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Sexcapade Files #8: The Gates of Pleasure - The Sex Club Experience Part II

posted 2/19/2009 1:19:18 AM |
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tagged: exhibitionist, sex in public

Jesse and I venture back into the second floor with the 70s décor. It was still pretty empty, but we figured it was high time to get some action because watching all of those people fucking everywhere was making the both of us horny. We chose a cubicle that had two entrances that enclosed a canopy bed, covered in white, transparent material, and on one headboard, there were two holes cut out into the wood. We quickly tossed our clothes in a corner and began our routine.

I was shaking with excited anticipation. I had never, ever in my life had sex in front of people. This would be the first time for me to really feel what it would be like to have other people watch me fuck. I quickly lay on the bed, and Jesse placed my hands inside the holes, tying them tightly with Japanese bondage rope. I was a helpless woman, bound to a bed, naked, where my pleasure was in his hands…

He reached over to touch one breast, and gently rubbed the nipples in his hands, as he kissed my mouth, felt his soft lips exploring me, his pointy tongue rubbing against mine as we covered each other’s mouths, wrestling to each other’s movements. As he moved south, my body was covered with his tongue, and I felt the wetness left from his mouth, exploring my neck, my chest, covering my breasts and nipples with kisses and sucks, as he found my erogenous zones near my sides, and went onward, down toward the inside of my legs, and then to his favorite: my feet. He took one foot and pressed it to his nose, smelled its scent, then began to savor one toe, then the other, with his wet mouth, and began to lick the bottom of my foot with his tongue. My, did it feel erotic. I felt even wetter as he caressed and nipped my foot with his teeth, feeling his heavy breathing on my toes, making me feel hotter and hornier at the same time.

A man and a woman, together, showed up during our foot play and watched Jesse lick my feet. The woman turned to me and asked, “Can I touch you?” And I nodded my head, and answered with a breathy “yes”. She lightly touched my thigh with her hand, and as Jesse continued to kiss my foot, she leaned over and ventured into the inside of my thigh, and I felt the ticklish sensation of her nails and fingertips. Wow, did it feel good. I closed my eyes, and felt three hands on me, Jesse’s hands on my feet, and the woman’s hand getting closer and closer towards my pussy…

I felt her fingers lightly touch my clit, and she began to rub it gently. My pussy was dripping with wetness, and I could lightly feel her fingertips brush the entrance of my vagina, then moving towards my clit to rub it slowly and softly. I felt my back arching, my wrists beginning to chafe from the binds, but I was enjoying myself, moaning loudly with pleasure. A few minutes later, her hand disappeared, and I felt Jesse’s weight over me.

I opened my eyes again, and there was a crowd of people surrounding our bed. Out of a small instance of sanity, I quickly counted the people around the bed. Oh my god, there’s twelve people watching me!! Wow!! I said to myself. They were quiet, intently watching us have our fun, and I felt myself enjoying the fact that there was an audience. I felt like a live porn star in sex fantasy land, baring everything and not feeling the slightest bit of shame with what I was doing. I was enjoying the fact that there were twelve sets of eyes watching me, all getting horny by the sight of watching Jesse get me off while I was tied to a headboard. It was very exhilarating, nothing like I had ever felt before. It made me realize the power of being able to hold people by the palm of your hand by having sex in front of them, and stopping them dead in your tracks by your bareness and your sensuality. I had begun to finally realize that power, and I was loving every second of it.

Jesse’s hand began to touch my pussy. I felt his fingers slide into my dripping pussy, massaging my hungry clit with his fingers, rubbing them quickly as I moaned louder and louder, arching my back even more from the power of that climax, and then he slowed down for me to catch my breath. He took his hand away and slapped my ass, and slapped it hard a few times, as I screamed because of the painful pleasure. He was teasing me with his hand, slapping my thighs a few more times, as I screamed loud in the room, loving every second of it.

He focused on my clit again, rubbing it more and more, but then, I felt a foreign hand on my breast, pinching my nipple REALLY HARD. “This is how you touch a girl’s boob!” a woman’s voice said. I moaned in pain, and I opened my eyes with the shock that someone had touched me without my permission. Jesse looked at me with a worried look, and I looked at him with a “let’s ignore it” look on my face. He continued on with his touching, but once again I felt that same heavy hand on my breast, pinching it harder and shaking it to where it ached.

Jesse asked, “Should I tell her to stop?”

I whispered, “No, let’s just ignore her again, but if she does it again, tell her to stop, my boob is hurting.”

It didn’t stop there. She reached over a third time, making me scream in pain, and Jesse pulled her arm away, angrily. “Can you please stop touching her?” he demanded to the woman.

The woman gave him an annoying look, and walked away. I was livid, angry that she broke my moment while I was enjoying my time. Jesse pouted at me and apologized for not stopping her sooner, but it wasn’t his fault, I had told him to ignore her anyway. So we continued with our foreplay, but it wasn’t the same. I was angry as fuck, I was so so pissed that this woman had the balls to hurt someone without asking, especially in a sex club. I was even more pissed that she broke the first rule of conduct, hopefully she would get kicked out.

So Jesse and I decided to finish getting me off because I had lost the mood. We quickly went back to our foreplay, and I ended up squirting on the bed, feeling wonderful that I had come. But I was still really, really pissed. We quickly got up, and informed someone what had happened…turned out, we got a free pass in the end, so there was some consolation…

We put back on our clothes and decided to walk around the club again to see if there were any new acts to watch…and again we ventured back into the S&M basement…

Part III is soon to follow!!

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Sexcapade Files #8: The Gates of Pleasure - The Sex Club Experience Part II