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Non-working... Partners!!!!

posted 2/11/2009 10:41:42 AM |
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This blog is Inspired by the Number of Women I use to work with (Now Laid off) that their "SO".... Didnt work..and Didnt Wanna Work!!! They would sit at Home.. or Party, or go out and get some strange....while their Lady was working!!! WTF?
Ladies... can I ask WHY.. some put up with a Lazy ass Man, that is suppose to be an "Partner"...that dont even Try to help out!!!
This really Pisses me off!!!
In most cases.. these are very Sweet, Hard working Ladies..that have Children..also!!!
If I could have... I would of Given them My Job....cause there are No jobs here in our Area!!! (though they have cut all of us back to 32 hr weeks...!! , But I do have a Job!!! TG!!! ) My Heart goes out to them...but on the other hand... Why dont they put a Boot in the worthless pc of shit... "SO" ass!!!?

WHY, Do women put up with that? Is it Love? Good Sex?
Men.... do you require your Work?

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Feb 11 @ 10:47AM  
I have seen that many times. Once the lady gets rid of jerk, it is quite common for her next one to also be a jerk. I never understand why so many otherwise together women continually make poor choices in selecting the men they become involved with.

Feb 11 @ 10:49AM  
I don't put up with that shit

Feb 11 @ 11:44AM  
My partner and I both work nearly full-time, some months she makes more money, some months I do. What gets on my nerves is when she slacks in school, like only taking 1 or 2 classes, or taking 2 quarters off in a row. She says that it's ok because I'm going to finish school sooner, so I can get a good job and support both of us while she goes back and finishes school... WTF???

Feb 11 @ 12:42PM  
I never understand why so many otherwise together women continually make poor choices in selecting the men they become involved with.

I'm still trying to figure this part out

Feb 11 @ 1:05PM  
Low self-esteem. yeah, I do know it from personal experience. The desire to be worthy in someone else' eyes is overwhelming the intellect. Luckily.. I'm sooo over that now.. in fact.. I'm the non-working partner.. but only for a while longer.. I hope.

Feb 11 @ 1:16PM  
I work in an apartment complex....and I can tell you that works both ways. Husbands working long hours and overtime, the wives sitting on their ass getting fatter, apartments a damn wreck, dirty filthy kids destroying it and the grounds, too.

And we are talking pricy apartments, not a slum by a long shot. Works both ways.

Feb 11 @ 2:14PM  
Hmmmmmm...Does this mean you have a problem with the THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of WOMEN that stay home while Hubby works?.....are they "Lazy-assed Bitches"?......Sorry, but I'm a firm believer in "Equall-Opposites"...If one side of the equasion is true, then so is the other side...just sayin'...

Feb 11 @ 3:00PM  
I don't understand that mentality. I have always worked whether I was in a relationship or not. I wouldn't be with someone who didn't want to pull their weight. I have lost my job and feel very lonely. Even more so than I normally do. I couldn't possibly go on a date or try and start something with someone till I get back on my feet. I feel for all who have lost their positions. I wonder what their so called partners who don't work are going to do when these women are now not able to support them? I can't imagine. I wish I could help!

Feb 11 @ 6:22PM  
I work and work hard, and will not tolerate it if my partner doesn't work. That is a criteria for me. And if he loses his job yes i'd be supportive emotionally but he damn well better be out there looking for another job too.

Feb 12 @ 12:09AM  
I worked all the years of my marriage but it was never, ever enough...if he'd had his way about it I would take on a second job....and sometimes I did. Even though most of the time he held down a job he never lifted a hand to do anything else...mow the yard, get the cars serviced, take out the trash and so forth.

I'll ask myself 'til the day I die why I stayed. I have some answers but from this perspective with hindsight it just boggles my mind. Never never again!

Feb 12 @ 12:37AM  
I am Old School.....there is no Doubt in my mind about that!!!(this is my Next blog! )
I'm a firm believer in "Equall-Opposites"...If one side of the equasion is true, then so is the other side...just sayin'...

Thats your right!!!
I agree to a Point! Should the Man work and Not the Woman?
Or... Should the Woman work and not the Man?
Well, unless one is making a Ton of Money..both will have to work!!!
Just like ppl.. every household is Different...and come up with their own lil agreements.
Some Men..dont want their "SO" to work......esp. if they have Small Children!
Babysitter fee's are more than most will clear after gas,clothes and other expenses are taken out!!! So it really wouldnt "Pay" for the Woman to work then....
And the Opposite..if the Man was the one to tend to the Children...!
But... to just sit on ones ass..while the Other worked theirs off....isnt right.. (Speaking of..someone who refuses to work!)
I dont give a damn who you are.. thats not right!!! (so I see it! )

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Non-working... Partners!!!!