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My Uncle sent this to me! LOL

posted 2/18/2009 9:40:44 PM |
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You are going to love this one!!

Little did we know the word Obama is an acronym.

OBAMA = One Big Ass Mistake, America

ya'll asked for it! you got it!!!!

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My Uncle sent this to me! LOL
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Feb 18 @ 9:53PM  
For four years we will live with what most people prayed for. Democratic Chicago politicians have a lot to prove to me. They have not been the most reliable in the past...unless the potholes need to be fixed.

Feb 18 @ 10:06PM  
I suppose that was vaguely amusing, although I personally

avoid politics like the plague.

Feb 18 @ 10:17PM  
we can always wait and see, but for me, he's not off to a good start.

Feb 18 @ 10:17PM  
that's the truth if i ever heard it.

Feb 18 @ 10:20PM  
BUSH = Blundering useless shit head.


Feb 18 @ 10:24PM  
we can always wait and see, but for me, he's not off to a good start.

hurry up and wait huh?!?!? LOL

He's not really doing shit for us so far.... except for bailing out people who got in over their heads in the first place!!

Oh and wait!! We'll get 13 extra dollars on our paychecks each week!! woo hoo!!!

Fuck... I guess you gotta get a paycheck first to enjoy that 13 dollars!! I'm out of work and can't find a job to save my fucking life! And believe me! I'm looking every single freaking day... and applying to jobs every single freaking day!! And would be honored to have a job!!! Right now... I don't care what I would do to bring home a check.... and that 13 dollars!! That would be alot of money to me at this time!! Hell, it's a half a tank of gas...............but wait! The oil companies are just waiting in the wings to fuck us a little bit more!! FUCK FUCK FUCK! you just can 't win for losing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this sucks ass!!

Feb 18 @ 10:27PM  
BUSH = Blundering useless shit head

HERE HERE!!! Can't say as I blame ya!! Who the fuck CAN we trust anymore?? NOONE!!! we can bash everyone... protest everyone.... but in the end. there ain't shit we can do about it!!! Correct me if I'm wrong!!!!

Feb 19 @ 12:41AM  
OBAMA = One Big Ass Mistake, America

Loved it! Thanks for the laugh. Here's a kudo!

Feb 19 @ 8:24AM  
Closely followed by his advisors

Mr. BOHICA- Bend over here it comes again.
Mr. FUBAR- fucked up beyond all recocnition.

The world will be SNAFU ( Situation Normal, All Fowled Up) in no time.

Feb 19 @ 8:41AM  
Y'all sound like bigots to me..
Bush fucked the system up in 8 years..
It's gonna take more than a month to fix!!

Feb 19 @ 8:56AM  
Thanks for the Laughter this morning Pink!

This is a Keeper for me

A Kudo for you


Feb 19 @ 9:45AM  
One of the best I've heard. Sending it out to everyone on my list.

Feb 19 @ 10:55AM  
Everyone that has commented is a Republican apparently. Obama is just trying to fix the mistakes that the Republicans made for the last 8 years, so blame them...not Obama.

BUSH = Blundering useless shit head.

That's more like it

Feb 19 @ 11:11AM  
out of a job YET?
imports are down
its your money it will cost everyone more if you dont
this means higher taxes bailing everyone out
lower wages dont want to say I told you so
pick which hand
turns out people who buy Foreign! suck
Budwiser is no longer an American brew

Feb 19 @ 11:13AM  
let's just hope we are able to fix the mess obama makes.if there is anything left to the way the stock market is reacting to his plan doesn't look like there will be much left by the time he is done.

Feb 19 @ 12:17PM  
kudo 4 U

Feb 19 @ 12:37PM  
et's just hope we are able to fix the mess obama makes

So far he's working on at least one of Bushit's fuck-ups..
Takes a long time to repair something that was shattered so badly by the Bush stupidity..

Feb 19 @ 1:21PM  
yea boycott Bush beer
how many fingers am I holding up
this message was labor donated

Feb 19 @ 2:14PM  
by the time he is done messing up everything you will wish old bushie is back in there.last time i lost my job was when mr clinton was in there so both sides are to i say fuck them all they are already rich and could give a rats ass about the working people

Feb 21 @ 11:43PM  
Dont blame me! I didnt vote for the greedy idiots that drove this country into the dirt! BUSHED!
OBAMA=what the fuck did i get myself into!!

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My Uncle sent this to me! LOL