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Almost As Good As Sex

posted 2/12/2009 8:22:00 AM |
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tagged: sex, food, sunshine, yum

I was talking with Bruce about blackberries and strawberries. He said his grandmother made the best strawberry pie. I said add some heavy whipped cream and I bet that pie was almost as good as sex.

What food comes closest to sex for you? Something so good, it's almost as good as sex?

Is it a dessert? A pie, a cake? Is it seafood? Some calamari or shrimp?
Is it a steak? A really good rib eye?

What food for you comes as close to some good sex?

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Feb 12 @ 8:32AM  
Last night I made venison medallions sauteed in onions and bacon, finished with a red wine and balsalmic vinegar glaze. I've been alone for awhile, so that came pretty close.

Feb 12 @ 9:03AM  
I can't think of any kind of food that comes even close to sex but if I have to pick something I guess it would be lasagna.

Feb 12 @ 9:08AM  
I was in walmart superstore buying groceries and I decided to get me some form of frozen treat for myself. I didn't like the fake pops they usually sell so I bought something called 'chunks o' frutti' in mango. OMG,first bite was heaven. So smooth,cool and rich and it tasted like real mangoes with little bits of mango chunks in it. After I was done,I was sucking on the wooden stick trying to get any flavor I could get out of it...even making that "food moan" people do.

I couldn't get it to last it was so good;I ate two one day and the other two the next day. It was pretty cheap for the price: $1.98 and guilt-free because it was all natural. I think I may go and get that again and strawberry and coconut flavor. It was orgasmically good.

Feb 12 @ 9:27AM  

I love most seafood but not calamari. The texture is too much like latex for my taste. When I was married, my wife and I went to an independent Italian seafood restaurant and got a sampler platter.

She pointed to the calamari and asked me what it was and I told her the name, but not WHAT it was. She was not fond of it but noted I declined to have any and asked me why. I told her that I did not enjoy squid.

She got pissed recalling that on a fishing trip we used squid for bait and it grossed her out to have to touch it. "You did that on purpose. You tricked me into eating bait. Now, if you don't tell me what the rest of this shit actually is, not just the name, you will regret it."

Needless to say, my dick was being held hostage. I explained exactly what every thing was. She refused to try the conch. I loved it.

Feb 12 @ 9:31AM  
I think I may go and get that again and strawberry and coconut flavor. It was orgasmically good.

I guess I had better go check these out. It's been so long that I pretty much re-live everything via my dreams.

Feb 12 @ 9:33AM  
venison medallions sauteed in onions and bacon, finished with a red wine and balsalmic vinegar glaze.

That sounds divine. I am going to make crab alfredo this evening.

Feb 12 @ 9:36AM  
venison medallions sauteed in onions and bacon, finished with a red wine and balsalmic vinegar glaze.

That sounds divine. I am going to make crab alfredo this evening.

I am going to have to go to these guy's houses for dinner.....Men that cook, now that makes me horny!

Feb 12 @ 9:43AM  
A good steak that melts in your mouth

Feb 12 @ 9:46AM  
My daughter likes to experiment in the kitchen. Some of the results are exquisite, others not so much. One really good one involves broiling a boneless chicken breast that she barber poles with bacon with a glaze of dry white wine,butter, garlic, onion, and a splash of lemon juice.

Feb 12 @ 9:50AM  
Almost 30 years ago, I went to a family re-union and my grandfathers 92 year old sister had made some Sweet Potato Rolls that were just out of this world. I was able to get the recipe for them and now MY sweet potato rolls are in demand at family get togethers.

Feb 12 @ 9:59AM  
My old standby is building a fire in the fireplace, and when there are enough coals..... wrapping sweet potato's in foil and putting them in the coals to bake, and then grilling rib eye steaks (properly seasoned) over the coals.

Better than sex? Not exactly, but I thought of it because ususally I'm cooking that meal for 2, and I've never yet failed to have sex for dessert

Feb 12 @ 10:05AM  
These all sound good but if they are better than sex you aren't doing it right.

I would have to say the closest for me is the gal's seafood gumbo.

Feb 12 @ 10:19AM  
What's sex.................?

Feb 12 @ 10:23AM  
Hmmm....nothing beats good sex.... but if I'm not getting any than give me some steak marsala!!

Feb 12 @ 11:13AM  
It would be Sirloin Marsala or Calamari for me!!! YUM!

Feb 12 @ 11:13AM  
Sunshine wrote this in an email about calamari and led me to recall a something my friend told me about.

I also ordered a ceasar salad once at a really upscale place and my salad came to the table and there were actual full size anchovies on the top....that really disgusted me.

A coworker's car was in the shop and my friend was taking him to and from work while it was being repaired. His coworker invited him in after work for a beer. He went in the house and his nostrils became enchanted by a wonderful aroma and he commented on it. His coworker asked him if he would like to stay for dinner and my friend agreed.

He asked to use the phone phone so he could call his wife, Nancy, to tell her not to get anything out for him for dinner. When he went into the kitchen to use the phone, he said hi to the guy's wife who was a war bride from the the Philippines. He told her how much he appreciated being invited to dinner and how wonderful it smelled.

He then glanced into the pan and noticed that the fish still had the heads on which completely turned him off. He faked a call to his wife and then told his coworker that he would have to take a rain check.

After he finished telling us about this he said, "Nancy is the only one I want looking at me when I eat it."

Feb 12 @ 11:13AM  
Or a really good cannoli with chocolate chips!!!!

Feb 12 @ 12:02PM  

Well since Clinton said oral is not sex.

I would have to say " Pussy Pie "

Feb 12 @ 12:03PM  

Feb 12 @ 12:21PM  
Well.... as best as I can remember... Fishing is "better than sex"...
So, I will go catch yall some seafood.. hows that?

Feb 12 @ 12:39PM  
Fishing is "better than sex"...
So, I will go catch yall some seafood.. hows that?

An interesting question arises from that. In college, my profs called it the semantic differential, that being different terms signifying different things to different people. Where I come from in the west (California specifically) and here in Texas, seafood does not include fish. Fish is, well, fish. Seafood involves crab, lobster, clams, oysters, shrimp, crawfish, etc. I am curious, how many people and what parts of the country include fish in the same category as seafood?

Feb 12 @ 12:44PM  
I should have thought to elaborate, but if you go to a seafood restaurant in Texas, usually the menu will have a category of offerings for fish and another for seafood. Even Mexican restaurants and more general restaurants offering beef will make this differentiation.

Feb 12 @ 1:15PM  
hmmmm WoW....Interesting....
Show me a Seafood place with.... out..Fish..and I will show you a sewer with.... out turds!
When I was a child... my Family and I...went to Fl. on vac.....we stopped at a Seafood place...that was 100% seafood... no chicken...nuttin but things from the Sea...Fish Included..
My Sis wanted a Burger... ... They freaked out.... the cook even came to our table... But he rounded her up a burger from (though it took a Long time....Im thinking he sent someone out for it!)

If it lives in the Sea..and you can eat it.... its sounding like SEAFOOD to me...!!
But I am no "Prof."... Im just a down home Country boy.
I always have Fish when I go out for seafood!
But ya know... I can catch/find Crabs, Crawfish,oysters, clams, even shrimp, if I need to!!!
Lets go fishin!!!!

Feb 12 @ 1:58PM  
Sometimes I use Whipped Cream with sex..Does that count??

Feb 12 @ 3:50PM  
In Ohio there's fish, then there's seafood. Fish comes from dugout fish farms just outside the city limits and is dirt cheap to get fresh. Seafood comes from a cargo plane that stops through town twice a day, and costs your grandmother's soul to get fresh.

As for food I've been told was better than sex:

My grandmother in Albuquerque grows these humongous (like a foot long ) red chilies at her house, which is dry March through November and about 6,000 feet up. She dries and roasts them, and sends me a bag several times throughout the year. When I get them, I make chili, and I use them during the last hour or two smoking ribs to give them a bit of kick. Pretty much anything barbecued (that means smoked, not grilled or baked in barbecue sauce! ) I do pretty well. That and most Mexican food by default when I have those chilies on hand. My best reaction in recent memory was shrimp stir-fry with a sweet orange sauce.

Of course, the comments I've gotten may be more about my shortcomings as a lover than my merits as a cook...

Feb 12 @ 4:06PM  
Blueberries on cheesecake after a nice primerib dinner say no more

Feb 12 @ 5:26PM  
A good basil pesto is my fav, other than that its Lobster or crabs, fish is good too, and i'm the strange one in my family I like calimari too.

Feb 12 @ 5:27PM  
Really good question. To me, sweets and sex are a matched pair. I think any sweet coupled with a sensual interlude goes well.

Example: Last year I told my lover to stand in my kitchen and remove his pants and undershorts and shoes. But told him to leave on his shirt and socks. He did. I told him to sit on the counter (I live alone so no worries) and said I was making him some hot chocolate. I treated him like a little boy. I brought out cookies and he sat on the counter eating cookies and drinking the hot chocolate. Then I handcuffed him to the cabinets and licked and sucked on his parts. He went crazy... It was all in good clean fun. He was such a good boy that I had to reward him.

Feb 12 @ 5:30PM  
It has got to be this concoction I get at my local bakery. They take a piece of warm chocolate cake funnel cream on the top then add a layer of chocolate all over it. It's called a devil dog & it is so good!

Feb 12 @ 6:18PM  
i love love love a good steak mmmmmmm i cum thinking of it

Feb 12 @ 7:50PM  
A smoked Prime Rib from Smugglers in Calgary, Alberta. I don't know if they are even in business anymore, if they aren't it is a great loss.

Feb 12 @ 8:41PM  
Folgers coffee good to the last drop Fuck I don't know .... Smoked oysters resemble little clits but on coffee one cup sends me on a shitting spree

Feb 12 @ 10:14PM  
Some chocolate candy, strawberries, and chocolate pies...

Feb 13 @ 5:43AM  
either....some carne asada cheese fries OR my own specialty spaghetti mixed with olive oil and stirred in garlic with SHRIM IN IT YUMMMMMYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 13 @ 5:44AM  
shrimp.....not shrim

Mar 6 @ 12:21PM  
I was in Clearwater at a convention and the reps take groups to dinner. We ate at the restaurant in the hotel I was staying in. Some place I could not afford. They gave us an abbreviated menu to choose from. One option was a fillet mignon and another was Lobster tail. Since I wasn't paying I order Sam Adams a fillet and the lobster tail. Better than the sex I had while I was there sorry to say.

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