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Official Adult Match Doctor Blogging Award Competition.

posted 12/3/2006 5:38:22 PM |
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Ok, sorry for the delay, and thank you to Canu for trying to pull this off in my absence, but if there are no objection, this will be the official Adult Match Doctor Blog Award Competition. Its simple, nominate the best blog for each category by name and author, or just author for the Blogger of the year category. You can either nominate in the comments section or by sending me a message in my inbox. Campaigning is allowed and the only rules are listed below. After two weeks, the nominating process will end, I’ll tally up the results based on popular vote and the top five vote getters in each category will be put into a head to head vote with each other, and that will last until the end of the month. The winners will be announced as soon as I have all of the votes tallied up after the polls are closed. To keep interest in this up and to try to draw in as many voters as possible, I would really appreciate it if everyone would advertise this is various ways to gather support and participation from as much of the site as possible.


Blogger of the year - I don’t think I need to explain this category. This is the big one. Who puts out the best blogs with the most consistency?

All of these categories are for stand alone blogs only. Base this on the individual post, not on the poster. If it is part of a series, choose the one part that you think is the best. Yes, one author can have multiple blogs nominated in each category if you the voters deem it so.

1)Funniest blog of the year - How many times have you been browsing the site to find an entry that literally made you laugh out loud? Made you crack a few ribs? Made you fall out of your chair? Made you cry? Made you spit milk out of your nose? Nominate the all time funniest blog and let others bust a gut right along with you.

2)Most memorable blog - Have you read something that you just couldn’t get out of your mind? Something that you still remember vividly after all of this time? Perhaps something that struck home with you, or perhaps just something new and innovative that you have never seen before. What single post sticks out most in your mind? Nominate here.

3)Best argument/rant/etc. - We’ve all seen it before. That one post that just makes you go damn, that’s a good point, or wow, I never thought of it that way before, or you sure convinced me and so on and so forth. Whether it’s a response to something else, a plea for change, introducing a new and out there idea, or anything else of the sort, which blog do you think is the most worthy of this award?

4)Best story/poem - That hot, sensuous poem. That steamy, sexy story. That raunchy, dirty tale. That quick update about someone’s day or life. They’re out there, and some of them are masterful works of literature. Choose and nominate your favorite story or poem here, and pick the Nobel Prize for blogging.


Each person may submit one nomination per category.

No nominating yourself, but you may vote for yourself if you receive enough nominations to reach the vote.

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Dec 3 @ 5:52PM  
Sounds like a plan sunshine!!

Dec 3 @ 6:01PM  
Damn! You're good! Okay first self-promotion - PICK ME!!! *giggle* Okay, I'll be serious...

Dec 3 @ 7:31PM  
Sounds cool, but I imagine that females will get more votes as they get more readership. I had dome good posts IMHO several months ago not that anybody will go that far back!

Dec 3 @ 8:02PM  
Don't be so sure, Wordsofwit - you've got some pretty strong backing already!

Dec 3 @ 8:25PM  
That's right Wordsofwit. I'm hoping people choose based on substance and not all this drama queen (not to be confused with Queen Bee whom we adore) BS that has been so prevalent lately.

Thanks Cutecarrie for doing this... it should be fun. So there are only going to be four winners with one being the Blogger of the Year? How about a couple of honorable mentions after everything is done and tallied? Your call girl... you are doing a wonderful job. Does this mean we can campaign in the threads... I seen the cool link Sxze did... Promote a blog in a thread and then provide a link?? Damn and I have to go back to work tomorrow....

Dec 3 @ 8:31PM  
There are 4 individual blogs that win, and then there is one blogger of the year who may or may not have a win in the other four categories. Its all based on the votes. Honorable metions will be all who get enough nominations to go to the head to head vote but do not win, plus anyone who comes close to making it to the head to head.

Dec 3 @ 8:38PM  
My Nomination for Most Memorable Blog is SxzeBBW for her two part blog Good Karma parts1 and 2.

I will get back to you on the other stuff.

Dec 3 @ 8:52PM  

Canuhelpme ~ Offical (Sounding) Declaration Of War funniest

Dominus ~ pick any of them Best Rant

Sundance64 ~ After Dark 6 Best story

BLogger of the year? Has to be the Big D!

If there were a most informative section I would nominate Wordsofwit hands down.

Dec 3 @ 9:34PM  
Okay, I'm emailing you my 4 nominations here in a bit for each catagory.

Dec 3 @ 10:08PM  
Funniest - Coping with WLBS (Dominus)
Most Memorable - Karma 1,2 (SxzeBBW)
Best Rant - Coping with WLBS (Dominus)
Best Poem - Not AMD Related (mazparis)
Blogger of the Year - Dominus

Dec 4 @ 3:51PM  
Missanglelyss Shopping List

Most memorable
Ponme, For The Record

Best Rant
Dominus Evil Priest

Best Story/Poem
Sundance64 Different parts 1 & 2

Blogger Of The Year.

Sxzebbw mainly for the blog that was removed “Girls Talk” gave me some insight…

This was hard, especially funniest, that was a huge toss up.

Dec 5 @ 11:46PM  
Canu, I took that was the right thing to do. But thanks for the thumbs up!

Dec 6 @ 12:16AM  
Doesn't say anywhere I can't nominate you for it now does it, everyone here remembers it clearly!

Dec 6 @ 2:00AM  
"Girls Talk" -- what is it about? I wanna read it.

Dec 8 @ 12:06AM  
Okay, I reposted "Girl Talk" since he's gone now...

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Official Adult Match Doctor Blogging Award Competition.