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What are your secrets!!!

posted 2/3/2009 9:35:26 AM |
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tagged: question, secrets, mama

Ok.. After I got found out about what I like ... I thought I would ask you all.. What secrets do you have that you wouldn't want your family and friends know about?
How would they be after and if they did find out?

The one secret of swinging I really didn't want anyone to know about.. But as the saying goes the cat is out of the bag.. So will just have to see how it will be around his family..

The other secret of bieng into bdsm.. Well some of mine and his family already knew about it so no biggy for me..

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Feb 3 @ 9:42AM  
I guess I wouldn't want them to find out that I love when women have their way by humping on stuffed animals while leaving their scent all over it for me.

Feb 3 @ 9:56AM  
Other than occasionally "bragging" to my friends that I get it good....I say nothing else about my sex life and the topic of sex never gets brought up with my family....that would just be gross to talk about in front of my mother and we aren't close like that. Everybody knows I'm bisexual, but I sure as hell don't talk about my escapades with them. The less they know...the better!

Feb 3 @ 10:13AM  
i suppose it would be my bisexualality only those who have read my profile and those i have had sex with know also my odd trips to fetish clubs and my interest in mild bdsm would be a bit embarrassing apart from this site no one knows and i love being able to be me here never been able to do that before and it's great .

Feb 3 @ 10:16AM  
Nobody in my family or hubby's knows anything about our sex life and we like it that way. Don't want them to know, either!!

Feb 3 @ 10:22AM  
I'm pretty open, so my family kinda already knows what kinks I'm into.

Feb 3 @ 11:12AM  
If I told secrets.. then they wouldnt be would they?

Feb 3 @ 11:39AM  
Awww come on your no fun OHT69...

Feb 3 @ 11:48AM  
i keep things close to my chest really, specially from my family, mates are a different matter mind you most of them know what makes me.......tick :P

Feb 3 @ 12:42PM  
few people know of my tattooo...less have seen it (except on

Feb 3 @ 1:00PM  
Why wouldn't I keep my sex life secret from my family? They have no interest in knowing what kinks we are into, and believe me I have zero interest in theirs.

Feb 3 @ 1:16PM  
I think that they know pretty much all of my proclivities.. I'm not smart enough to shut up.

Feb 3 @ 1:24PM  
I am pretty open about all my experiences and expectations. I have nothing to hide. I don't talk about sex in front of my Mother, but she did find a nude pic in one of my purses (of my husband at the time). She borrowed my purse and when she opened it to put her things in it there was my honey all naked and hung. She came into the room I was in and asked if I would prefer for her not to keep it in the purse...she might be peakin at it from time to time, and then we laughed. So, if nothingelse she knew he was loaded and ready to take care of the job!

Feb 3 @ 3:55PM  
I don't want my family and certain friends to know that I have modifications done to my genitalia, nor let them know that I dated women with stuff done to them. And as long as I don't work out with family or take them to my local nude beaches, I don't see why they should know.

Feb 3 @ 4:20PM  
When the door is locked,my mom knows what's up. They also know I go on "dates",but if they see what my pc has on it,they'd probably die....


Just kidding! But they are annoying and not so sexually open,though.

Feb 3 @ 6:16PM  
I gotta get a better life! Really dont have any secrets like that to share....well maybe a threesome on several occassions but I dont care if anybody knows about that because that's normal isnt it?

Feb 3 @ 8:53PM  
As far as my family knows I'm almost as pure as the driven snow, except for that one time............ I do have one child. My friends however have sorta hinted that they think I might like certain things, I just tell them we aren't even going there. I tend to keep my uhmmmmm interests between myself and those i'm playing with.

Feb 3 @ 9:13PM  
I'm really an android...
A secret test project from Mattel to replace Barbie as the new millenia toy of the future...
But I escaped...
And I will assimilate you all...

Feb 4 @ 6:05AM  
Will I don't care what the family has to say. Most of them have stuff that they don't want anyone to know. We are the black sheep of the family anyways. I don't have to see them and they don't have to see us. The only one that We see does not care what we do in the bedroom or in our privite life. u know that I love u and will always love u.

Feb 4 @ 7:38AM  
I am like the rest of the gang. My family has no idea what i am into, I intend to keep it that way. It's none of their business what consenting adults do in the privacy of there home anyway. You already know what i like, don't need to project it on here. good blog though.

Feb 4 @ 8:45AM  
u know that I love u and will always love u.
Love you to my hornyman...

Feb 4 @ 2:57PM  
Someone here had modifications done to their genitalia???????? ...hmmmm... I wonder what that means? Is he really a she?

Feb 4 @ 4:52PM  
Like I mentioned in your other blog, my family thinks I am a prude (well, my mother does any way). Most eveyone in my every day life thinks I am a straight laced, goodie two shoes. I've got no problem with them thinking that. I figure they have no need to know otherwise.

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What are your secrets!!!