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posted 2/6/2009 12:32:27 AM |
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Do you remember your very first "actual" date?
Although it doesn't matter whether sex was or wasn't involved, I do mean with another person...

How old were you and what did you do?
How nervous were you and did you have an enjoyable time?

What was your Worst date ever and/or your Best date that you can remember?

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Feb 6 @ 12:49AM  
13...Robin...kissed me after we went roller skating.
13...Tommy...kissed me and ran and told everyone I kissed like a cow. In good old, well young then...but still, in a Murphey fashion I would he know what a cow kisses like? HA! That worked, everyone laughed, and Tommy was the one that looked like a dufus...or should I say fucktard?!

Feb 6 @ 12:56AM  
First date? You're kidding....I can't remember that far back...

Too many bad dates to mention. Maybe it was the guy that couldn't stop talking about his ex-wife of nine years and he seemed to be terrified that I'd order something more than coffee.

Best date? Has to be a guy that weaves into my life about 4 times a year. He travels the world and only gets back here every few months.

He is incredibly handsome and awesome in bed. But neither matches the attraction of his intelligence and personality. He's fun and funny and I love his stories. He's so good natured and witty.

When he's with me, he's WITH ME...yanno what I mean? He's attentive, he listens and makes eye contact when we talk....I like that.

We have no contact in between times of being together. One day he just won't come back and I'll be sad for that. Sigh.....

Feb 6 @ 1:08AM  
My first date that meant anything to me was with my high school sweetheart back in Sept. 1983 when I was 16. We went down in Kentucky on a hay ride and roasted hot dogs and marshmellows I believe. It was pretty fun.

Worst date....I don't think I had one of those

Feb 6 @ 7:28AM  
Jeeeeezzzz, I have a difficult time remembering what happend earlier in the day, let alone something from waaaayyy back then. I do remember our first one tho....

Feb 6 @ 8:38AM  
I have CRS...
How about You..CL..can you remember way back when?

Feb 6 @ 10:37AM  
My first date was so bad I don't remember it. My first sexual experience was just as bad.

My best was with my cop awesome company awesome sex

Feb 6 @ 11:08AM  
My, that was a long time ago. As I recall we went to a Jewish religious gathering in Galilee and some guy was supposed to give a speech on the mount. But we couldn't find any mountains there just hills, so we arrived to the site late. There was no assigned seating, it was general admission. By the time we got there we could hardly see the stage. We were so far away and the sound system was so bad, we couldn't even hear the guy. There was talk ahead of time of a great light show with lots of special effects, but that didn't happen.

Feb 6 @ 11:56AM  
OMG CL I can't remember back that far. But I do remember it was with the guy I married and while it wasn't the bestest it wasn't the worst either. The worst was a few years back a guy that I met off another dating site, he was a bigger guy (which I like men with meat on their bones, so that wasn't the issue) the issue was he had a shirt on that didn't cover his stomach and everytime he moved his butt crack was showing............TURN OFF!!

Feb 6 @ 12:00PM  

Well,what is considered a date,because I don't have typical.. Is the date formula "activity+food+mild sexual activity"?

Feb 6 @ 12:06PM  
the issue was he had a shirt on that didn't cover his stomach and everytime he moved his butt crack was showing

You went out with Joe the plumber? Straddle will be jealous.

Feb 6 @ 12:09PM  
I can't even remember my first date to be honest....someone else mentioned going to a skating rink and I do recall that probably being one of my first dates - I was like 14 at the time, I think.

Worst one? Going out with this guy I met online and him not being able to keep him damn hands to himself and having bad breath - and he kept trying to kiss me. I was so pissed and disgusted that the date ended early and I went home.

Feb 6 @ 12:11PM  
I do remember our first one tho....

I'm glad, especially considering it lasted a few days..and nights .
Nice save though, Darlin'

CL..can you remember way back when?

Of course I can..women tend to remember those things better than most guys. Besides it was only 34 years ago.. .lmao
And my worst...well it really wasn't that long ago.... No, it wasn't with Griz. Everything about the night went wrong.

He was late, which meant dinner started to burn and then started getting cold. I dropped desert in the middle of the kitchen floor. The movie was messed up at the end and we missed how it ended. Come to think of it, I still haven't seen that entire movie..
We did get to have a few laughs about it later though..

I guess fate really does have a way of working things out..

Feb 6 @ 12:25PM  
Reading DMB's reminds me too of a few years back (off reg MD) I met this guy, he met me before I went to work in the morning and before he went to his work. Things were ok we talked. Then the next time he came to my house (biggest mistake ever!) he wasn't even there a minute, and said do you have a kiss for me? Well I turned around to give him a kiss and before I knew it one hand was on my butt the other one went right up my top to my boobs. I broke it off quite quickly went to get a glass of water, then the doorbell rang. I tell you I wasn't honestly scared to death, silly I know but, I literally was saved by the bell, he then made a quick exit......THANK GOD!!

And actually WOW he was 'JIM' the plumber!

Feb 6 @ 1:19PM  
"activity+food+mild sexual activity"

Seriously, I gave some thought to what exactly would qualify as a date. I decided that, especially for teenage years, the criterion would be spending money on a girl. I honestly do not remember the first time.

But that reminds me of a story. I do remember the first time I went a dance. It was in the seventh grade, 1963. I was very worried and nervous because I didn't know how to dance. Now bear in mind that this was suburban LA and we didn't even know what C & W was.

My mother loved to dance, so she was thrilled at the prospect of teaching me. She put on the music she liked. I recall Glenn Miller in particular. That guy got killed WW II. She taught me the fox trot. I was okay at it.

Come the evening of the dance, they played the music of the day; soul, Motown, or surf music. All of the kids just bopped around and had a blast. When I got home, my mom asked me if I got to do the the fox trot and I said something like, "Naw, they didn't play any of that old junk." She turned crimson and my dad laughed his ass off.

Feb 7 @ 6:49AM  
Well.. I guess it was with my X...back in "75" was a Double Date, with her Bro..and Girl friend!!! It was Cool....we went to "Weiner King" I Loved those Foot Long hot dogs, cheese dogs..and fries!!!
Later when we "parked" at the "Party spot"..... her bro and GF..were kissing... his breathing was so Loud it was un-real! was Funny as hell!!! My "X" and I Laughed about that a couple of weeks a grand childs Birthday party!!!
I have never had a "Bad date"...
I have met/been with some... that I wasnt attracted too (after I got to know them..better).....but as far as a Bad Date... I can honestly say.. that I have not Had one ..."Yet"...
No ..."Best Dates " either...all are good!

Feb 7 @ 8:47AM  
I can honestly say.. that I have not Had one ..."Yet"...
No ..."Best Dates " either...all are good!

It becomes a blur past a certain point and you only tend to recall the best, worst, first, last and weirdest. I hope I never find out about some of them.

Feb 7 @ 9:28AM  
My first 'real' date (not in a group) was about a week before my 16th birthday. I was a sophmore and we went to his senior prom. It wasn't my first kiss but it was his. Our picture is still on his mother's family room wall (he & I are still friends)...almost 30 years later! I was nervous but he was even more so.

Worst date? I try to forget those.
Best date? I've had a lot of those too. Plan on having a few more.

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