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My thoughts on Valentine's Day

posted 2/13/2009 11:38:56 PM |
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tagged: love

I wish I had something nice or clever to say about Valentine's Day, but as far as I can see, I'm single; therefore it sucks. Granted, it sucks every other day of the year not being able to wake up next to someone I love, give her a kiss, spend the whole day thinking about her and sending her cute text messages, come home after school and spend all afternoon just hanging out together before falling asleep together after I kiss her goodnight. But it especially sucks this time of year when the TV is filled with cheesy commercials about love and you see everyone else you know making romantic plans for Valentine's Day. It's not even about getting laid for me (although I wouldn't mind it) like it seems to be for most guys. One of the happiest moments of my life was the first time I woke up in the morning next to a girl I loved. I just wish I could have that again.

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Feb 14 @ 1:54AM  
One of the happiest moments of my life was the first time I woke up in the morning next to a girl I loved. I just wish I could have that again.
Really wasn't(or trying) thinking about how much today sucks until I read that line. Dammit,all....

Feb 14 @ 2:49AM  
I believe that I have those feelings of missing a loving relationship more just before Christmas. But the more time passes, the less it bothers me.

Feb 14 @ 4:26AM  
For me, Christmas is more about family. I guess that comes from being young. Christmas for me is still spending time with my cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers, granparents, and parents. It's one of the few times of year when I don't mind not being in a relationship because I have so many people I love around me. Christmas with my family is always amazingly fun.

Feb 14 @ 9:16AM  
I know just how you feel. This is my 4th Valentine's alone in a row. Hell, I feel like this almost each day......I'm totally and absolutely smitten with a woman who's already in a relationship. One she has no intimacy in, no romantic love, and no intentions of ever marrying this man.
I just want to hold her really close, and not let go for a long,long time.

On another note..........I realize that academic standards get higher as time passes, thus producing much more educated young people.......but aren't you kinda young to be feeling so distraught? If you're such a romantic at this point in life, maybe you should look at writing or maybe music as a possible career.

Before life trades your soul for a headful of painful memories.


Feb 14 @ 9:36AM  
I feel your Pain....
But I am Older..and have been alone for over 7 gets a lil easier every year!
Plus.. there is a small chance I may have a Date tonight!!!!
If I do... it will be cool..but If I dont.. oh well... no biggie!
Good luck man!!!

Feb 14 @ 9:54AM  
I still know how you feel. My girlfriend live 20 miles away. With her work hours and mine this will be the 6th year in a row waking up alone. Working an changing that.

Feb 14 @ 10:24AM  
I know how you feel. For me it will be 6 years. Some years I do fine, others not. This is a not year. I'm going to the Eagles for awhile tonight to their Valentine's dance because I'm expected to. Yea. Nothing like sitting around and watching all the happy couples.

I woke up to snow this morning. Normally that wouldn't please me but this is a wet snow with mist. It is stuck to everything...branches, bushes, powerlines and it is beautiful like a picture postcard. A good day to spend with a lover. Oh well..maybe next year.....

Feb 14 @ 1:13PM  
There is a philosophy that says that "what you resiste persists" and "what you focus on manifests"... it might sound like gibberish but basically you are so focused on being single and alone that it affects your whole self, the way you perceive your world, your experience, and your belief in your own lack. I'm not beating up on you... So you have to work on finding happiness every day, being happy and grateful, and affirming to yourself that you are worthy of being loved. If you do the inner work and find happiness in your current situation, your love light will shine and you'll attract what you seek. I truly belive this .... and so please don't beat me up for sharing my point of view!

I have had a lot of experience with disappointment and being alone. I could write a book about it. For example: I'm a kind, wonderful, sweet caring woman and all I ever wanted was to be loved, married and with kids. I'm well over 40 and have never been married, I have no kids, and at some point I decided to just be happy. Last year at Valentine's Day I was lamenting over the fact that my deepest desire in life has never come true. Know what that desire is? (I AM BEARING MY SOUL HERE) I have never once had flowers sent to me. As a woman there are certain things that men do to show love - to me the most special is having flowers sent. So decade after decade I waited for the flowers to arrive at my door. They never arrived. The man I was dating last year was in California at a conference for Valentine's Day. I never got a call, a card, nothing -- and we'd been together for about 6 months. I got angry and sent him a passive-aggressive text "wishing him love" on a day of love. He texted me back saying "you too sweetie". So I remained pissed for a few days and then sat down and had a heart to heart talk with myself. I let my little girl inner child cry and then asked myself some hard questions. At the end of the day I said, NO MORE. No more waiting and wishing and hoping for flowers. I called the florist and sent myself a bouquet of roses. I got my flowers and they came from the one person who loves me most of all - myself.

So Happy Valentine's day to you -- I wish you true happiness and peace.


Feb 14 @ 1:29PM  
Hugs to you VS

SS don't give up.... you'll find someone one day... as all of us who are lonely will... and it will be so worth the wait!!! Hugs to you also.


Feb 14 @ 2:17PM  
I agree that where you focus your energy makes a difference, but that doesn't mean there's not a time or a place for the way I'm feeling now. You can't just deny the feelings that you have. You have to embrace them and experience them to move beyond them. It's OK to say "I'm sad," or "I'm lonely." Of course you don't want to focus all your energy on these negative feelings, but you have to accept the way things are before you can change them.

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My thoughts on Valentine's Day