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Hide and Seek Isn't Always Fun

posted 2/9/2009 3:29:29 AM |
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During the time that I have been on this site I have gotten to be friends with quite a few people on and offline from this site. Earlier I was chatting with one of those friends and something he said made me wonder why he is having such a hard time finding what he's looking for. He's a really sweet, caring guy with a great sense of humor..

The thing that baffles me is that I get emails from female friends who tell me they just want to find that one special man that wants more than just sex and just wants one woman and will except her for who she is, but they don't think they ever will.... for one reason or another. A few have told me how lucky they think I am to have found Griz... Okay, I have to whole heartedly agree. lol And they say that is what they want also.

AND, I have male friends who I get emails from telling me they can't find the right woman. One who only wants one man, will be honest and will just let him be himself and let him completely love her. One friend told me he wants a woman with less walls to knock down than most seem to have.

The friend that I was chatting with earlier told me that he wants to meet someone just like me .. just maybe not so opinionated. lmao
I told him there are women on here that I adore, and if I adore them didn't he think they would probably have some of the same or better traits than I do?
Yes, some of us women have been hurt and have put up walls to protect ourselves, which sometimes comes across as being a bitch..until you get to know us... Sorry ladies. But a few of you men have done it also.
Don't think for a minute that Griz didn't have to get through a few really thick walls. You have to decide if it might be worth it. And being opinionated just comes with the territory.

Guys, there are lots of Fantastic women on this site..some of which I am lucky enough to get to call friends...many of which are looking for YOU.

Ladies, the same thing goes about the men, there are some Really Wonderful men on this site...and they are looking for YOU.

Why aren't you finding each other?

No, I am not playing match maker, nor am I going to give out any names. But please pay attention to each other.

What's the old saying about sometimes what you are looking for is right in front of your nose... Don't look passed it trying to find it.

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Feb 9 @ 6:51AM  
Yes, it wasn't too easy knocking down those walls, but darn well worth the effort... ....Besides, the women close to me wouldn't even respond to my mail, so when CL and I started out writing, there was no relationship to be had.....both safe from each other since we were so far away.....well, thats all changed now, and I am glad for it

Feb 9 @ 7:29AM  
I have tried to get to know some of the ladies here...and well.... let me just say... Most have someone already.. or are to far....away...
I have noticed that most try to read my Mind... and thats is wrong!!!!
I am Not their Last Lover....or the one that did them wrong... I am Me...a totally different Person!!! It takes time to get to know someone..and even longer to get to know me!!!
There was one lady here that I was VERRRRY attracted to... but She... is in the Process of Making a Big Move...and dont wanna get nothing started... which is cool...a Shame..but Cool!!!!
Such is Life!!!! Thats why I am here mainly for the Blogs..and friends like you!!!! Good blog!!!

Feb 9 @ 8:17AM  
We have all addressed this subject many times. There are a lot of very nice good people on this site, a lot of very nice good people in the world, a lot of very nice good people living nearby. Two terms things jump out at me, one from CL and one from Griz. far away
The first thing is rare and the second one is common. You kind of make seem like it is as easy going to restaurant and ordering from menu after making a selection. I want my steak cooked this way and this is what I want on my baked potato. It doesn't work that way in a relationship.

A lot of people can look back through their lives and take inventory of the people that they have dated. Out of that number, very few are "special" even though they may have thought they were for a while.

Feb 9 @ 8:30AM  
Well first off I'm an ass. A lot of people have told me so. Before My girlfriend and I found each other I tried looking everywhere. At first closer to home. Soon found out that being a single parent and going through some difficult times. i had to make some decisions that upset a lot of people. Basically putting my kids first and the hell with anybody else. So I got a rep real quick of ot caring about women and didnt want one. Thats why I started looking elsewhere and hit the dating sight on the net. That is where we met. On a dating sight. She live 20 miles away and works nights and i work days. Have different days off some months. But we met and things are working pretty good. It amazing what a rep can do to you.

Feb 9 @ 8:43AM  
It doesn't work that way in a relationship.
It doesn't always work that way in a restaurant either... However, that is not how I meant it to sound.
A few people have said they have an interest in someone but don't think that person would respond or that person seems to be interested in someone else, when at the same time the other person has pretty much said the same thing....about them.

All I am saying is try getting to know someone before you close the door with assumptions or because they didn't respond exactly how you anticipated.
That's all I really meant by it... Well that and I wish everyone the best at what they are seeking.

I tend to find the good in things, Bruce. I don't always find just the negative.. nor do I look for just the negative. Life kinda sucks when that is how you look at everything all the time. Don't ya think?

Feb 9 @ 8:45AM  
I guess, that not having any type of agenda, I can't really get too serious about this question.. I was gonna say somethin flip but decided not to cuz it's a serious question. I know some very wonderful men and women who are all looking for the same thing.. and can't seem to hook up.. what's the deal?

Feb 9 @ 8:59AM  
being a single parent

That is a major issue especially for a lot of people whose kids are grown and off on their own.

I tend to find the good in things, Bruce. I don't always find just the negative.. nor do I look for just the negative. Life kinda sucks when that is how you look at everything all the time. Don't ya think?

I wouldn't know. It is what it is.

I prefer to see what is shown, sometimes that is positive, sometimes it is negative. Often there are elements of both. This site for me falls into the latter group, both. I don't anticipate meeting my Ms Happily Ever After on here. But I have met some very nice people on here and I would like to think that our lives are better for it.


Feb 9 @ 10:07AM  
CL I have made some wonderful friends. Some are still in my life others pop in on occassion. Just to say hi I miss those friends. Yet if I'm interested in someone on a more personal level then they write so I have a big cock can you handle it So there goes that thought of a relationship. I'm beginning to think I ain't gonna find my Mr. Right for me.

Feb 9 @ 10:17AM  
Good point lady.....we need to take our blinders off!!!

Feb 9 @ 12:01PM  
Take off the blinders? Sunshine, aren't you naked enough already?!!!!!!! ...sorry CL, I couldn't resist. Some people you can tease here and others ya wish you never had! ...back to the topic...I rthink you are very thoughtful to take the time out to remind us all what could possibly happen if we just open our eyes! Thank you and I will try to be a better reciever when approached by the unknown. You are a kind person th share this with us! Thank you! Murph

Feb 9 @ 12:08PM  
But really...if you read my wants and needs...if I had written them, it would be short...I am just trying to find a snore I can live with!

Feb 9 @ 2:18PM  
It seems like in the dating world we're are all stumbling with our eyes wide closed,oft ignoring the ones that are right in front of us all the while spouting the idealistic. Ive come to find after striking out with the men who did fit this "idealistic laundry list" that all are inherently flawed,but if you're not looking at imperfections and don't have your head in the clouds, you're able to love that person and have someone you are absolutely insane for.

Basically minimize the imperfect,magnify the good.

Feb 9 @ 3:34PM  
Basically minimize the imperfect,magnify the good.
Wonderfully put, Luna.

As I got older, I increasingly asked myself two questions.
Could I be content with this person?
Could I be happy living with them?

There are a lot of people I can enjoy being with that I could not be happy living with. I am sure that there are many women who could say the same about me.

Feb 9 @ 5:32PM  
Excellent blog CL as usual, I think my problem is there is no one close (like with alot of people here) but its not even that they are not close they are in a whole different country!! Which I think is an extremely huge obstical. Also when someone has a child(ren) it's hard, especially people my age their children are out on their own, mine is just a pre-teen so that is difficult too. It's an extremely big step to give up your home, job to go live somewhere else....believe me something I would do in a heartbeat if the right person came along. Anyways kudos to you, great blog!!

Feb 9 @ 7:28PM  
i just love how those that have found someone like to flaunt it to us poor lonely losers...

Feb 9 @ 7:42PM  
I love Hide and Seek!

I'm getting a game together later! Who wants to play!

Feb 9 @ 8:32PM  
Someone told me once that "if you don't expect anything then you'll never be disapopointed". That works for me.

People see a lot of different sides of me through my blogs but none tell of the real me. The real me would get chewed up and spit out in very short order so I keep the protects me.

I'm wise enough to know I can't compete with what's "on the market" nowadays. I'm a realist...fantasies are for the young.

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