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Sexcapade #1: New Year's Day 2009 - Let's "bang" in the New Year...

posted 2/20/2009 2:48:44 AM |
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tagged: sex in public, blowjob

Let's set the scene - After midnight, downtown somewhere in the USA.

I had recently moved to this town, all across the country for a job, and I was hanging out with some new friends of mine who invited me to spend New Year's with them at a club. I hadn't gone clubbing in this new town before, so I figured that this was going to be a great opportunity to get to know the nightlife, but I didn't really expect myself to really "know the nightlife" until I discovered that I had my first bang of the New Year, in my new city, with my first white guy ever.

I guess you can say that I like to taste every color of the rainbow. Red, yellow, white, black, can say that I have my favorites, but I like to have a little variety. I had once joked with a friend that I should have the Olympic rings tattooed on my pubic area, because I've tasted a guy from every continent (well, it seemed like it, anyway). I've also realized that no matter who you screw, every race is going to have some kind of tendency, but then I'm going to have to sleep with more from the same race to fully prove this theory...anyway, on with the story at hand:

Around 1:30, after gulping down countless beers and mixed drinks...dancing and grinding and smoking the time away, my friends and I end up sitting at the VIP section of the bar, mainly because we were tired and also because the people that had purchased the VIP section had gotten kicked out of the bar due to a fight they started right in front of us. I sat there, along with my friends, shoeless and drinking the time away. Then this cute white guy shows up, close-cut dark brown hair, brown eyes, medium build, slightly buff - and he starts dancing with one of my friends. Not that I really notice, until he holds his hand to me. So I get up, start dancing with him - grinding, that is, then he places his hand on my ass. Mind you, my "sexdar" radar starts beeping, and then he moves my hands from his shoulders to under his shirt...sexdar is beeping faster and louder...then he pulls me into a full-tongue kiss...SCORE!!

Talk about a wrestling with tongues...full embrace, licking, mouth-to-mouth, tongue in mouth, then ending with me sucking his tongue with my mouth. The kiss ends, and he just stares, like he got hit with lightning or something. He grabs my hand, and we quickly walk out of the club - me without shoes - outside of the club, into one of the back alleys of the city.

Honestly, I had no idea who this guy was - no name, no phone number, no nothing. All I knew was that I was three things: 1) I was crazy, and my friends are probably worried sick and about to kill me for ditching them to get some; 2) This guy might want to kill me, but let me have my fun first before that happens and 3) I wanted to suck his dick RIGHT NOW!!!

Sure enough, after securing a spot to take action (we had to move a few times because passers by were telling us to do "our business somewhere else" and he and I both had our pants down, I finally found what I was looking for - SCORE - a white penis. A nice mushroom head, about average length, but OH MY GOD was it thick. It had GIRTH!! "So the rumors were true!" I thought. And the best part was - HE WAS SHAVED!!

Shoving that piece of meat in my mouth was just the remedy to cure my "I've been here for 5 months and haven't gotten laid" malady. It was just nice to feel that fullness in my mouth, sucking like I had never sucked before. Just feeling the softness and ripples of that really delicious piece of meat was just heaven. And those balls! Wow, soft and firm all at the same time, licking and sucking until he just started to moan. What was like I was going to come without having anything inside of me just yet, I was too excited.

And all this time, it was outside and he was getting antsy.

"You want to do this HERE?!" breathless as he spoke.

"Yeah, and? I've done worst things than sucking dick in public," I retorted, between sucks.

And he just started to worry, he was peering every side every few seconds when he had a chance to relax to see if anyone was watching. I, on the other hand, just didn't care. It gave me a power trip to know that I was doing this in public. It made me feel in control, that I was making him feel like this, making him climax the way he did, while I held the switches of his pleasure. Every stroke I made just made my ego get bigger and bigger, while I was getting wetter and wetter all the while...

He stood me up, undid the zipper of my jeans, wrestled under my thong, and started to finger my clit and pussy, which were already getting pretty wet from sucking that cock of his.

"Wow, why are you so wet?" he asked, between breaths.

He moved towards my pussy, feeling the wetness, then started to rub his fingers on my clit, feeling the wetness on his fingers, fueling the fire to the hotness of the night, and wanting him to fuck me...then and now...

"Because your dick is so huge, and I like sucking it," I said. We locked lips, wrestled with our tongues, feeling the roughness of his kisses as I moaned over the pleasure of his rough fingers on my clit, moving faster and faster...

Pretty soon, he couldn't take it anymore. "Let me fuck you from behind", he said...

And of course, I obliged. With one turn, just feeling that fullness from behind just felt amazing. All it took was one shove and it felt like heaven, like something was missing all these 5 months. To have something real inside there can I describe it, just OMG I need to come NOW! Not that I was going through a religious experience, but to finally subdue a NEED, was just something that needed to happen.

The only problem was that he was too tall to get me from behind. For one, I have short legs, and he had to squat more than I did to get it in. Two, everytime he would pull out it would go all the way out. So we had to find another spot.

We walked another block away, and I'm still walking without any shoes. We find a dark corner in another alley way, and he decides to lie on a pile of leaves while I ride him on top. What can I say, OH MY GOD, this is great, I can finally cross off "sex in public" off my "Sexcapades To Do" list. And was better than most, I would say, from a 1-10 (10 being WOW I'M GOING TO HEAVEN CUMMING), it was around a 7 (so size does matter, girls!!) But, a few minutes later, he tells me to get off, and he's still hard. So I'm assuming that he didn't come.

I quickly put on my t-string underwear (a Frederick's special occasion undie), and my pants and I quickly walk my way back to the club, while he walks the other. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to follow him, but I knew I had to get back to my friends or else they would surely leave me behind with no ride getting home.

So I walk back, barefoot again, checking my phone and finding about 6 missed calls from my friend. I call her back and she's yelling at me as to why I had disappeared, and as we walk to

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Mar 22 @ 8:58PM  
That was fucking spectacular V!!!!

Two Thumbs Up!!!!

Mar 22 @ 9:43PM  
Thanks Carlos! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

Nov 13 @ 10:39AM  
Mmmmmmmmm.....i liket yessss
Its very very niceeeeeee

Apr 6 @ 11:17PM  
septimius - Thank you! :-)

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Sexcapade #1: New Year's Day 2009 - Let's "bang" in the New Year...