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Personality and Intelligence...Or Eye Candy and Sex?

posted 2/8/2009 9:51:37 PM |
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If you met someone that had the personality and intelligence of ...let's say, a pet rock...and they were really good looking, I mean drop dead gorgeous good looking... and they asked you out, both of you knowing you would most likely end up having sex, would you go?

If you say no, would you at least consider it?

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Feb 8 @ 10:13PM  
well, wait a second...are we talking a ONS or a potential LTR here. Need more info on your question.

But maybe to answer I'll just say, if she's buying it doesn't matter who she is.....boy I'm shallow.

Feb 8 @ 10:19PM  
I went out with a woman not long after my divorce mostly because she was absolutly drop dead gorgeous. Bad thing was she had the personality & intelligence of a road gravel & was just about as much fun to be around.

It was a very eye opening experience when I realised that a lot of what makes a woman attractive to me is her personality & intelligence. Give me a nice looking average country girl any day & leave Barbie to the players.


Feb 8 @ 10:19PM  

If I was not cheating on a wife or girlfriend the answer would be Yes.

If I had a wife or girlfriend ? No I would not even consider it.

Feb 8 @ 10:21PM  
hey i'm a normal country girl

oh sorry CL umm I mean a person's looks are in the eye of the beholder if you'll remember. I have dated good lookin men and regular men. Sorry to say I probably will again but I prefer someone to talk to

Feb 8 @ 10:25PM  
are we talking a ONS or a potential LTR here.
It's the first time they have asked you out... just an actual date, with them as a night cap..

boy I'm shallow.
lol...but honesty counts..

Feb 8 @ 10:26PM  
boy I'm shallow

band! you bad boy!!! lol hey... we're all shallow in our own way.... and we want who is attractive to US.....

she had the personality & intelligence of a road gravel & was just about as much fun to be around

now that's funny!!!

I will say myself.... I'm not going out with someone who's an idiot just to have someone to go out with.... but.... I'm not going out with someone who's uglier than a bowl of smashed assholes either, I don't care how smart he is!! yeah yeah yeah... call me shallow all you want... I already admitted to it!!!


Feb 8 @ 10:27PM  
I prefer someone to talk to

Darn; And I can't put two words together.

Feb 8 @ 10:43PM  
Well since i'm not interested in a one nite stand and that would probably be what he was looking for i'd say no, although i may think about it first. But in all honesty looks fade but personality and brains last, and thats what matters in the long run. I tend to avoid the drop dead gorgeus ones as i want to be the pretty one too. And many of the ones i've met know they look good and that alone is unattractive.

Feb 8 @ 10:47PM  
experience has taught me that looks has nothing to do with prowess in bed. So with that being said, you really don't know how the sexual experience would be with somebody 'drop dead gorgeous'. If it was a one date thing, sure why not. But if it was a potential long term thing, I'd rather have the intelligence so I could have an actual conversation with her.

If it's to much to ask for Brains and Beauty, then I pick Brains. But like Pink says, I'll draw the line at a bowl of smashed assholes.

Feb 8 @ 10:48PM  
Yeah...I would go...I just love DUMBFUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 8 @ 11:13PM  
I just love DUMBFUCKS

*shaking my head*

bunny! you so funny!!!

Feb 8 @ 11:46PM  
I'd go along with it just because I would want to see her naked. But I wouldn't start a relationship with someone that has no intelligence.

Feb 8 @ 11:46PM  
what about dumbusedtobeblondes...

Feb 8 @ 11:50PM  
I can't believe it?!!!!!!!!! This is the second blog where I agree with Detach! Their isn't emotion for, I will just agree to agree! What ya think about that Pink?!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 8 @ 11:54PM  
Naked is goooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 9 @ 12:03AM  
oh hell...I spelt there wrong! Where the hell is Bruce! He is my spell check!

Feb 9 @ 1:54AM  
sure could be fun even if it does end up as a ons......

Feb 9 @ 2:21AM  
I would have to say 'no', I just can't picture myself having sex with someone I can't even talk to or had the personality of a nit. Sooooo my answer would have to be nope!!

Feb 9 @ 3:30AM  
Well that all depends on how shallow i'm feeling that day.

Physical attraction is powerful. You can walk into a place and think you have someone pegged without them even saying a word. Like I said though you THINK you have it all figured out. No all ugly people have brains, not all pretty people are dumb either.


Feb 9 @ 6:45AM  
If she is super sexy in body, but has the mind of a won't be happening....I need more than a willing body....she has to have a mind attached to it too....

Feb 9 @ 7:11AM  
hummmmmm .....Well it takes more than a few mins to get to know someone... Maybe after a little time together..this person would be more inwardly me!!
I say... I will go out...with this Lady..and see where it goes!!! We dont have to have sex yanno!!!!!

Feb 9 @ 8:17AM  
Sorry pretty boys and girls.. sex for me starts in the mind.. if you aren't at least as intelligent as I am.. and hopefully a bit moreso or differently so.. not going to happen.

Feb 9 @ 9:59AM  
Maybe for a one-night stand....otherwise no. For me, if someone has the personality of a rock but is very attractive, I think those looks are wasted because they might as well be ugly, as far as I'm concerned.

Feb 9 @ 9:59AM  
Heck yes.

I had a FWB who looked kinda like...... yoda. But, she would buy supper, we'd go back to her place and have at it..... Good food, good f****.... what's not to like?

Feb 9 @ 10:12AM  
I seem to almost always go for the eye candy

Feb 9 @ 11:41AM  
Sure .... I've had two like that that I can remember.
In small doses, they are fine.

Feb 9 @ 1:31PM  
I agree with PTN. There are minimum standards for all four areas, and I feel that we all have them. If somebody is below the line in one area, then the other three do not matter.

Feb 9 @ 8:45PM  
I would probably go on the date...just because I'd think there HAD to be something more to this person.
When I found out there wasn't anything but his looks, I'd want to do dirty things with him and then never talk to him again!

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Personality and Intelligence...Or Eye Candy and Sex?