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posted 2/4/2009 12:41:34 PM |
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Have you made your own porn videos? What do you do with them once they are made? Do you ever watch them again during sex or are they locked up tight in a secret place?? I've taken part of 2 videos, but I don't have the copies. I'd love to watch them though.

I did recieve a camcorder for Christmas.....and I'm thinkin' about making my own!!

Would this be something you would do? Would it turn you on?

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Feb 4 @ 12:43PM  
I'll be making a new 1 next weekend and we'll probly end up watching it with another friend of ours (she's into that sorta stuff)

Feb 4 @ 12:49PM  
My friend wants to make one.... I think it would be fun....... he doesn't know I have a video camera though..

I guess he will after he reads this!!


Feb 4 @ 12:54PM  
I've done it a few times. Maybe it is just me but it seems to make me self-concious and the sex isn't as good as when the camera is off.

Feb 4 @ 12:56PM  
Yes, thought about it. I think instead of it making me horny to watch myself though, I would probably find it pretty funny and maybe even a little, "do I really look like that??"

Feb 4 @ 1:04PM  
Hubby wants to but not thinking I could do it and watch it afterwards.....

Feb 4 @ 1:04PM  
I dont do videos.....
To each their own...
I do know a Lady... that does do them. I know 2 guys... that dated her... One was her X hubby(after they broke up) Showed them to guy friends....!!!!! And thats not a good thang!!!!
She Likes good hot wild Sex... Hell what happens behind closed doors.. is Private... so I see it!!
She is a real sweety...and OMG Beautiful...but these guys use the videos to Hurt her!!! WTF?
May I suggest.... You Keeping the Videos... instead of letting the Guys keepem? Some guys.. just do stupid shit!

Feb 4 @ 1:24PM  
I made some with an ex-boyfriend and when we broke up, I destroyed them.

And yes, it made me uncomfortable watching he would watch them by himself.

Feb 4 @ 1:57PM  
I am camera, no...nodda...on the videos.

Feb 4 @ 2:05PM  
Wonderful post, greenie for ya!!!! Ah, a little trip down memory lane...

Over 20 years ago I was doing some videography for a firm and it was easier to take the equipment home from a remote site. I came home on a Friday evening and my wife had this gleam in her eye as she informed me that her sister was going to let our daughter spend the night.

She had a lovely dinner to prepare and several bottles of a nice German wine chilled, a zeller schwartz katz as I recall. That was a very good omen, indeed!! I knew this girl and after she had a couple of glasses of wine she became quite affectionate. After she had a couple of bottles of wine she became my kind of woman!

While she was preparing dinner, I took the video equipment into the bedroom and set it up in the closet leaving the door open just enough for the camera to get a good view. I set the lights to have enough for the camera while still being low enough for a nice ambiance. I set it to record at a slower speed to begin at 9:30.

I did not mention to her that I had done this (Am I hearing boos and obscenities from the ladies in the audience?) If I had mentioned it or asked, she would have not responded favorably.

Well the evening did not disappoint as evidenced by five squirts for a very juicy Brucie. It remains one of my favorite memories of our intimate times. The next morning, she was a bit bleary. We had had a nice time but I know she did not have a total recall of the evening's festivities, particularly some the ones later in the evening that I especially enjoyed. I replayed the tape.

She came in after it been running for a while at looked at the TV. At first she was perplexed, then a little smile came to her lips. After a few minutes, the video jogged her memory of what she was about to see next (the beginning of the best parts). Her eyes got big and her whole demeanor changed.
"Give me that tape!"
"Oh, come on, honey."
"Give me that tape!!!"
"Oh, come on, honey. In the future we may want to view it when we are old and grey to recall when I was a man and you were woman." (massive attempted humor failure)
"You either give me that tape or I am never doing those things again!!!"

I knew that she meant what she said. Besides, we had been married for a few years and she didn't do many of those things very much anymore as it was. So I gave her the tape. She marched outside and placed it behind the tire of car and rand back and forth over it several times.

Unfortunately, there were some things on that tape that we never did again through the duration of the marriage.


Feb 4 @ 2:10PM  
count me in, I could be a star in my own mind
Make it B D S M and we could sell tickets
Sunshine you are a genieus

Feb 4 @ 2:23PM  
Nope,cause I work alone....however,the thought has crossed my mind,given I had the right partner in crime.

Feb 4 @ 2:43PM  
OH...OH!!! I want to see your video or maybe participate yeah that's it participate.

Feb 4 @ 2:51PM  
I am also camera shy, I have very few pics of me, so I couldn't even imagine filming something like that! That's just a little to private for me.

Feb 4 @ 3:23PM  
I think the closest I came to making porn was recording an ex just cooking a meal in the kitchen completely nude. She made something that went in the oven. I asked her to cook something to fry, but she threatened to put clothes on for such activity.

Feb 4 @ 3:28PM  
I asked her to cook something to fry, but she threatened to put clothes on for such activity

I don't think I blame her detach!! How's the ol saying go?? never fry bacon naked!!


Feb 4 @ 4:54PM  
Um, I'll admit to making a couple of pretty short 'personal' videos. But most people couldn't prove it was me. I NEVER go back and watch them but I understand someone does.

Feb 4 @ 5:13PM  
HELL NO! I'll have to pass on that...

Feb 4 @ 6:05PM  
Sure with the right people who you could trust because these days there are too many blackmailing types running around who think they can squeeze blood out of a turnip .... You do know about the guy in the 1st gulf war whose wife sent him a video getting banged by some dude ... She titled the tape w/ a regular movie name so all his war buddies got a glimpse of her dirty little trick

Feb 4 @ 6:43PM  
Camcorder for Christmas was a nice present. If I looked like you I might but not if I looked like me.

BTW, thanks for the 80 degree blog. Look what you did! Supposed to be a hard freeze tonight.

Feb 4 @ 6:56PM  
I'm poor. When I see ads for parts in straight porn (no matter how weird- so long as I'm not fucking/sucking guys) within 120 miles of my house, I jump on them. Haven't gotten accepted for a single one though... though I did come close once. My partner used to do it on an amateur/private stash level but tells me it's not on the internet... I bet it's out there somewhere for when she runs for president...

As for making personal sex tapes, I say no. If she throws her hands up to signal a touchdown, I don't want her to have access to an instant replay and see that I was really out of bounds when I crossed the line.

Feb 4 @ 8:48PM  
No I havent had a partner willing. Now that Im older and fatter, probably die of laughter or embarrassment.

Feb 6 @ 1:52AM  
I've done it with an older woman. It was fucking hot. But I was afraid it would end up on the internet so I threw away the dvd-r. I watched a few times. I made sure I didn't have a connection to the internet. I don't know, I'm paranoid.

Feb 9 @ 9:52PM  
2 video's you say huh ?
you know my other email addy, I better check them just to make sure they're ok

Mar 6 @ 11:19AM  
Sure I have made a few and heck yeah it was a turn on. Recorded over them a while later. Lost the camcorder to the ex but am looking at getting a new one.

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