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Would You Date A Midget?

posted 2/18/2009 11:41:52 AM |
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tagged: sex, midget, sunshine

My very 1st relationship, which lasted 8 years was with a guy that was 4'11".
That's one inch shy of being considered a dwarf/little person/midget.
I always told him he should be a jockey, but what do I know.
My very next boyfriend was 6' 4". BIG difference there. And not in the way
you are all thinking, the shorter guy had a bigger


What is the shortest height you would accept on a person of the opposite sex that you would date?

What is the tallest height that you would go?

***thanks Luna!!

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Feb 18 @ 11:47AM  
My very 1st relationship, which lasted 8 years was with a guy that was 4'11".
That's one inch shy of being considered a dwarf/small person/midget.

I know that's what they call people that height, but to me a midget would be about 5" shorter than that.
What is the shortest height you would accept on a person of the opposite sex that you would date?

What is the tallest height that you would go?



Feb 18 @ 11:55AM  
Height is like size.. I have no limits...(Yet )

Feb 18 @ 11:59AM  
Um.. well... I was with a guy that was 5'3", I can't imagine any shorter.. I don't want to make him feel awkward by wearing heels if he's not secure with who he is.

I've been with a few guys that were around 5'3" and 5'6" and you know what I noticed a trend is? Really small dicks... I mean 5" may not be short to some people but to me it was. I mean come on, God, give these guys a hand- you make um short, give um something to pack!

Tallest height? I love tall, I mean fucking tall. I was with someone once that was 6'9"... oh sweet mother of pearl, exciting. Felt like I was fucking Andre the Giant. I don't think I could go over that though, just too much body and I drive a compact car.

Feb 18 @ 12:07PM  
PC term is 'Little Person'. Sorry to be a little pedantic there.

Um,there is an LP on here and he's been trying to talk to me...but I don't know the right thing to say. Kinda awkward.

Anyway,as low as I'd go- 5ft4; high as I'd go- 6ft6. Any taller and it'd be scary.

Banged a guy who was 5ft5 and wasn't any difference,sex was fine.

Feb 18 @ 12:08PM  
I've never been involved with a guy shorter than me...I think the shortest might have been 5'4" or so but we were kids and he's a lot taller than that now. I've actually been involved with two guys that were 6'7"(no! not at the same time!). Height isn't an issue for me. Doesn't matter how tall or short he matters WHO he is.

Feb 18 @ 12:29PM  
PC term is 'Little Person'. Sorry to be a little pedantic there

I went back and fixed it. I meant to say Little Person, not Small

I was thinking Small World in my Sorry! But, it's fixed now.


Feb 18 @ 12:36PM  
That is a misleading blog title for me as I thought it was a rip off of an old Straddle blog at first. Don't be surprised if some vertically challenged people get pissed about it.

My dad is 6'4" and my late mother was 4'10". Her height was the only thing I ever knew her to lie about as she insisted that she was 5'0". Everyone of her siblings was short. Out of seven kids, four girls and three boys, the tallest one was 5'3" and that was my aunt. All of my uncles looked like a downsized Mickey Rooney.

One of my uncles had a temper and was known to drink too much in bars. He would get into heated discussions with another over served patron and if he was called an asshole or a son of a bitch, no problem. If the other person made any reference to his height, it was fist city (he got arrested for three such altercations that I know of).

Anyway, I digressed. Going back to your question, I have never given a person's height a second thought. I have met and/or dated several women under five feet tall and never gave it a thought. It was as irrelevant as hair or eye color to me.

I think that this issue is more important to women for obvious reasons. Now I have never socially met any women under 4'9" tall, so I really can't address that issue.

As a side bar, all of my mom's brothers married women that were at least four inches taller than they were. Two of my uncles married women at least five inches taller that were twice their weight. Both of these marriages were generally happy and "till death do us part."

Feb 18 @ 1:02PM  
Considering I am 5', and I usually get teased about that, I've seldomly known of people over the age of 14 that are shorter than me.

The shortest I have dated was 5'4. In honesty I have to admit it just felt rather strange at times for someone to be that close to my heighth. Especially if I wanted to wear heels, he would get upset because he didn't want me to wear anything but flat shoes.


Feb 18 @ 1:05PM  
I'm 6' tall and the shortest girl I have been with was 5' even. I don't think I would be attracted to anything shorter than that. I once dated a girl that was 6'2" and I have to admit, it felt weird. Taller than me definitely doesn't work for me.

Feb 18 @ 1:12PM  
Shortest I would date would have to be at least a couple inches taller than me, so about 5'5". Tallest would have to be no more than 6'1" or 6'2". Yes, it does matter who the person is and height shouldn't be a factor, but for me it is. I would never want to look down at a man and I don't want to stare up at the Jolly Green Giant either

Feb 18 @ 6:00PM  
Are you kidding, I've been searching for a

kinky midget for years!!

Feb 18 @ 8:04PM  
I would date a woman of any height, because a)it's not size, it's shape, so people can look good at any height, and b) as annoyed as I get around women who have an obsession with tall guys, I'd be a hypocrite to turn around and discriminate based on height. My current partner is nearly a head taller than me and it doesn't bother her or myself.

Feb 18 @ 8:44PM  
Shortest I ever dated was 5'6" and I was (then...I have shrunk a bit over the years) 5'10" was awkward to say the least. Nowadays...someone has to be 5'10" or's a physical comfort thing for me.

Feb 18 @ 10:48PM  
Once you lay down there is no height difference but their could be a reach advantage ..... Glad I'm 5' 8' .......

Mar 6 @ 11:24AM  
Never thought about this before. The ex was 5'2" now 5'10" . I don't think it matters to me.

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Would You Date A Midget?