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The right to be kinky

posted 2/5/2009 6:29:00 PM |
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For those of you who don't know, I'm a freak. I'm a depraved, pleasure-and-pain-loving sodomite and I'm damn proud of it. I belong to a social playgroup here in Ohio called Adventures in Sexuality. Most of the year it's just a network of likeminded friends who use the group to find new partners and swap info. But a few times a year we actually have big events. Many of us save for months for a ticket. These events include seminars, social mixers, and, of course, lots and lots of dungeon space for folks to get their freak on.

These events are held at hotels. We spend a shitload of money at these hotels for them to have us there. We bring in lots of folks from out of town to stay there. We completely seal our areas off from the outside world, block the windows so passers-by can't see what's going on inside, and enforce the Grandmother Rule- when going out into the lobby, pool, or any other part of the hotel viewable to the other guests, put something on over your assless leather chaps or shiny blue latex cincher that you wouldn't mind wearing in front of your grandmother.

Unfortunately, there's a problem with one of our big parties coming up this weekend- a bunch of Christian extremest wackos have been publicizing the location of the event, asking people to call the hotel and pressure them to cancel our booking (they haven't). They're spreading lies about us, comparing our play parties to Caligula's orgies in which they used ACTUAL slaves and beat/fucked them against their will. Peter LaBarbara of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality calls this event "a freakish adomasochistic perversion-fest." He wants us run out of town "for the sake of decency and public health." Yeah, because if we're allowed to have our parties inside, eventually we'll run outside and rape your babies and give them all AIDS! MUAHAHAHA!

Could I just mention that in San Francisco, they have the Folsom Street Fair, which is outdoors on public streets in the middle of a major city, and nobody follows any kind of Grandmother Rule? Last I checked, no passing religious families reported having their babies raped.

Bob Burney, a religious extremist Talk Radio DJ on WRFD (The Word), devoted an entire segment of his show slamming Winter Wickedness and attempting to link the event with non-consensual and criminal activities.

We've contracted armed guards for this event. The hotel has contacted the local police to let them know that they're expecting some protesters and possibly some disturbances. Anyone not a guest at the hotel or involved with our event who steps onto the hotel property will be arrested. If they appear to have violent intent, they will be shot.

So hopefully on Monday you'll hear me talking about how relieved I am that nobody got hurt (except in a good way!). But if I know religious fundamentalists, they're going to try and start some shit. Why can't we get Buddhist protesters? They sit on the sidewalk and barbecue themselves. Unfortunately we get the ones that feel they have to make obnoxious assholes of themselves. You know, like Jesus taught.

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Feb 5 @ 6:43PM  
Is this circus in Ohio this weekend? I sure hope not! I gotta go to Pa. this weekend. Hell, I'd get a room at the hotel just to watch the floor show! It would be such a thrill to watch the "Moral Majority" get tossed in jail with the people they hate the most. What would even be better would be to be in jail and watch one of them get sold for a pack of cigarettes....Forgot, cant smoke in Ohio jails, and besides that would just be wrong to see them get their just reward.

Feb 5 @ 6:45PM  
Welcome to the dark side....

I feel your pain. We went to the Annual Fetish and Fantasy Ball last year. Mind you, it's held in Las Vegas....sin city itself...and there were more rules caused by the moral majority so deep that no nudity was allowed, no real or FAKE genitalia was allowed, No "sexual simulation" on and on and fuckin LAS VEGAS of all still boggles my mind.

Feb 5 @ 6:58PM  
What the hell is wrong with people. If they don't like it, don't watch. We all have the right to do whatever turns us on sexually as long as no one gets hurt ( unless of course they want to ). I wouldn't even give it a 2nd thought, they can't legally do anything as long as you follow all the laws of the community you are in. Have a blast & can't wait to hear how it went on Monday evil.

Feb 5 @ 7:44PM  
It sounds like there is a squealer or a mole in the group.

Feb 5 @ 8:04PM  
So,is Phelps and his crew on vacation? I thought you'd of mentioned them during the run of this blog. Its not a real shin-dig without that hateful troll and his butt-ugly family.

Feb 5 @ 8:15PM  
Some people are just very unaware and uneducated. I hope nothing happens. And I hope you all have a great time.

Feb 6 @ 1:40AM  
a bunch of Christian extremest wackos

Why is it that when someone labels someone a bleeding heart liberal, some of you get offended, but when you guys use Christian extremest wackos, well then nothing wrong with it? Seems to be a lot of double standards among a lot of people these days.

Okay, for the rest of the blog...seems like something fun.

Feb 6 @ 10:12AM  
You could call me a bleeding heart liberal and I wouldn't be offended. I am a liberal. Along the same lines, if someone really is a Christian extremist wacko, I reserve the right to call them that. You wouldn't object if I called a Taliban cleric in Afghanistan a Muslim extremist wacko, would you?

Feb 6 @ 10:29AM  
God people need to mind their own damed business. I can't stand Christian extremists - talk about people that are fucking hypocrits They constantly judge people, but I didn't think Christians were supposed to judge?? Or is it that they feel superior and can tell people what to do because that is what "God" would want. Hmmm..

Feb 6 @ 10:38AM  
Why is it that when someone labels someone a bleeding heart liberal, some of you get offended, but when you guys use Christian extremest wackos, well then nothing wrong with it? Seems to be a lot of double standards among a lot of people these days.

Because I've seen time and time again that these people are hypocrits, belittle people, and are very judgemental. A true Christian is not like that. Instead of worrying about who is having sex with who, where, when, and how maybe they should devote their time to doing some that actually helps the community - like volunteer work or something.

Feb 6 @ 9:53PM  
If it's a Church the pastor is probably leveraging this thing for all the donations and ego stroking he can get out of it.

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The right to be kinky