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Should digital tv be delayed from Feb.17 to June 12?

posted 2/4/2009 5:07:42 PM |
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tagged: straddle, tv, politics

There's been talk over the last few weeks to delay the transition from analog tv to digital tv. The house just passed the delay which would move this from Feb.17 to June 12 all in part because Obama thought that so many people still aren't prepared for this transition. When it first came up for vote a week or two ago it failed to get the 2 thirds passage in the house. The dems decided to go the slower route to this and get the majority vote this time for the passge of this bill, which they did. What's 4 more months of a delay going to matter to people who waited for the last few years to take care of getting a digital tv, or a special converter box to convert their analog transmission to a digital transmission (being sarcastic)? This bill does let all tv stations to decide if they want to continue broadcasting in analog till June 12, or go ahead and make the switch on Feb. 17. I say the tv stations should go ahead and make the change this month since they paid millions to upgrade their system to digital before Feb. 17. A couple of years ago it was delayed till Feb. 17, 2009 already, and now that we're almost here for this deadline it gets delayed once again because Obama and the dems. Most of us with an HD digital tv, subcribers of cable companies, along with direct tv and dish network customers have been waiting all this time to see the high quality of the picture and sound on our tv's now because a few are too lazy to get their act together. Am I being harsh, I don't think I am. The analog channels and frequencies have already been sold to wireless companies and a few others, and they're waiting to use them to expand their broad base.

What do you think, should we have delayed the switch, or went ahead and made the switch this month, and please explain your answer.

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Feb 4 @ 5:28PM  
I guess for those of you that watch tv on your computer, or don't watch a lot of tv and live mainly on the internet really don't care, eh?

Feb 4 @ 5:35PM  
Nope. Don't really care to see reality tv in high definition. At least online I have a variety to watch than that.

Feb 4 @ 5:38PM  
Don't really care to see reality tv in high definition

Oh, that reminds me. Survivor's new season starts Feb. 12!

Feb 4 @ 5:38PM  
I just want some fucking cable!! It's 2009 and it's still not available where I live... it just bites my ass! Oh... and I'm on dial taboot! goody!

Feb 4 @ 5:38PM  
dial UP that is!!!!

Feb 4 @ 5:40PM  
dial UP

Don't feel so bad, Pink. I still have dial up, but mine's by choice.

Feb 4 @ 5:45PM  
It doesn't really matter one way or the other to me. I have satellite.

Feb 4 @ 6:33PM  
Yes, cable will still be watchable, for those who can get it. It will still be usable without a converter, far as I know.

I already have a LCD HDTV, so its no prob for us. ( FIFTY THREE INCH, bragbragbrag... )One majorly annoying thing though is...I paid extra for hdtv channels, yet several of the shows aired on them are still analog.... Guarantee that once you get a high def TV and see hdtv, you wont go back....analog looks like shit on a high def TV.

Feb 4 @ 6:34PM  
No, we shouldn't have to wait just because some people, as you say, can't get their act together. When are we gonna stop babying everyone? When will people start taking responsibility? It's like mommy and daddy saying " Now Junior, I said stop." and the child knows that there are no consequences for his actions. I couldgo on,but this pisses me off!!

Feb 4 @ 6:39PM  
I am against delay. More bandwidth for HD the better.

Feb 4 @ 6:41PM  
People have had more than enough time to make the adjustment and local channels have broadcast clearly change for months, including that there is assistance in making this transition. No excuse. People need to take responsibility

Feb 4 @ 6:44PM  
I guess for those of you that watch tv on your computer, or don't watch a lot of tv and live mainly on the internet really don't care, eh?

That's me. I couldn't care less. I suppose that as far as aspects of civilian that the government shouldn't be sticking their noses in are concerned, this one's relatively harmless. But it still gives me a monster headache to imagine that CONGRESS is taking time out to talk about it and vote on it.

Feb 4 @ 6:49PM  
Oh, and btw- HDTV? My computer's native is 1280x1024 and that's with a 3-year old $180 monitor. With a $25 TV tuner card that there's a $2500 HDTV for $205!

Sure is hard to find videos, even with blu-ray out now, that go that high though. Mostly for gaming.

Feb 4 @ 6:50PM  
I already have a LCD HDTV, so its no prob for us. ( FIFTY THREE INCH, bragbragbrag...

I have a "62 DLP tv I got almost two years ago...

analog looks like shit on a high def TV

Yeah, no shit!

Isn't tv suppose to be a luxery item anyway?

Feb 4 @ 6:52PM  
Oh, and btw- HDTV? My computer's native is 1280x1024 and that's with a 3-year old $180 monitor. With a $25 TV tuner card that there's a $2500 HDTV for $205!

Yep, you are soooo Gen Y!

Feb 4 @ 7:06PM  
I have digital cable already so my say would be pointless ... What I do hate about digital viewing is that bad weather easily distorts the picture unlike regular t.v.

Feb 4 @ 7:22PM  
Yep that really ticks me off to get into a show & that happens .... My only downfall to digital

Feb 4 @ 7:48PM  
Yeap, Another great idea from goverment Government, is the one who telling us that digital is better for us than analog. They are the one's responsible for this.

After all, The economy, jobs, budget deficets, unemployment, that stuff all can wait this digital stuff is more important. Just take a look at the good job that they are doing with it. It's already being pushed out four months.

Feb 4 @ 7:51PM  
I've watched enuff advertisements for it, I don't want to watch another 4 month of advertisements.

Feb 4 @ 8:11PM  
Yeap, Another great idea from goverment

You are wrong, dude. This is a standard arrived at by the broadcasting industry, NAB (National Association of Broadcasters), that the feds later adopted. It is not a standard mandated by government.

Too much disimformation around here!!

Feb 4 @ 8:19PM  
What I do hate about digital viewing is that bad weather easily distorts the picture unlike regular t.v.

Yeah, the only bad thing about digital is you either get it or you don't. Unlike analog where if weather conditions are bad, you're still able to view what you can of analog channels depending on how much of a snowy picture you have if there is a weak signal. With digital broadcast, conditions have to be perfect to be able to view. The slightest weak signal then you're shit out of luck, and you won't be able to see anything but a black screen.

Flavor, I went back and reposted a better comment without the typos I had earlier.

Feb 4 @ 9:43PM  
because a few are too lazy to get their act together
LAZY!!! How about the millions that aren't able to afford the converter boxes? You know that ones who can't afford to feed their children or get cable or new tv's... what about those people? The ones who work minimum wage jobs, or just above, and just barely survive..The ones who are still, after many months, waiting on certificates to get a converter box, but they are so far behind it doesn't look like it is going to happen any time soon..
Whether it happens or not is out of all of our hands...But calling those who aren't ready, lazy..........That stinks, Shawn. And was completely uncalled for. Maybe they are just financially unable.. in the real world it does happen.

But then again, that's just MY Opinion..

Feb 4 @ 9:52PM  
waiting on certificates to get a converter box

And how many years have these certificates been out there for people to get? A couple of years at least. And who pays for these certificates? The taxpayers! I'm not too happy about that either. People had a few years to prepare for this, and I still feel that there is no excuse whatsoever!

Feb 4 @ 10:27PM  
Cable companies by law are required to have a basic service tier on their lineup for low income families who choose to go with cable at an affordable price. Usually these channels are between 2-30 (here on Time Warner it's 2-25) and include all the broadcast stations in your area. In addition to these broadcast stations there are some popular networks, for example TBS, TWC, USA, depending on what your cable company wants to stick on those lower channels for a basic rate between $13-$18 a month. That's pretty damn cheap. They don't have to worry about getting a converter box that will cost between $40-$80 if they were a cable subcriber. Lets say a couple of years ago or so when these certificates for converter boxes came out, once you got them (limit 2 per household, $40 on each certificate) people could have went out and bought a $40 plus converter box. Not much let on it to pay the remaining difference. Yes, it's that simple. Nothing to it at all, if one got an early jump on it.

Feb 4 @ 10:51PM  
Well I beg to differ so ya'll load ur verbal guns an aim 'em my way.

Let's can I explain this....

Not everyone lives in a town or a big city where cable is available. Apparently none of you has a grasp of the elderly...and poor...and the thousands of people who live in the country....who are elderly and poor.

There are a lot of senior citizens who can't afford cable, satellite, dish t.v....and anymore there's a lot of poor people and they can't afford it either.

It's all old people can do to survive on S/S so $40.00 is a lot of fuckin' money to them!

I have to wonder how long it's been..if ever...for many of you to stand in one spot and look around you and not see the first house in sight. In my neck of the woods there are a ton on farms...and many of those are old homesteads where Mom 'n Pop have lived all their married life and contrary to popular belief...they ain't rich!

So all the spoiled babies with all their technical toys are crying now cause they have to wait another few months like they don't have any t.v. at all. And so what if your taxes helps to pay for those digital you think these old folks never paid their share of taxes?

Well wah wah wah.....someday you're gonna be old and let's hope somebody has more empathy for you than you had for us seniors.

Ask those who have lost their jobs and have switched to antenna t.v. because they can't afford anything else if they need that $40.00 to help them out. Or maybe you think while you set there on your computer with your big screen t.v. and all your other fancy toys that they should just do without.

You're all acting like a bunch of selfish, spoiled brats!

Now fire away....

Feb 4 @ 11:01PM  
You're all acting like a bunch of selfish, spoiled brats!

I really don't think we are, Softy. People had a few years to prepare for this deadline.

Feb 4 @ 11:08PM  
DAMN Straight Softy! and you go Treas! I couldn't have said it better! It would seem that some people round these parts need to wake up and smell the recession! It was an extra expense for my 80 yr old father who lives on social security to purchase the damn box and now he's found that his old antenna won't work with it either. So now yet another expense to update it as well. So before some of you pout and whine about 4 more measly months, stop, think and be grateful you had jobs or the means to buy your HD tvs or to pay for satellite or cable each month.

Feb 4 @ 11:13PM  
You guys going to be ready in another 4 months then? Not holding my breath on that one...

Feb 4 @ 11:28PM  
Yeah, it sucks, some people aren't going to be able to watch TV after the digital switch...


Feb 4 @ 11:32PM  
A couple of years to prepare? Since when? It may have been talked about that it would happen but I'm betting a lot of people didn't believe it....we tend to be skeptical of government ideas and promises.

But....once it was a sure thing then the economy was going to hell. It's human nature to put things off. The concept of people needing food and medicine and a ton of other things just took more precedence over that digital box.

I think you young people do not have an inkling of what living on S/S is like. We pay all our bills first and what is left has to last for a MONTH. That is groceries, gas, medicines and you cannot imagine what we cut out of our necessities in order to survive.

Instead of taking up space here, I think it's time for a blog on the realities of growing old....and living poor.

Feb 4 @ 11:38PM  
Canada has already switched over. They gave like a month warning and switched. If you weren't ready then that was just tough shit.

That's what the US needs to do. Quit pussy-footing around and just do it. No fucking delays, no 6 month warning, just switch over already.

Feb 4 @ 11:38PM  
Wow... You go Softie and CL..
I am sorta happy for the delay in switching.. We still need to get one more box.. Have 5 really old T.V.s in my house..
And will have to get a new antenna..
Live where no cable and can't aford direct t.v. We are just poor folks here...

Feb 4 @ 11:41PM  
once it was a sure thing

It HAS been a sure thing the last few years, Softy.

I think you young people do not have an inkling of what living on S/S is like

I sure do, my grandma is on that with a fixed income, and she manages to get cable with full basic (2-76 channels) on her tv. She also goes to bingo a lot. She does just fine. I think in a lot of cases, it's how you manage your money. Sure, she owns her house, so she doesn't have to pay rent. But like others, she has her bills to pay as well.

Feb 4 @ 11:42PM  
I have to wonder how long it's been..if ever...for many of you to stand in one spot and look around you and not see the first house in sight.

Oh HELL yeah, please please please....
I grew up in a knee jerk burg in Illinois, lived in a town of 300, which did not have A. a gas station. B. A store. All they had was a post office and a dive bar. Went from that to CHICAGO. Jeebus, all I can say. Looking for a house in the country now, damn straight. (By the way, that little knee jerk didnt have cable or anything but dialup either. )

And I read someplace that a plain old antenna will pick up HDTV by itself, not sure if thats correct or not.

And as for this....well soft, I lubzz ya and all, but I need to state something personally, anyway....
You're all acting like a bunch of selfish, spoiled brats!

Here is why I have my " technical toys."

About 6 years ago, I got hurt at work, it was my back. I went through 3 years of doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist. X-rays, therapy, physical therapy, even 8 weeks of spinal injections. Yes that means they inserted LARGE needles directly into my spine, to relieve the PAIN I suffered 24/7 which started between my shoulder blades and radiated up my neck, also causing blinding migraines to boot. Finally one doctor told me that yes, it was work caused ( although he wouldn't put it in writing ) but that also I have a degenerative spinal disease. Meaning one day in the future, my spine is going to crumble away. And because its right between my shoulders, that also means I wont be able to lift anything, let alone lift my own damn arms.

Meanwhile, I drew workmens comp pay, which anyone knows aint shit...finally it came to legal blows, which they hired a quack on their dime to say it wasn't at all work related, coupled with the lawyer I had to hire, the kind you see one TV "we don't collect if you dont win" fly by night type, rolled over and let it stand.

Fast forward another 3 years, me being too FUCKED UP physically to do ANY of the types of work I am used to, mainly heavy duty grunt labors and working with my hands solely. Constant 24/7 PAIN and headaches.

After that, they finally settled my case.

Ten grand. Less than a years pay. For six years aggravation, irritation, frustration, and PAIN. Pain that I will have 24/7. Pain that I have learned to ignore for the most part, work through and manage to function to all extents and purposes, "normally."

Knowing one day I will wake up and be FINISHED. Knowing I wont be able to hold a cup of FUCKING coffee. Or drive a car. Or ride a motorcycle. Or move a couch or frig by myself, like I used to. Or carry in groceries or take out the trash. Or hold my beloveds face in my hands and say " I Love You." Or touch and hold her like a Man should.

So...I took my big money and I bought some "technical toys." And ya know what? I think I will brag, JUST a little. I think I have earned the right. Cause one day, thats about all I am gonna be able to do, watch fuckin TV. And I hope like hell its in the country where I can look out the window, too.

Feb 5 @ 12:09AM  
It just occurred to me with all this arguing that the digital conversion might just be a diversionary tactic. Just saying. I mean,if people and broadcast stations had enough time,why extend it? ...something's rotten in the state of Denmark,if you ask me.

Feb 5 @ 1:32AM  
Awwwww need to take into account that I live in Nowhere USA and we're the last to know anything....and we seldom take the government serious. Besides...2009 seemed eons away.

Just a you know what I could do if I didn't have to pay rent? (that would be a morgage for some) I am not making anyone understand...there are senior citizens out there doing just Mom is one of them and so is my sisters. So does that mean the rest of us are just not managing our money? That's a crock of shit hun....those who are doing just fine have a healthy savings account as a back up. Extra expense comes up? Pay outta the savings account then gradually replace it before the next unexpected thing happens.

But there's an awful lot of people like me who doesn't have any back up savings account. It's my fault I guess...I just didn't marry the right man or have a good enough career to end up with one. Forty dollars is a hellava lot of money to me and it could make the difference of whether I make it to the end of the month or not.

There are people who have a savings account but it's meager in comparison to what could befall them down the line. They can't be taking out a little here and a little there because they're terrified someday they'll need it for something catastrophic...and they don't make enough S/S to replace what they withdraw a little at a time. I'm glad your Grandma is doing fine but to say because she is then everyone should be. Doesn't work that way.

Yes DK....I understand your situation better than you think. When I was hurt on the job back in the '70's they too beat me outta compensation with their high priced lawyers...I got NOTHING! Like you, there may come a time when I can no longer hold a cup of coffee or those other things you mentioned.

Feb 5 @ 2:24AM  
Sure, she owns her house, so she doesn't have to pay rent. But like others, she has her bills to pay as well.
Well I'm glad for her, Shawn. Seriously glad.
But no rent and being able to go to bingo... Trust me, her income could be a lot tighter.
Add rent to that equation, how well do you think she would be doing then?

And what about those who have gotten injured on a job and all they ended up with is what's called SSI? Do you know wthat those people worked sometimes the majority of their lives to get a check once a month for $673 a month? And that is with a pretty good increase last month.
It's not that they are lazy at all, it 's that they CAN"T work. And $40 just isn't in their budget. Neither is the over $25 a month for basic cable so they don't need the certificate. And that IS with Time Warner...some places charge even more, or don't offer it.

The taxpayers! I'm not too happy about that either.
Of course you're not. But did you honestly take two minutes to think that MANY people who need the help or are waiting on the certificates ARE or for many years have been taxpayers?
I realize there are many people who screw over the systems,, but not everyone is like that or does it. It's called genuinely not being able to make it from payday to payday. Through no fault of their own. They bust their asses everyday working sometimes more than one job. And even the amount you mentioned for basic cable , although your area must be lower if that's what they charge for it, is the difference between whether they feed their children or pay their heating bill that month or not.. I pay my cable every month, I wish I could get it for what you mentioned. Yet I know people who pay a hell of a lot more than I do...for basic.

Paying for cable to them is like some people going out and paying cash for an Escalade or something in that price range.. How many people do you know can just do that tomorrow? If you can, good for you..But don't begrudge those who can't. And dont't assume they are lazy or mismanage their money because they can't. Just because someone assumes something does not make it true. Just makes it an assumption, or what they think.

I read someplace that a plain old antenna will pick up HDTV by itself, not sure if thats correct or not.
DK, while that may be true in some places, I'm not sure...I do know it's not true in quite a few places.

Feb 5 @ 2:43AM  
Treas, to answer your question, my grandma would still make it because she has a damn good family that takes care of her. When I spoke of lazy I had in mind of the younger people putting this off over the years and not taking care of it. I certainly have nothing against the elderly, other than some of them not trying to learn all the details they need to know when information hits the airways about this. I'm not going to change my stance on this. Would 4 more months actually make a lot of difference to you and most everyone sweating this considering this program has been in place for a few years now, or is another 2-3 years more suitable?

Feb 5 @ 3:15AM  
Shawn, I don't have to sweat it, as mentioned I have cable. But honestly I never heard of this until a few months ago. Although I have cable, I'm not an avid tv watcher.
But many people I know are sweating it. And they don't have family they can turn to for finacial help. And to many of them, 4 months would make a difference. Whether you want to believe that or not.

And a few of them are younger...well depending on your view of young. But they still aren't lazy nor do they mismanage their money.
And some of them hadn't known about it until a few months ago either.

I'm not changing my stance either. I know too many people this is going to hurt and it's not their faults.

or is another 2-3 years more suitable?
I'm sorry Shawn, You asked for opinions... I gave you mine. Was this comment meant as sarcasm in general at everyone this is effecting or directly talking down to me? Never mind, it really doesn't matter....
We'll just agree to disagree..

Feb 5 @ 3:23AM  
My landline phone bill shows that I pay like others taxes and fees for computers and internet use at libraries for low income people, phone service for low income people, and now these certificates for converter boxes at $40 each for them for a luxury item. I'm sorry, but where do we draw the line? Helping pay for phone service for the low income, okay, that one isn't so bad, I would hate to see anyone go without a phone. But the other two are considered luxury items. I swear, it seems more and more like we're turning more into a socialist country with all these bailouts and taxes with helping companies and more and more people. Instead of always looking at taxpayers, I believe families should be more involved in helping out their own family when they can. We all are in tough times, and yes, some more than others, but geez, taxpayers can't pay for everything.

Feb 5 @ 3:26AM  
Yes, Treas, we are going to agree to disagree on this issue.

Feb 5 @ 9:58AM  
Honestly, I cannot believe people wouldn't be ready yet for this. I don't have cable and took care of getting a converter box almost a year ago. I got the $40 off coupon and the box only ended up costing me $20. I don't understand why or how anyone could have missed the ads about the digital TV conversion that they play on the local channels every 2 seconds?!?!?!

Sorry, but if you haven't gotten a box yet and are using the whole "I don't have money thing"...well I don't have a whole lot of money either...that is definitely for sure, but when there is a program offered by the government to have you call a number or go to a web site that is flashed on the TV screen a million times a day and they give you $40 off of a box that is $60 to begin with...I don't understand the problem there. JMHO

Feb 5 @ 10:10AM  
<----- not an elderly person but damn sure is poor....cable is an added expense for me that is not a necessity, so I live in "cave man" times I guess. Don't care...I got all the channels I need....6 is plenty....I don't need 500.

Feb 5 @ 11:50AM  
This down below is from the Columbus Dispatch today that was on their front page.

WASHINGTON -- Congress is giving consumers four more months to prepare for the transition from analog to digital television broadcasting.

Viewers in central Ohio might not have that luxury, however, as some local station managers are considering sticking to the original Feb. 17 switchover date.

"I've always had the preference to go with the original date," said Rick Rogala, vice president and general manager at WCMH-TV (Channel 4). "This has been planned for a long time."

Rogala and Tom Griesdorn, his counterpart at WBNS-TV (Channel 10), said yesterday that they would like local stations to discuss switching to digital on the same date.

"I think everyone has the interest of the viewers at heart, so we'll certainly get together," said Griesdorn, adding that WBNS would continue broadcasting on both analog and digital for the time being.

The Ohio Association of Broadcasters has scheduled a conference call Friday with all central Ohio station general managers.

At least one Columbus station, WOSU-TV (Channel 34), won't switch on Feb. 17, said GM Tom Rieland.

"We will be staying on at least through the month of March," Rieland said, despite a cost of $11,000 a month to continue using analog transmitters.

The change is being required because digital signals are more efficient than analog, and ending analog will free up valuable space in the nation's airwaves.

The U.S. House voted 264-158 yesterday to postpone to June 12 the shutdown of analog TV signals, to address concerns that too many Americans won't be ready in time for the February deadline. The bill now heads to President Barack Obama for his signature.

The delay is a victory for the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress, who maintain that the previous administration failed to ensure that all consumers -- particularly poor, rural and minority Americans -- were prepared for the switchover.

Nielsen Media Research estimates that more than 6.5 million U.S. households that rely on analog TV sets to pick up broadcast signals still aren't ready. People who subscribe to cable or satellite TV or have a newer TV with a digital tuner will not be affected.

Nielsen estimates that 4.3 percent of central Ohio households are unprepared.

Opponents of a delay warned, however, that the move will confuse consumers and burden wireless companies and public-safety agencies waiting for the airwaves that will be freed up by the switchover.

Democrats addressed the concerns by allowing stations to switch to digital sooner than June if they wish..

The Obama administration called for the digital transition to be postponed after the Commerce Department hit a $1.34 billion funding limit last month for coupons that subsidize television converter boxes for consumers.

Dispatch reporter Molly Willow and the Associated Press contributed to this story.

At least one Columbus station, WOSU-TV (Channel 34), won't switch on Feb. 17, said GM Tom Rieland.

This s because their a PBS station run by the federal government, so this is expected.

As far as any ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, or any other high power station, they can still proceed on the start their digital broadcast as early as Feb. 17 if they want to. If they continue broadcasting in both analog and digital, this will run them into a lot of money.

Obama administration and Democrats in Congress, who maintain that the previous administration failed to ensure that all consumers -- particularly poor, rural and minority Americans -- were prepared for the switchover.

This part is such a HUGE lie on part of Obama and the dems. These ads have run the last few years trying to educate people in them, and invited people who were confused about all this to visit their web site for further educating yourself about this change.

Feb 5 @ 12:25PM  
Well 4 months of delay wouldn't matter much. But People have been warned about this change a year and a half ago. Since I'm in the field, I knew about it five years ago.

If people haven't switched over yet, it's because they are either too lazy, too poor, or they are the "that's what the government wants us to think" type of people. And if they are too poor, do we really need to advertise to them?

What I recommend is that you find a prime tv manufacturing company or a well known company who sells digital tv's and invest in them on or before the 17th. A lot of lazy morons will finally get off their patootie and buy once there is no signal.

Feb 5 @ 1:30PM  
I wasn't happy about having to buy converter boxes to keep my televisions from becoming
worthless, but I did it anyway. I had to choose between cable TV and internet access,
and I prefer to stay online, so I'm cable free. That meant making the unwanted purchase.

I received my coupons in September, and bought two converter boxes shortly after.
Hooked 'em up, scanned for channels, TV back up. No muss, no fuss.

Although I didn't like the idea of buying new hardware, I do get more channels now...well,
a few, anyway. And more to come, too, according to the public service announcements.
The one time expense of a converter box beats the monthly cable charges by a
long shot, and there's usually something on PBS. Reception's better, too.

Now I'm wondering what everybody thought those public service commercials meant,
if they didn't mean what they said. I beat feet to the electronics store to make sure
that I got a box before they were sold out, but now...a grace period?!? How many more
of those?!?

I understand frugality, and having to live without. That's why I'm sticking with broadcast
TV in the first place. The point is that it's a one time charge for better reception and
more variety, and in the future all TVs will be sold with the hardware already installed.
This has been in the works for some time, and it will have to go into effect sooner or
later. With all the warnings we received, why not on the deadline, as promised?

Feb 5 @ 6:22PM  
People still actualy watch television?? I thought everyone threw those out right after they canceled the Six Million Dollar Man.

Seriously, They need to go ahead and switch. Anyone who wants a converter can get the $40 government coupon (actualy it's a credit card type thingy) & pick one up at WallyWorld for $8 & tater out to Digital TV signals on their same old TV & antenna.

Feb 7 @ 10:04AM  
Anyone who wants a converter can get the $40 government coupon (actualy it's a credit card type thingy) & pick one up at WallyWorld
IF those were readily available more people would have already went to Wally World or somewhere and got one... there are millions of people who have applied for them and they're not available. Hence the reasoning for the delay......

Feb 7 @ 11:07AM  
Also, I heard last night that a lot of Ohio tv stations are going to go ahead and make the switch on Feb. 17. Some of these stations are on our cable lineup. A few West Virginia stations, including Kentucky are also going to make the switch to total digital come this month. The cost is too great to continue broadcasting in both analog and digital through june 12. I don't blame them whatsoever.

Feb 7 @ 1:41PM  
Hey Strad is a typo like a distorted picture Anyway I wasn't complaining about the change just disappointed in how a slight change in the weather can interrupt viewing w/ digital ... With todays technology you would think they could solve the problem .... It drives one crazy ... Remember years ago when cable first came out how they had blocked an adult channel w/a scrambled picture .... Well I got a headache trying to see some tits & ass through those squiggly jumping lines as a kid so now as an adult being able to buy my own shit I want uninterrupted viewing on an show not saying I set around watching porno all the time

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Should digital tv be delayed from Feb.17 to June 12?