we can continue being friends.

Feb 23 @ 5:51AM  
I don't like when we butt heads

That's how my last part of my last comment should have read. I'm pretty tired and running on fuems right now.

Feb 23 @ 6:01AM  
I'm pretty tired and running on fuems right now.

Shawn you are doing great ! Fuems????

Feb 23 @ 6:07AM  
Yeah, I haven't slept in roughly 24 hours

Feb 23 @ 6:09AM  
Some folks are overly zealous, kudo for you.

Feb 23 @ 8:38AM  
I missed it all. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss....

Feb 23 @ 10:00AM  
Well, I'm glad that's settled, now if I can
just talk Pink into waitressing in this

French Maid outfit!!

Feb 23 @ 10:30AM  
Very well put.

Feb 23 @ 11:04AM  
Yes!! I thought you'd never fucking ask.. of course I do!

Damn.. isn't that what this site is really all about?

Of course I'm racist.. and it seems like those damned rats are ALWAYS winning the race!

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Clearing the air