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Can you both be sexual and spiritual?

posted 2/16/2009 3:17:09 PM |
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I think about this a lot... I am a very spiritually centered woman. Not religious - but spiritual. And yet I think most people that are spiritually centered aren't virtual sluts like me. I wonder sometimes if I'm just over sexed... Anyone else have that same feeling?

Here is an article I found on a site online...

Grounding a Soulmate Relationship into the Physical : The Role of Sacred Sex

When a relationship is established on soul principles, the idea of service and spirituality is carried through to the physical or manifest realm. The physical bonding of the couple is seen as a sacred act in which the energies of the masculine and feminine, or yin and yang, are brought into loving and ecstatic harmony.

This means that in a soulmate union, there must be a decision made as to what kind of energy will be run by each partner within the relationship. Ideally, the male will run the Yang energy of the Divine Masculine, or God, and the woman will run the energy of the Divine Feminine or Goddess. Their union will thus be a balanced harmonic of Yin and Yang.

However, there may also be relationships where the woman will choose to be the Yang energy, and the male will claim the feminine or Yin energy. In Gay and Lesbian unions, the partners will need to decide who will run a particular energy in order to create the blending of Yin and Yang energy that creates the pathway to the Higher Dimensions.

The difficulty that many of you are having is adjusting to these new roles. The partner who chooses the Feminine energy will need to surrender to the active leadership of the partner who assumes the Masculine energy. This is not domination and control, but a necessary adjustment to allow for the flow of balanced harmonic energy from the Higher Levels that creates miracles between the two people. When the Feminine surrenders to the active leadership of the Masculine, Divine Order is established. Divine Grace can then flow. But, this is an act of mutual surrender, for the masculine partner must surrender to the love of the feminine partner, and in turn both partners surrender their will to higher guidance.

At the present, so many of you are resistant to this adjustment, because your third-dimensional experience has lead you to resist what you perceive as domination and control, or manipulation and co-ercion. But, beyond the dysfunction of the third dimension lies the fifth-dimensional realm of balance and harmony, where masculine and feminine exist in perfect harmony as perfect equals. There is a bond of mutual love and respect that keeps the harmony in that perfect balance. There is no fear and no anger in this place of balance, only acceptance and love.

This perfect balance will be reflected in the sexual union of the couple. In the New Earth, sex and sexuality will be spirit based and will be joyous and joyful. The old patterns of abuse and domination will vanish. Couples will learn about energy or chi in relation to their bodies and their sexuality. They will learn how to use sex not only as a procreative tool or an expression of love, but also as a way of remaining youthful and healthy. The old secrets of sexual alchemy will once again become common knowledge and will be practised as Sacred Sex, which will become part of all soulmate unions.

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Can you both be sexual and spiritual?


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Feb 16 @ 3:24PM  
Ever see or read the Kama Sutra???
That's all spirituality and sex...

Feb 16 @ 3:56PM  
Ive been reading up on doing Yoga and they have some principles that sound very similar to the first two paragraphs of that article. Ok,well the manifestation of true and pure love...shit,I need to go back and read the book. But it did have some new age jibba-jabba that sounded close to that.

Feb 16 @ 4:35PM  
Can you both be sexual and spiritual?

Yeah, why not? I see no incongruence in the two. Now, I can see where fundamentalists may not concur, but I do not necessarily see dogmatic religion as spiritual.

Feb 16 @ 7:29PM  
There is no need for for spirituality and sexuality to be in conflict. There are temples for sacred sexuality, there are movements like Qadishti (I happen to be a Qadishtu). Tantra, energy exchange, altered states of consciousness. It all fits. Sexuality is beautiful if you don't ruin it with guilt, shame and jealousy.

Feb 16 @ 7:33PM  
There is no need for for spirituality and sexuality to be in conflict. There are temples for sacred sexuality, there are movements like Qadishti (I happen to be a Qadishtu). Tantra, energy exchange, altered states of consciousness. It all fits. Sexuality is beautiful if you don't ruin it with guilt, shame and jealousy.

Very well put!!!!

Feb 16 @ 9:41PM  
I'm learning from the posts. Thanks.... I'm glad I asked the question.

Feb 16 @ 11:25PM  

How can one NOT be sexual and spiritual?

Feb 16 @ 11:25PM  
Even members of mainstream religious denominations believe sex is spiritual. The message from the pulpit is often obscured by the belief that the sex should be confined to the marital bed, but it is taught to be more than physical. Sexual and spiritual need not be inconsistent.

Feb 16 @ 11:26PM  
Here's my crazy idea sex does a body good no matter who you are

Feb 17 @ 9:50AM  
Actually... I was playing "Columbo" when I wrote the question in this blog."

I do indeed know that as humans we have many dimensions. We have a body with energy centers that align our physical, mental, emotional, and sexual aspects into one organice spiritual presence.

I wanted to learn how others view view spirituality and sexuality. People who know we well find it odd that I am both outwardly spiritual and sexual. They find it to be a moral paradox. But that is because they judge my sexual life as unconventional and from a moralistic vantage point they find it not as moral as my spiritual side.

I have in the past questioned my strong sexual nature and contrasted it against my spiritual nature. But I feel I've come full circle in that for me all of life is spiritual and all of it is also mental, emotional and sexual. These are the base ways humans interact aren't they?

Thanks for all the input.... looking for more thoughts.


Feb 17 @ 11:43AM  
I'm from West Virginia and our idea of Nirvana is

fucking sheep!

Also, my ex-wife was moaning, "Oh my God!" when I caught

her fucking the plumber, it was very spiritual!

Feb 17 @ 3:01PM  
Here's one outta left field for ya-

I contend that not only is being sexually liberated compatible with Eastern/New Age/Pantheistic/Pagan/Etc religions, but it can also be reconciled with old-fashioned ethical monotheistic religions like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. It's how you approach your religion.

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Can you both be sexual and spiritual?