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Should Women Have Babies When They Can't Afford Them?

posted 2/11/2009 10:47:54 AM |
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I know the subject about the woman that had octuplets has already been blogged about, but apparently she is on Dr. Phil today (I'm at work, so I'm not watching it, but my husband told me she was on there) and the topic of her right to have them in the first place is being brought up because of her financial situation.

Apparently, she only makes like $20,000/year, she lives with her parents because they had to abandon their home last year because of financial problems, and the family filed for bankruptcy last year. So what does she do? Hey I want to have 8 kids I can't afford!!! Not to mention she already had six kids to begin with.

She is saying that "God will help her financially". Does she mean taxpayers are God? Is that what she means?

So, what do you think? Should taxpayers have to pay for other people's children because they can't afford them knowing full well that they can't? I'm not just talking about this woman....I'm talking about ANYBODY that decides to have a child and then just figures, "oh well....I'll just go on welfare or something."

Where do we draw the line here? If you can't afford to pay for your children, maybe you should give them to a couple that can't have kids but really wants kids and CAN AFFORD THEM

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Feb 11 @ 10:56AM  
Should they have the right to have them? Yes.
Should they have them? No.

Feb 11 @ 11:05AM  
The children will suffer because of her choice to have so many. I think it's ridiculous. Now if she had the money and a husband and help it may be different. I know there are a lot of opinions out there. This is just mine.

Feb 11 @ 11:10AM  
I will have to Agree..with WoW...!
Though, its not "Fair" use the system!!!
I was talking to a guy at work last nite... we were talking about our wives having children...
I had no Ins....... my 1st was a month and a 1/2 early..... she weighed 3 # -9 1/2 oz...she was in the "ICU"... for 30 days...... my son was born a little over a year later... my Ins. didnt start till 2 weeks later!!!
So... I had to pay these bills my....Self!!!
The Gov. offered to Pick up the "Tab".... but I toldem "Hell no"...!!! They were mine...and I would take care of it.... all by Myself!!! Well.... It took a few years... but I gottem Paid for!
They were Mine.... I knew that I was trying to Make.. babies... Why Make the Gov./Ppl Pay for it!!!?

Feb 11 @ 11:25AM  
I'm still stunned by this whole story.... How does she think she's going to be able to take care of all those kids? And she already has 3 that have a handicap that she's collecting disability for, plus almost 500 a month in food stamps. And who knows how many of those 8 babies will have some sort of disability. I just don't know how she thinks she's capable of it. She's dumped on her parents, and taxpayers because she will probably always need some sort of assistance in raising them, she is stupid to think she won't. They said last night on Dateline that people are talking about her having an Angelina Jolie complex.... well AJ has the money and the where with all to afford those kids, this dumbass doesn't!! I still do wonder how long it will take before the state steps in and starts taking her kids away.... there will be an amount of neglect there, NO ONE can take care of that many kids!

Feb 11 @ 11:37AM  
But, she plans on them being her meal ticket...she is out peddling her story right now. I think CBS gave her something like 2 million for the picture rights of the kids in NICU. But, I'm sure someone other than her will be flitting the NICU bill...

I'm throughly disgusted...for lots of reasons. And, yeah, it's the poor kids that are going to suffer.

Feb 11 @ 11:40AM  
We oughtta put Depo-Provera on the tips of tranquilizer darts and just roll through the projects, trailer parks, and barrios, tagging every woman and girl who looks to be of childbearing age, and do it every day for the next 18 years until our foster homes are all empty and Planned Parenthood makes more money doing pap smears than abortions.

Did I mention I don't like kids?

Feb 11 @ 11:47AM  
They should have put those eggs in her fucking brain then maybe she would have at least a little bit of sense. I fault the fucking doctor (and I use that term loosely) that did it in the first place. I think the kids should be taken away from her and given to people that can't have kids and would make good parents and then sterilize that bitch. I think the same fucking thing should be done in Africa. Instead of trying to teach those people how to grow crops in land that won't grow anything anyway no matter what the fuck you do and instead of funneling a bunch of money over there to try and take care of the kids they keep popping out STERILIZE the mother fuckers men and women.

Feb 11 @ 12:12PM  
We oughtta put Depo-Provera on the tips of tranquilizer darts and just roll through the projects

@ evil!! that was pretty good!!

Feb 11 @ 12:45PM  
I'm with Bruce on this one.


Feb 11 @ 1:10PM  
Should someone be able to get assistance when they find themselves, unexpectedly, pregnant? Yes. Should someone who paid someone to implant a bunch of embryos have the same sort of right? No. Should habitual baby machines be allowed to collect more and more assistance? NO OH FUCK NO. Should the welfare system force clients to do schooling and or community service 40 hours per week in order to get their assistance? Unless they are disabled, yes. Is it ever going to happen that way? I sincerely doubt it.

Feb 11 @ 1:12PM  
Have kids or wanting to have more kids, and you're wanting welfare? No problem, but guess what? We only allow for TWO. No aid for the rest, medical card only. Piss in this cup, give us your info on your criminal record, and while you're at it, the local job aid classes start monday at the nearby college. You can only draw for one year, then you're on your own. Have a nice day.

Harsh? Yep. But I for one am totally fed up with my taxes covering baby machines asses so they dont have to work and get free money, while I bust my balls each and every day. Fuck that shit.

And I hope that women with the octuplets applies for aid. She has to count allllll that money she is getting from all this publicity as income. So she wont get aid.I would personally like to shoot whoever paid for her to get the fertility treaments in the first place. Thats the dumb fucker.

Feb 11 @ 2:08PM  
Don't worry, aftyer making the rounds on the "Talk Show Circuit", she will net about $100,000.00.....Not to mention all the "donations" that will be sent from her "adoring" public..... And let's not forget about the many special "gifts" she will receive from Manufacturers, like diapers, baby food, etc....and of course, Welfare....with 14 kids, she qualified for FREE medical care, and about $6,000.00 a month in assistance.....yeah, poor, poor woman.......

Feb 11 @ 2:13PM  
Being the greatest country in the world that grants people the right to do whatever they want is also a double-edged sword. America will collapse under its own hubris..especially with idiots like this. If she were in China,she couldn't pull this shit. Woman is just...vile.

Feb 11 @ 2:58PM  
After watching Obama with his Town Hall meeting yesterday in Florida nothing would surprise me on this.

This is what our country is breeding.

This is extremely sad and so disgusting.

I do hope this Dr. is stripped of everything he has for performing this act on this mentally unstable young woman.

As for the children they should be put up for adoption and hopefully find a good and stable home.

Feb 11 @ 3:03PM  
I am with Bruce on this too. I wonder when the trickle down affect is going to hit this over zealous mother?

Feb 11 @ 4:44PM  
I too agree with Bruce's comment. I think Pink made the comment about NO ONE being able to take care of that many children,,,,,,,,well I don't agree with that comment, lots of families years ago use to have that many and many more children so it can be done. My brother-in-law comes from a family of 22 siblings so I mean it can be done,,,,,with no welfare invloved at that.

Evils comment I think is just off the charts, and yes obviously we can tell you don't like children! In essence you are saying that people in the projects, trailer parkers can't afford children. Not sure what kind of trailer park you're talking about, but I lived in a trailer (mind you not now I have my own home......which I PAY FOR by myself with no help from a man, government or any other kind of outside help) but that is where I had mine and I definitely have not been nor ever was on welfare!! To much of a generalization on that comment although I see where you are coming from in saying it (to a degree). Personally I think she's crazy for even wanting that many children, jesus I can hardly keep up with one, couldn't imagine having that many. But it's not my right to judge her....

Feb 11 @ 4:59PM  
[QUOTE]My brother-in-law comes from a family of 22 siblings so I mean it can be done,,,,,with no welfare invloved at that.[QUOTE]

I'm sure those kids were probably spaced apart within a reasonable time..and the older kids helped take care of the younger kids in families like those... . this woman has 14 kids under the age of 6....3 that are handicapped... 10 or 11 in diapers.... she's going to spend half the day every single day changing diapers... and she IS getting welfare.... and will probably get a whole lot more now.

My granny came from a family of 17 brothers and sisters, but like I said, the older ones helped take care of the younger ones.

The question was, should women have them if they can't afford them... NO! Welfare isn't a way of life but she's about to make it her career!

But like straight up said... she'll be getting more help from locals and corporate sponsors than she will know what to do with.


Feb 11 @ 5:26PM  
I'm not disagreeing I'm just saying that yes that many kids can be and have been looked after, with a good family support system. Obviously I'm not saying she has one, I'm just saying that it can indeed be done. Personally I don't think welfar is going to be an issue for her any longer she will probably have it better than alot of us. There is nothing anyone will be able to do about women having children that they can't afford, it's going to happen. So I guess my answer is like a stated I agree with WOW but really on a scale it don't mean diddly because women are still going to have children they can't afford, whether it's one child or twenty!! We don't have a right to tell someone.....sorry you're not allowed to have any children cause you can't afford to,,,,,,so really its a non-issue. And also what about the families that come from the lap of luxury and some kind of disaster happens that wipes them out, is it different because they never intended to be on welfare to begin with, it still boils down to the same.

Feb 11 @ 6:22PM  
It's confirmed she is getting welfare? AND getting paid for all the talk shows, books and whatnot?

What the FUCK......

Feb 11 @ 7:06PM  
This paticular case the woman was wrong, and probably sick too. The doctor was extremely stupid to do this, but is he negligent? yeah probablyin some ways, in other ways just plain greedy. The woman can't take care of the kids, its too much for one person, of course her poor parents are probably helping her out a lot. I know one handicapped child is a lot to take care of but 3 with a bunch more in diapers thats just about impossible for one person. Hopefully they will be taken away and given to families who desperately want and can take care of kids. I know that there are occasions where some women (and men, yes MEN) end up on state aid but the times are changing there folks. They don't get money for all the kids they want, I know in my state there is a cutoff point and they are forced to volunteer and look for work too. Oh and last I knew here they could get state aid for one year without being made to do do volunteer work, school or regular work, and its not one year per child but one year lifetime. So there is some work being done to curb that. Oh and i'm with Bruce too!!!!!

Feb 11 @ 7:51PM  
I watched her last nite on date line....I was struck by her naviette...all she would say was that she loves her children, and will (somehow) take care of them....

I dont think she has a clue as to what she is in for...

BTW....what wrong with her lips?

Feb 11 @ 8:33PM  
Interesting story

Donations are pouring in

Feb 11 @ 9:19PM  
Yes, donations pour in for one person with one seriously fucked up set of values...all the while, thousands starve, many go homeless and others die of far more serious causes.

Makes me sick. I hope she knows how to keep a budget, because in a year she will be old news and no one will give a shit anymore. Because of the media, I doubt the state will step in right now. But I hope they keep a serious eye on this case. For years to come.

Feb 11 @ 9:21PM  
BTW....what wrong with her lips?

Botox!! The plastic surgeons office was right next door to the fertility clinic!!!

Feb 11 @ 10:24PM  
Donations? Money for appearing on talk shows? Hope someone sees fit to make her use that money to pay the astronomical hospital bills for those babies, instead of letting the welfare system foot the bill.
Bruce, I gotta agree with you.

Feb 11 @ 10:55PM  
she choose life & should have 100 more
and she could be the first to have a thousand grandchildren
the family can run their own factory making Ford Pintos
isnt the first time
there was an old lady who lived in a shoe .she had so many children and didnt know what to do ?
your choice is anybody buying American yet ? WTF
sperm donated
labor donated

Feb 12 @ 8:51AM  
Thanks for the links Pink I haven't responded to anybody's comments on this blog....I'm just letting the shit fly and wanted to see what everyone's opinion was. The whole thing just makes me pretty sick though.

Yes, it is her LEGAL right to have children. But MORALLY? No

Like someone else said, it's her meal ticket. She should've been worrying about those 6 children she had in the first place and focusing her time on those children. That's my opinion about it whether anyone agrees or not. I feel sorry for those kids, as well as other welfare babies whose parents or mothers irresponsibly have children just so they can get on welfare and I pray that they have a good life.

As far as anyone unexpectedly getting pregnant or suddenly finding themselves in financial hardship, that's a different story and it wasn't the question I was asking.

Feb 12 @ 4:13PM  
She has a disease. There's a special psychological condition for women that are addicted to being pregnant. A close friend of mine had 5 children (brewing up her 6th), she wasn't pregnant- she'd have them one after the other, as soon as she delivered she'd try to get pregnant again. It's an addiction, only psychological intervention will help.

IVF or IUI is expensive- it's a few thousand dollars each time you have it done. If shes so broke, where did she get the money? I think it was some sort of scheme with the doctors- they arent supposed to implant more than 2 embryos at once, instead they implanted 8. Something fishy is going on, and I'm not talking about the stank between that woman's legs.

Feb 12 @ 10:30PM  

Feb 13 @ 12:27AM  
Regarding the octuplet mother, the doctor who agreed to help her have eight more children simultaneously when she already had six that all were being given food stamps with some already on Supplemental Security Income due to disabilities ought to be scrutinized by the state medical board to say the least.
Allegedly the octuplet mother also has reaped several thousands of dollars in disability money from the state. She already was getting more than enough help with the first six children with food stamps and SSI for them and disability income for herself. If she already was having financial difficulties, she should have only had one or two children all together in the first place. She isn't "entitled" to anything - including children - unless she earns enough money to totally pay for them and herself without any help from the state or federal government.

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Should Women Have Babies When They Can't Afford Them?