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Cooking For Others - What Would You Like?

posted 2/12/2009 4:33:04 PM |
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I enjoy cooking.

Years ago I took up cooking as a form of self-defense. My ex hated to cook and I hated to spend money on restaurants all the time. So I began to cook. At first I only cooked on weekends and soon realized that cooking was very therapeutic for me. Unlike my stressful job and the rest of my life, in cooking I could control the variables; the ingredients; the temperature; the cooking time; the ratios. If I followed the recipe the dish came out just like the picture in the cookbook or magazine! Soon I was cooking more and more. At the end of my marriage I was cooking 90% of the meals.

Now I enjoy cooking for myself and others. Recently I invited a friend to my house for dinner. As I began planning, I thought, "What would she like? Would a meal I thought was romantic convey the same message to her? Or should I just cook something I know I cook well, not take any risks? Or should I find out her favorite dish and go for it?

So if I were to cook for you...or if someone else were to cook for you...what would you like? Do you have a favorite dish you would like prepared? Or would you like to explore something new? Or would you appreciate being asked what you would like and be happy with my (their) best effort?

I've been told the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, I'm wondering, is it the same for women?

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Feb 12 @ 5:16PM  
I would seriously prefer some wine, romance, dessert, a nice atmosphere and lots of kisses and petting - under a full moon (optimal).

Otherwise I'll eat anything you want to make and serve up.

Feb 12 @ 5:44PM  
I like to try new things, but prefer that they do not contain liver or clams, and I am not much of a beef eater. The most important issue is who is doing the dish's?????????

Feb 12 @ 5:47PM  
Good point. Dishes are usually negotiated!

Feb 12 @ 5:53PM  
I for one cannot cook worth a crap!! So for a gentleman to do that for me, I would sincerely appreciate the effort that he put into it. Anything he chose to make would be wonderful.

Feb 12 @ 5:53PM  
I've been told the way to a man's heart is through his stomach

First off... that's bullshit! who the hell ever said that?!?!?

I'm impressed any time a man cooks for me.... I myself love to cook and love to have people over for dinner.

It doesn't matter to me what a man cooks, as long as it's not eggs ....ick!

Feb 12 @ 5:56PM  
I think if a man is going to cook for me, I would rather he do a dish that he enjoys and knows will come out would reduce any tension that might come with the evening. The only thing I really don't like are green bell peppers...can't stand the smell or taste. I'm not a big fan of pot roast or other bland meat & potato dishes but I can tolerate them. If he (you?) is going for romance, it's more about the setting, I think, than the food. But, no, the way to my heart is not through my doesn't have that much appeal. The way to my heart is via my eyes and to me! That almost always works better than anything.

Feb 12 @ 6:03PM  
i am a great cook, but i once had a man prepare me a strange meal of chicken, mac n cheese, cornbread, and i forget what else...but i LOVED it!!!! it is a real turn on to see a guy cooking for me...but i cant eat spicey foods..and if its to be romantic, i think its best to avoid some foods like onion and garlic or things that cause think its best to avoid things that are too exotic...

Feb 12 @ 6:27PM  
Being southern (hillbilly actually )and a full blown mommas boy I learned to cook very early my mother allowed me to make eggs and toast when i was six (you'd be lucky to get a teen to do that now lol)every wife and girlfriend i've had I had to teach how to make breakfast gravy but my specialty is "Buffalo Wings" (everyone that has had them loved them )they make you very horny

Feb 12 @ 6:37PM  
I know how to make gravy!! You're just never around in the morning to enjoy it!

Feb 12 @ 7:04PM  
I assume this meal is calorie I will be havig fried chicken, mashed taters, gravy, and home grown tomatoes....served with sweet tea

Feb 12 @ 7:06PM  
There ya go comet!!! When you find a man that can cook all that, let me know!! I'll pick you up on my way there!

Feb 12 @ 7:09PM  
I assume this meal is calorie I will be havig fried chicken, mashed taters, gravy, and home grown tomatoes....served with sweet tea
Ain't nothin but a thang ......

Feb 12 @ 7:10PM  
Come on over girls! I can do it all!

Feb 12 @ 7:11PM  
i forgot to mention...i also LOVE to cook for a man...actually, the best is to cook together, share the duties...

Feb 12 @ 7:13PM  
yeah blonde..... that's always nice!!!

Feb 12 @ 8:56PM  
Just keep it simple. If I can't pronounce it or recognize it I don't wanna eat it. I'd prefer a steak...rare and a simple salad....just lettuce 'n tomatoes and Lite French dressing.

But yanno...I'm just as happy with hamburgers or pizza. The fancier it is the more uncomfortable I'd be.

I'm a good cook, but it holds little interest for me. You cook....I'll clean up. I enjoy cleaning up better.

Feb 12 @ 9:18PM  
Something with chicken, brocolli, garlic, and alfredo.......

Or a good sirloin or prime rib...potatoes....


Feb 12 @ 9:22PM  
Do it all? Rack of lamb,rice pilaf,glazed baby carrots and for! Just kidding. A nice flan would be good.

Feb 12 @ 10:53PM  
Now lets have a cheeseburger, and fried potatoes...lf it aint aint really done...;.and maybe some vinison tenderlion can you tell i am trying to lose a pound or two?

Feb 12 @ 11:01PM  
and peach cobbler

Feb 13 @ 7:59PM  
How about country-fried deer steak, mashed taters, gravy, biscuits, and fresh green beans? That sounds good to me!! And we'll share the clean-up, how's that?

Feb 13 @ 8:25PM  
Just about anything he wanted to make as long as we got to spend time together talking and laughing and maybe having a glass of wine as he was preparing it. Although you don't want her to leave hungry, the company is lots more important than what'sfor dinner.

Unless you know it's okay, stay away from nuts, just in case.

And from past experience... don't drop the dessert in the middle of the floor..

Good luck and enjoy..........

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Cooking For Others - What Would You Like?