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Would you buy your teen a sex toy to prevent them from having sex?

posted 2/20/2009 3:13:49 PM |
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tagged: sex, parenting, sex toys, virginity

The question says it all.

As a parent, would you buy your son or daughter a sex toy as a promise (or in hopes) that they won't have sex until they're 18? Or an older age?

How old should your teen be to receive the sex toy? 16? younger? older?

Do you think it would help quell their urges so they don't go out and possibly get STD's or get pregnant/get someone pregnant?
-Do you think it would just make them want to have sex more?

Bad idea or good idea?

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Would you buy your teen a sex toy to prevent them from having sex?
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Feb 20 @ 3:31PM  
No. My daughter got into several kinky things in her youth. You don't need a weatherman to see which way the wind blows. But I really feel that while you should be friends with your kids, their is a separation in roles. Would you want your father reading this blog? Usually in parent/child relationships their is a separation that uncomfortable to change.

Feb 20 @ 4:32PM  
No, I only buy sex toys for other people's daughters!!

Feb 20 @ 5:11PM  
No, she will figure it out all on her own time, doesn't need my help.

Feb 20 @ 5:42PM  
My daughter is beside herself knowing I have toys and she doesn't!!


Feb 20 @ 5:42PM  
I think its a good idea,in theory. Of course,its really a subjective case,some would,some won't.

Feb 20 @ 7:23PM!

My kid(s) in their teens would know better not to have sex. They can just wait until they hit 30!

Feb 20 @ 8:58PM  
No I would'nt. Dont think it would stop them from having sex. As for how old. Depends on the child. I start watching my boys, have no girls, at about 12. Really try to see where their interests are. As for girls, I have heard stories of some getting pregnant as early as 11. Thats scary. Godd idea or bad depends on the child i guess.

Feb 20 @ 10:17PM  
nope... they did it by hand.. just like dad did...

Feb 21 @ 4:17AM  
Maybe it's because I'm not a parent. Maybe it's because it was only a few short years ago that I was in the teenager-deflowering business. Maybe it was because my parents were so lazies-faire about thins like sex and drugs, so long as I kept my grades up. But for the life of me I just can't seem to wrap my head around the concept of parents actually wanting their kids to be 40-year-old virgins. Would they be safe? Yes. They'd also be safe if you lock them in the basement and never let them see the sun, play ball in the street, or swim in the sea. Would they be happy? No. It's natural not to want to think about a blood relative having sex, including offspring. But with other relatives, you know they're doing it, you just don't wanna see it. But when it comes to one's own kids, people get incredibly fanatical about a) denying, to themselves and the world, that their kids are sexual beings and b) trying to make that insane notion a reality. In the father-daughter dynamic in particular, it's particularly creepy. I've seen this shit get very oedipal- doing things like giving one's daughter a ring to wear on her wedding ring finger until she gets married, or saying stuff like "I'm want to be only man in her life". Why not just come out and say it? "If someone going to be fucking my daughter, it's gonna be me!" Ugh. But I digress. Whether motivated by incestuous desires or poorly-thought idealism, the notion that one's kids ought to not be as sexual during their formative years as everyone else on the planet is, is just one of those things. That, the appeal of golf, light beer, and reality television- things the rest of the world seems to embrace but is just lost on me.

Feb 21 @ 11:17AM  
Grandma here says NO. Parents have the responsibility to guide and teach their kids and that includes all aspects of sex. But not to provide them with things that are for adults.

Just because a son or daughter is physically equipped to have sex, they are not by any stretch of the imaginaion emotionally mature enough to handle things of a sexual nature. Parents need to be prepared for open and honest discussions and diligent to be aware of their teens needs and activities. And to set WANT boundaries!

Hands to explore their bodies is enough. Toys will only put too much emphasis on sex and it will only make them sensitive to sexual things and want to elevate the thrills of the unknown.

This is a time in their lives when they need to be KIDS. Parents need to help them keep their focus on just being kids, school, friends and do the best they can to keep them free of the pressure of dealing with adult activities that they are not emotionally equipped to deal with.

Example. My daughter and I were close and talk was open between us. She decided she wanted to have sex with her boyfriend and would I have the doctor put her on birth control pills. I explained that having sex would open a can of worms. Their relationship would go from ballgames 'n bowling to just having sex and the fights would start because soon they would no longer trust each other...i.e. if she screws me then who else is she screwing. That's the immature mind at work.

She agreed for about 6 months but came back and asked to be on birth control pills again. They were having sex so I consented. But she was to learn I was right and her life with him turned miserable until they finally broke up.

I know of what I speak. I was pregnant at 15 and again at 17. Would toys have prevented that? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Nothing replaces the real thing or makes one want the real thing more.

You can't stop kids sometimes even with the best of guidance but to do anything less or God forbid provide them with adult toys is shirking your responsibility as a parent.

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Would you buy your teen a sex toy to prevent them from having sex?