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This is My.."Beat Me UP" Blog....go for it!!!!

posted 2/17/2009 11:06:40 AM |
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tagged: size

If you are Not Happy with your Size, being it.. Small or Large........Why dont you do something about it?
If you are Happy with your size...... then... Congrats!!!

I am 5' 10"... and I weigh around 195#'s .....(clothes on... )
My "Me Size"..(a size I am Comfortable with) is...around 175#'
I am gonna have to get off my Ass..and get busy!!!
I am doing a different Job where I work..till the "Auto Industry" picks up.. (Like that is gonna happen anytime soon! lol) I am sitting 100% of the time..(I have been doing this for 6 plus months!). With my reg. Job.. I was on the Go... 100% of the time!!! Big Change!!!
I am gonna have to change my way of Living...Habits, meaning what I eat, the amount I eat....Sleeping habits ...and I guess I am gonna have to put on my Coveralls..and walk..even if its cold!!! I Miss my "Me Size"...cause my Daymn..Pants dont fit right!!! (Though, some women like how they show my ass!!!!! )
Are you Happy with your size?

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This is My.."Beat Me UP" Blog....go for it!!!!
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Feb 17 @ 11:17AM  
No, I am not happy with my size. Yes, I need to do something about it, but I'm lazy....I'm being honest! I've been overweight all my life though and I've accepted the fact that I probably will always be overweight unless I go get some drastic liposuction surgery or something. If I REALLY worked at it, I could probably lose about 20 or 30 pounds tops. For some reason, I have a really hard time losing weight. My husband can drop 10 pounds in 2 days....seems like men don't have a problem losing weight fast. Women do.

I think a lot of people are just plain lazy...I know I am. I recently quit smoking though and I think that will help with the exercising...I won't be huffing and puffing quite as much.

I also think a lot of people that are overweight are that way because it's hereditary. My dad's side of the family is all tall and thin and my mom's side is short and fat. Lucky me....I got her side of the family

Feb 17 @ 11:23AM  
For me it is what Popeye said, "I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam!" I am cool with it. If I fit other's criterion, wonderful, if not, no problem. Everyone has the right to lay out their parameters for what they desire. But many people get very pissy if they don't fit those parameters. Tough titty. For my part, I understand and pass no judgment.

Feb 17 @ 11:28AM  
^^^^^WHAT HE SAID!!!

If someone doesn't like me because I'm overweight, I really don't give a fuck!!! There are plenty of people out there who appreciate me for me and if people are too fucking shallow to look beyond that, they aren't worth my time anyways!

Feb 17 @ 11:35AM  
..seems like men don't have a problem losing weight fast. Women do.

We have hormones that get in the way. Hormones to produce fat because we do the gestation of children and the giving birth. I think that its really abnormal for some women to be underweight or believe they could stand to lose 15 more pounds when they look fine already,imo.

Well,okay Toad,you asked for it there. Just kidding.

Well,I am doing something about it. I cut red meat and pork,most white stuff,and dairy from my diet. Only thing is...I'm lazy. I'm right there with you DMB,I cant seem to get off my tush and do anything either. Although,if I have a date,I tend to take advantage of any opportunity to walk or suggest some place that we can walk around and talk. So,my legs look great,its just the rest of me that needs work.

Feb 17 @ 11:36AM  
Maybe a few here will remember me telling that after my husband died I put myself on my own program and lost 90 lbs. I held it until 2007 when I made one of the stupidest decisions of my life....I moved to Arizona. The trauma I experienced there threw me off my program and I haven't been able to get back on it.

For me, food is a comfort thingy and I tend to eat out of boredom. In the past 2 years I've regained 25 lbs and I'm so angry at myself I could spit fire! This winter has been horrible...fraught with loneliness and because I've gained weight I have taken to isolating myself which just aggravates the situation.

I'm on that merry-go-round of feeling motivated then losing it. I have no excuse for not going to the gym...I'm just not motivated in my depression. I am an outside walker but not in the winter.

I'm pretty sure when the weather breaks I will be hitting the bricks again and that alone motivates me to watch what I eat. Once again I'll go to the gym. There will be yard work to do...a lot of it this year since I didn't rake leaves last fall...

For me it's a health issue. I'm now on b/p medicine and I'm borderline diabetic. If I don't do something my ass is in trouble health wise.

I will do it for one else and especially not for men. If I'm not good enough fat then I ain't good enough thin. And Softie has spoken......

Feb 17 @ 11:39AM more thing. I'm only fat on the outside.... I'm a perfect size inside!

online now!
Feb 17 @ 11:39AM  
Health issues caused me to address my size. To my surprise, as a weekend warrior/athlete, I re-discovered how much I liked being active. Mostly running and playing basketball, but this winter I took up snowshoeing. (Now running in snowshoes, that's a workout. Did my first 5K snowshoe race)

My point is, as my size changed, I felt better. I could still eat and drink my red wine, without having to worry whether my pants would fit. And I like how I feel.

If you feel good, are healthy, eat and drink what you want, and are happy, go for it. Don;t worry about what others think. BUT if you don;t feel good or are showing any of the warning signs of a health problem...that's a good reason to get smaller...and healthier.

Feb 17 @ 11:53AM  
Well,okay Toad,you asked for it there. Just kidding
I Love that Emoticon....
I agree with true!!!

Personally... for me its a matter of Bad Habits....since my daily work habits have changed...I will have to change with them... I wish I hadda seen this before now..though!!! Silly me!!!

Feb 17 @ 11:54AM  
im happy what god gave me!

Feb 17 @ 2:20PM  
No I'm not happy with my size either, but like DMB I'm too damn lazy. I'm up before the darn birds and I'm on my feet all day literally, get home mid-late afternoon, and am just exhausted!! I just don't have the energy, but I know if I got out and moving I would have more, but just to do that or even think of doing that exhaustes me even more!!!

Feb 17 @ 5:57PM  
Are you serious?!?
You know my answer to that question and you know a big part of my reason.
Years ago I used to be a perfect size 3. Then I messed up some cervical discs and gained weight... got clinical depression and gained more weight... messed up my knee and gained need double knee replaced and ..yeap you guessed it. But they can't do the replacement yet and gaining more weight isn't helping.
I have tried just about every diet known to the human race and for whatever reason, there has been little to no change. Doctors have done test after test and can't find an answer to help, and with my knees I am very limited as to what I can do exercise wise.

No, I don't like my size...I freakin hate mirrors and scales. But even without them I still know every minute of everyday and I hate it...I Absolutely HATE my size, and as much as I would like to, there doesn't seem to be much I can do about it.
That's WHY I don't do something about it............
Beat you up over, I do that to myself enough.

Feb 17 @ 6:22PM  
I think we all need to get off our asses and away from the tv and cumputer and start working out. For you ladies out there, you can ride me while sweating some of your body weight off...


Feb 17 @ 6:49PM  
I am happy with me, I honestly feel if someone doesn't like how i look then thats their problemnot mine. That said I am trying to eat healther due to my brother having health problems that might require a liver transplant, hence I decided that since the liver is an organ that they can harvest from a live person I'd better be a bit healther in case he needs one and the off-chance i'm a match. Still scares me shitless though.

Feb 17 @ 6:53PM  
hell no, I ain't happy. I'd like to get back to the 160 to 165 I'm supposed to be, according to the FDA. I'm slowly getting there.

Feb 19 @ 4:18PM  
I'm a bald, lazy, beerbelly with a hairy back but

I have a big schlong!!

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This is My.."Beat Me UP" Blog....go for it!!!!