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Sharing Expenses and/or Your Home...

posted 2/16/2009 1:19:11 PM |
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It seems like just about anyone I know, talk to or hear about is having problems financially right now. I never imagined it ever getting this bad in this country. But truth is, it's seriously effecting most all of us and most that we know.
They say it gets darkest before the light and I'm hoping the dark is at it's worst, but only time will tell.

With so many people being out of work....their hours or their pay cut. Would you consider letting someone else live with you to help them out financially?

Of course they would be expected to some how help also. Depending on the circumstances and what you both/all agreed upon.

Would it matter if they were family members...friends...a significant other or just someone you discovered needed help?

If You needed the financial help, would you find someone to move into your home to share expenses...or move in with someone else to make it easier on you ....or the both of you?

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Feb 16 @ 1:28PM  
I couldnt afford to take anyone in... unless they would at least Split all of the bills in 1/2 (cept for the house pmt).
I have been giving this some thought.. lately
But I really dont know if I could live with anyone...except for an SO.....

Feb 16 @ 1:36PM  
I'm a bit gun-shy about that now. My partner and I let a friend of hers live with us for a while and it was hell. She was junkie who took us for all we were worth and annoyed the everloving crap out of me.

Feb 16 @ 1:46PM  
I would let someone move in with me to help with expenses, especially now... I'm out of work but trying so dang hard to find another job. Even if I was working, I would still consider a roomy... It's tough out there..... on everyone.
Had an interview this morning that went pretty well so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!! I can't stand to not work... I do enjoy working but enjoy more bringing home a paycheck!!

Feb 16 @ 1:52PM  
I've done it before, doing it now, too.
Lost my 'reloading room' to the daughter

Not only will it get worse, it will be worse than the one in the '80's ( remember
J. Carter? ). As Prez Obama wants that 800 Billion pork, we'll go down the
Anyone know why the old 'Soviet Union' imploded?

Feb 16 @ 1:58PM  
Been doing that for awhile with family anyway. But I figure its the only way to go- roommates or family these days.

Feb 16 @ 3:03PM  
I couldn't only because my house is not big enough for anyone else to live there. If I had a big enough house, sure I would definitely let someone move in with me if they were having financial difficulties.

Feb 16 @ 4:10PM  
Yeah i would let a person move in with me. But if it were someone you have only known briefly then have to do background check or something. I agree it would probably help with bills & all of that.

Feb 16 @ 4:46PM  
This is increasingly common. I have done it for years with roommates, girlfriends, playmates, housekeepers, etc. But then I have a three bedroom house for me and two dogs.

What I am seeing is more adult family members doing this, notably parent/child. It is pretty simple economics as the mortgage is the same and it costs just as much for the HVAC for one as it does for many.

Even before this economic meltdown, I saw a lot of people in their late fifties to early sixties in my position as a job counsellor that moved in with their kids because the job market had put them out to pasture in their career field. They were divorced, owned no property, had no savings, and had no retirement beyond social security. They basically didn't have a pot to pee in as my dad likes to say.

Feb 16 @ 4:50PM  

Myself I do not need any financial help, nor will I in the near future. But I would let
someone move in if only for the companionship.

Feb 16 @ 8:52PM  
Im like most people. Barely can afford to keep my family going. Barely enough room and board for me and the kids. Try to help others when I can but when i dont have I dont have it.Trying to find room for girlfriend and her daughter if things work out.

Feb 17 @ 6:11AM  
I have finally found a job ,but it still not stable ...... i could only help out a friend if they paid half others ....make only enough to live as the good paying jobs have gone overseas .Sad to know our country is one of the poorest now ....told that in class the other day .Good Luck My Friends .....In My Thoughts and Prayers !

Feb 17 @ 10:36AM  
As much as my family annoys the absolute shit out of me, I'd have to say family before strangers.

Feb 17 @ 11:46AM  
I'm tellin ya, it's gettin really bad, hell I can't even afford to be a gold member

so I can look a the nudie photos!!

Feb 17 @ 11:50AM  
Don't expect any help from me, hell I'm 53 and still living in my

mother's basement and working at burger king!

Feb 17 @ 6:56PM  
I'd consider letting somebody move in. As long as they know when it's time to leave.

Feb 18 @ 1:40AM  
Would you consider letting someone else live with you to help them out financially

I don't think it would work out. I'm the type that loves my privacy. I guess I would think long and hard about letting someone I know move on in with me if that ever came up.

Feb 19 @ 1:29AM  
I could definitely use a smokin hot twenty-something for a roomie.

Bend over honey, it's time to pay the rent!!

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Sharing Expenses and/or Your Home...